Trent Richardson would be “shocked” to see Nick Saban leave Alabama

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Despite rumors earlier this week that Alabama head coach Nick Saban could be looking to make a return to the professional ranks, one of Saban’s former players says he believes it’s unlikely to happen.

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson played for Saban at Alabama before being drafted third overall in this past April’s NFL Draft. According to Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Richardson can’t see his former head coach making a return to the NFL.

“I can’t see him coming to the NFL,” Richardson said. “I can see him staying at Alabama and retiring at Alabama. That’s what I can see.”

Saban had a disastrous tenure as head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 2005-2006 before bolting for Alabama. He came out and flatly stated he would not be the next Alabama head coach. Soon after, he was the next Alabama head coach. It left a sour taste in the mouths of the Dolphins and seemingly burned bridges if Saban wanted to look to return the league.

Yet after winning a National Championship last season and just over two weeks away from playing Notre Dame for possibly a second straight title, it’s possible Saban could be seeking the challenge of the professional game once again. However, Richardson doesn’t see Saban leaving Tuscaloosa.

“The way he plans his game and the way they plan games is at the highest level at their level,” Richardson said. “So why would you change for that? The way he lives his lifestyle down there, the way he loves football, he loves the intensity of football and every game counts because one game, you might just be out.”

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  1. I’m sure the players on his LSU team that he ditched felt the same way back then.
    He sees Carroll, Schiano, and Harbaugh and wants to be better.

  2. Some bottom feeder in the NFL will be the first team to offer a Nick Saban or Jon Gruden ten million a year and they’ll TAKE IT in a heart beat.

    I think Gruden will be the first ten million dollar man.

    Even if the Cowboys screw up down the stretch Jearrah will NEVER give up his GM duties…so they are out…but the Iggles might pay the price after Andy gets the boot.

    It just seems like Gruden is the type of guy that would only go somewhere that has a real good young quarterback in place…can’t think of any right now that don’t already have a good new coach.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Big Mouth Rex survives in Jetsville after he crashed and burned with Sanchez and Tebow.

  4. Stick to what you’re good at Saban. Controlling a bunch of NFL players isn’t the same as controlling a bunch of college kids.

  5. The press have to STOP trying to make something of this non-story! Where will it end?

    “Belichick hasn’t said anything at all about leaving the Patriots at the end of the season, but he once mislead someone in the past, so let’s all assume that he already has his coat on…”

  6. Unless his EGO just gets in the way, I can’t see him leaving to go to the NFL. His salary is already equal to high end NFL HCs so $$ won’t be the deciding factor, in fact he may need to take a pay cut to make the move.

  7. Those who wish to stir things up as the Tide prepare for yet another NC game have the Miami episode to fall back on as well as the “succeed at the highest level” narrative. In reality,the LSU/Dolphins/Tide events serve as the biggest reason that Nick Saban stays where he is. Leaving LSU was a mistake. He says so.His wife says so.Going to Miami was a mistake. He says so.His wife says so. Going to Alabama was a wonderful thing. He says so.His wife says so. They like it.It is an entirely different challenge.One that few NFL coaches have met or could meet. He is very well paid to meet the challenge and going to the Pros and becoming yet another name in the parade of scapegoats and babysitter of millionaires that comprise the majority of NFL coaches has little appeal. People learn and earn from their mistakes. Going to the dysfunctional world of the NFL was a mistake. Relying on idiot egotistical ownership,bumbling GM’s and spoiled players to achieve success was a disheartening experience for the Saban family. Alabama has proven a professional challenge,a financial windfall and a great family environment in a beautiful part of the country. Saban loves what he is doing. The people of Alabama love what he is doing. Cleveland,New York,Dallas,San Diego,Chicago,Miami,Jacksonville,Tampa?? Please…

  8. There is one very good reason Nick Saban will not be coming to Cleveland…

    …someone, who has never been in charge of the football side of “any franchise” at any level, insists that everyone on the football side will report to him.

    Is there anyone in America that believes Nick Saban would ever consent to working under “Joe Banner”?

    The Browns will be forced to hire some “second tier” talent as head coach…someone willing to work under the thumb of Banner.

    No Nick Saban for the Browns…but we do have a Joe Banner…

  9. “Saban had a disastrous tenure as head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 2005-2006 before bolting for Alabama.”

    Disastrous may be a bit of an exaggeration when describing a 15-17 win/loss record.

  10. I think the only thing that will make Little Nicky leave for the pros (again) would be a NCAA investigation in Tuscaloosa…if/WHEN that happens, he’ll be like Pete Carroll and bolt…

  11. Haslam will make a splash. High profile coach for sure he is going to get everyone’s attention fast. You don’t spend a billion and get A coordinator from another team. Expect a coach who command respect the minute he walks into berea.

  12. doesn’t matter that you played for and know the man trent, florio has his “sources” and is never wrong so you will be reunited with your college coach soon!

  13. Why would he come to the NFL when he’s making NFL money in Alabama plus he gets to be the King of the entire state, if not the entire SEC. Why leave that to be just another coach of a horrible in the NFL? I wouldn’t do it unless the NFL team doubles the money.

  14. Professional football coaching is a profession for professional liars lying profusely. Saban is a perfect fit.

  15. as a browns fan it used to be “next year” now its “mybe in 3 years” …… when is it our turn hopefully soon not sure can handle another 10 years of football like the last 10 years

  16. Strangely enough, if he came to buffalo he would be a step above:

    Wade Phillips
    Gregg Williams
    Mike Mularkey
    Dick Jauron
    Chan Gailey

    I dare one Bills fan to give me a thumbs down 🙂

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