Ware fined for shot to Roethlisberger’s head


Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware was fined $15,750 for last week’s hit on Ben Roethlisberger, according to Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com.

The hit drew a penalty which could have been even more costly to his team.

Ware was flagged for roughing the passer, but sacks on the next two plays in the fourth quarter kept the 15 yards from being more damaging.

Ware caught the Steelers quarterback in the back of the head with his right arm, and the league was careful to notice.

Running back DeMarco Murray was also fined $7,875 for a face mask which wasn’t called on the field.

28 responses to “Ware fined for shot to Roethlisberger’s head

  1. Did he hit his head, yes. Did it look intentional, no. Is Ware generally known as a dirty player, no.

    In the end, I’m sure a win is worth 15K to DWare. Where’s that 7 rings character at?

  2. I would have made Murray’s fine the full $7,875.47 instead of the $7,875.00

    He was way out of line.

    These fine amounts are hilarious.

  3. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing:
    Cowboys 27 – Steelers 24. Say whatever you want, it doesn’t change the outcome. The better team won.

  4. steelernationisthepinnacleofexistenceyouarenothing says:Dec 20, 2012 5:30 PM

    Cowboys: a bunch of losers. Steelers: superior.

    Yeah just like you are the World team?? Have fun not making the playoffs

  5. I’m ok with saying the better team won. Cowboys still aren’t making it any further in playoffs then the Steelers, and Jerry Jones still owns the Cowgirls. Looks like a win for the Burgh in the end.

  6. We’re any of you cowgirl fans alive when the they were relevant ? They were great once, but no one knew what the Internet was back then. Hey you deserved to win , but don’t anoint yourself anything more than the winner of your last game…big deal.

  7. Ware has been the best DE in the league for some time until Watt Just Happend! Ware is a beast on the field and a terror to qbs all around the league. Smacking the burger guy was worth the money.

  8. steelcurtainn –

    You need to go back and look at the play. Ware pulled-up and even tried to stop himself from hurting your gentle Ben. Tried to stop his fall.

    Ware has never been thought of as a dirty player. He is exactly the opposite of that human garbage James Harrison who is a psychopath.

    Hate on the Cowboys if ya want. Ware is a gentleman and shows respect to all players.

  9. Aw, the big bad Steeler LB cried that the little RB grabbed his facemask! My how times have changed.

  10. “Looks like a win for the Burgh in the end.”

    Except for the part where they have to go back to Pittsburgh.

  11. Nobody cried. It was a brutal facemask that should have been a penalty. Lucky it wasn’t called. But we all know Jerry has deep pockets, even deeper when playing at home. Hit by D. Ware was a penalty, fine but not intentional.

  12. I don’t believe they fined him for that. He barely grazed his helmet. Now if he CLUBBED him in the head, yeah, go ahead and fine him; however that little brush didn’t deserve a penalty much less a fine.

  13. Wow…a fine for that? Really..?! Anyone who actually watched couldnt agree with Ware being fined. Incidental at worst.

    I wonder how Ronnie Lott would be treated by the league today. Or Deacon Jones, Dick Butkis, Jack Lambert, etc… Dont get me wrong, I love the NFL as much today as ever but, Im sure glad I was able to grow up watching the way it USED to be played too.

  14. Djaehne:says

    Ware has been the best DE in the league for some time until Watt Just Happend! Ware is a beast on the field and a terror to qbs all around the league. Smacking the burger guy was worth the money.

    This way of thinking makes it alot easier to understand why our society is going down the toilet.

  15. @drgreenstreak.
    lol, no reason to hate on dallas,not a dallas hater, honestly they haven’t done zilch in 20 years why would I be. I did see the replay, although the games played fast, there was no reason to have your arm held up that high to hit Ben in the head. No way around it, cheap shot!!!!!!

  16. steelcurtainn-

    No reason to have your arm up that high EXCEPT to block a pass. Ask JJ Watt.

    Go watch film of Harrison and Hines Ward for the true definition of CHEAP SHOT.

    … and try to learn something about NFL football while you’re at it.

  17. @Aluminum Curtain – No. You’re just salty that you lost. It’s actually a trade move Ware does… his tomahawk chop to strip the ball… Ben moved and his hand grazed his helmet.

    Quit crying you big baby.

    In the end, I’m sure you’d love for it to be Harrison or Woodley doing it to Romo, paying up $15,750 for the win… wouldn’t you?

  18. @steelcurtainn

    Ware pulls his arm up like that almost every time he’s coming in behind a quarterback to try to catch the quarterback’s arm coming back for the pass. Watch a highlight film of him and you’ll see it happens often, and he’s had 31 forced fumbles in his career because of it. There’s absolutely nothing malicious about it.

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