The Week 15 hot seat

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Soon, the time for talking about who is or isn’t on the hot seat will yield to reports on who is and isn’t getting seat-canned.

Until then, we’ll keep talking.

And in this week’s PFT Live hot seat, we once again omit the guys whose seats are so hot that they’ve gotten used to it by now, like sliding into a steaming tub.

Also, in the interest of shaking things up a bit, we get started this week with a couple of guys who definitely aren’t on the hot seat, but whose teams’ fans are starting to think maybe they should be.

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5 responses to “The Week 15 hot seat

  1. How can you call Steelers fans the most loyal fans?? How hard is it to be a Steelers fan? Three SB appearances in the past 10 years, winning two of them. Competative always and usually in the playoffs. Steelers fans deserve no credit for loyalty. Us Bills fans and Browns – now that’s loyalty. Year after year, decade after decade we sit out there in the snow and cold cheering for our crappy teams. Actually maybe that’s not loyalty…maybe we’re just stupid.

  2. I’m in my fiftieth year of rooting for the Steelers (since I was seven). My father, a Bengals fan from the time they were created until his passing, may have made a poor choice of teams for which to root, but he was right in pointing out that Steeler fans were loyal before Chuck Noll arrived and the team shed its perennial loser past, BUT they did not go to the games. My first NFL game was at Pitt Stadium, and that day, like almost every home game, had “fans” disguised as empty seats from the 20-yard-lines out.

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