Steven Jackson closes in on eighth straight 1,000-yard season


Lost in the latest 200-yard performance from Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was the fact that Rams running back Steven Jackson crossed the 10,000-yard threshold for his career.  He’s the 27th NFL player to cross into five-figure territory.

This week, Jackson could join even more elite company.

With 91 yards, Jackson will become the sixth player to rush for 1,000 yards in eight straight seasons, joining Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Curtis Martin, Emmitt Smith, and LaDainian Tomlinson.

“I didn’t think about eight years, but I thought year-in and year-out, as long as I was a starter, I wanted to be a 1,000-yard rusher,” Jackson told reporters on Thursday.  “I didn’t realize that so few have accomplished what I have the possibility of accomplishing.  It just means that I’ve been consistent over that time and been durable, which is hard to do in this league.”
While Jackson may never threaten the single-game rushing record (held by Adrian Peterson) or the single-season rushing record (which soon may be held by Adrian Peterson) or the all-time career rushing record (which eventually could be held by Adrian Peterson), Jackson’s accomplishment won’t be matched by Peterson, who had only 970 yards in 2011 after four straight 1,000-yard seasons to start his career.
Then again, we wouldn’t rule out Peterson parlaying his 1,000-plus-yard season in 2012 into a new streak that eventually covers eight years.
But this post isn’t about Peterson.  It’s about Jackson, who has been the MVP of an underperforming Rams team for years.  And he has never once complained or whined or asked to be traded.
If Jackson can climb to the all-time top 10, his career should eventually be rewarded with a bust in Canton.
Hopefully, he’ll pick up a Super Bowl ring along the way.

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  1. SJ39 is a class act. Great attitude, great work ethic, and a great guy. I hope he finds his way to the HOF.

  2. I’m a Redskins fan and I’ve always been a huge fan of Steven Jackson. Saw him as the best back in the league for a while. Class act.

  3. I am a Vikings fan and a big fan of Adrian Peterson. I gotta tell you, you could have just made this post about Steve Jackson. As good as AP is, S.J. has earn this in his own right. Are you trying to make a point, or do you think he doesn’t deserve this review? In my opinion, Steve Jackson has earned better respect than what you just gave him. (My opinion)

  4. Yes, hopefully he will be a Packer next year. He can win a Super Bowl ring in Green Bay!

    That is, if Ted Thompson comes to the realization that having a solid running back is a good thing.

  5. Somehow if Steve Jackson was on the Steelers, I highly doubt Mike F would be heaping the same praise. Nevertheless Jackson has been highly consistent but never really elite. Tough call on HOF.

  6. He pulled this team for so many years. if MVP was measured in how much one player ment to a team, Stephen Jackson would be league MVP! he deserves a HOF bust right there with Faulk! rams have had good RBs through the years

  7. Even though he plays for the Niners division rival, I have nothing but respect for Jackson- great player.

  8. I know everyone says this about their favorite player on their favorite team, but Steven may be one of the most under rated players of all time.

  9. He’s definitely slowing down, but still shows flashes of that SJAX beast… 1,000 yards for 8 straight years is pretty sweet…

  10. Jackson is great but 1,000 yards in a season is only 62.5 yards a game. His longevity is impressive though. He would fit into a Packer uniform nicely. The Rams should be appreciative of his talent as he is one of the good ones.

  11. In 2006 SJax rushed for 1528 yds and had 806 receiving yds, for a total of 2334 yds and 16 tds. Adrian Peterson is on pace for about the same total yds this year but with less TDs.

  12. My best memory is of him making a great one handed catch, breaking a tackle and running right past Sean Taylor for a 64 yard TD. That same day breaking Faulk’s team record for catches by a RB and becoming the only Ram player to rush for 150 yards and record 100 yards receiving in the same game.

    Only RB other than Tomlinson to rush for 1500 yards and catch 90 passes in the same season.

    Only one of 15 backs to rush for 10 000 yards with the same team and on the verge of becoming the sixth back ever to hit 1000 yards eight years straight.

    Through it all the Rams lost more games than any team in the NFL from 2004-2011.

  13. Hey! instead of Jackson, let’s trade down and take Chris Perry from Michigan ! That kid’s a winner, I tell ya!


    Mike Brown

  14. @ joeyashi

    Jackson doesn’t average 62.5 yards per game, his career average is 77.5.

    13th in NFL history, ahead of guys like Tony Dorsett, Thurman Thomas, Marshall Faulk, John Riggins, Jim Taylor….

  15. Right now, SJ would be a candidate for “Hall of the Very Good”. Saying that, he embodies all that NFL players should show every week.
    Too bad he plays for the Male Sheep.
    He reminds me of another big, strong running back that had a pretty good career once he got to a decent team/franchise with a good OL. What was his name…..Bettis!

    “Mr. Snead, there is a Mr. Colbert on the phone”.

  16. Huge SJack fan. Enjoyed him in college, admire him as a pro. Doesnt get the props he deserves. Wouldnt mind seeing him in silver and black next year.


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