Bears’ receivers coach says Alshon Jeffery is fragile right now

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Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery has not been a happy camper this week after three offensive pass interference penalties were called against him in Sunday’s loss to the Packers. Bears receivers coach Darryl Drake is worried that Jeffery is going to beat himself up about that so much that it will affect his play going forward.

“The thing I’m trying to make sure of is that it doesn’t destroy him from a mental standpoint,” Drake said, via “He’s fragile right now.”

Fragile? Jeffery must be Italian.

Drake said the only thing he wants to see from Jeffery is to shake it off and get better, and do it in a hurry as the Bears face two must-win games in the final two weeks of the season.

“You have to man up,” Drake said. “Are you going to sit back and sulk or are you going to do something about it? You’ve still got to play the game physical so you can’t give in on that. You have to turn it into something positive.”

There haven’t been many positives for the Bears lately. Getting some big plays out of Jeffery would be a big boost to Chicago’s playoff hopes.

51 responses to “Bears’ receivers coach says Alshon Jeffery is fragile right now

  1. I’m sure Jeffrey is going to be pretty happy to hear his position coach is calling him “fragile”. How ridiculous to say after the rookie has his first bad game of the season, not to mention i think you can argue that a couple of the PIs werent really. Daryl Drake is a totally incompetent clown and a huge part of the reason while the wrs totally blow..except Marshall, of course. Every year we hear about the “Devin Hester Package” and every year Hester as a receiver totally fails to meet all the hype Drake blows out. Time to fire drake.

  2. Well here is a thought.Don’t grab the defensive back by the facemask and you won’t get called for O.P.I..

  3. he was really looking good the first few games before injury setbacks…The worst thing about drafting him is now it’s unlikely that they’d target a Bowe-type force opposite Marshall…The good thing though, is they could use that money for some o-line makeover.

  4. All 3 were all good calls. Shields got away with one at the end, but it didn’t impede progress or make the ball any less catchable; and that one almost made up for the bogus call earlier where Jeffrey facemasked Shields to the ground and Shields got flagged of all things.

    The Bears got flat beat by a much better team. All the whining and crying in the world won’t change it.

  5. drake is a terrible wr coach. i forgot why he freaked out at a member of the media 1 or 2 training camps ago, but hes amusing for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Jeffrey should play the same way he did in that packers game. the refs Cheated. calling 3 offensive pass interferance calls against the WR. thats unreal. but Lovie HAS NO RESPECT with the refs so they can do anything and get away with it

  7. Good point. Just like the packers go beat by a much better Seahawks team and all the whining and crying wont change anything.

  8. Yes, Jeffery got called for 3 OPIs during the game. However, the reason he got called isn’t that he pushed off…every receiver in the league does that. Jeffery needs to become more subtle with the hands and arms. Take Reggie Wayne, Megatron, or even Brandon Marshall as examples. They’re really good at creating separation, and all Jeffery has to do is hone his craft and he’ll be just fine.

  9. Jeffery is going to be a very good player and he was a steal where the Bears drafted him.
    I did not get the refs for throwing a flag for those stupid interference calls just because he is a rookie like they do in the NBA but he should be the perfect compliment to Brandon Marshall.

    Work on that O line so Cutler has time to throw.

  10. That part of A Christmas Story is on right now. Of course, it’s probably on at any given moment this time of year.

  11. Bears fans… You are missing one thing here.. GB get’s more calls in games than any team out there in the National Football League.

    Couple years ago, a gust of wind picked up at Lambeau, and knocked Rogers on his back side… Ed Hochuli threw a flag. Roughing the passer! Bad phantom call. But hey, it’s GB, no team in the National Football League has more help winning games than them.

  12. This is a prime example of a terrible position coach who handles a simple situation poorly. Instead of telling the media your rookie wide receiver is fragile, how about he work with Alshon on his technique so he does not get called for pass interference any longer. How about the coach take Alshon to film session and show him what action draws a flag and which actions do not draw a penalty. Finally, if the coach cannot do any of the above, setup a meeting with Alshon and Jerry Rice or Terrell Owens this summer so someone can teach Alshon some techniques that will make him a better wide receiver.
    I now know why the Bears cannot develop any wide receivers.

  13. Shields was talking all game. A vet getting nudged on the ground like little girl and then flapping his gums like a cartoon talking horse. “I shut down a rookie by falling down all game”. Garbage.

  14. this clown needs to go along with everyone who has anything to do with the offense except bates. the last thing Cutler needs is a new qb coach along with another system. in fact make bates the o.c. since he worked with him and marshall when they had their best years. people forget Cutler was on the way to being one of the better young qb’s in the league before the bears got him and ruined him by not doing any of the things on offense that made him good in denver. bronco fans want to blame him for not making the playoffs but was he suppose to play defense to? when you score 30 points a game you should win. it has been just the opposite since he came to the bears and a coach who has no clue what offense is. they need to focus only on offense in the draft and free agency this year, specifically offensive line and maybe a tight end if they hire a coach who will have offense that includes throwing it to him. they need to make up for not doing anything on that side of the ball for years while wasting picks on safeties that do not work out.

  15. I love it when the haters blame the refs! Not much else to do when you get owned every year by the same team right? lol, what a bunch of whiny losers! Good luck making the playoffs bears fans, it’d make me happy knowing we had to play again since its always the same outcome 🙂

  16. Old chitown whining again, where haven’t we seen this before? Wasnt this the same Jeffery you claimed would destroy the Packer db’s this time around? That was a heck of a proclamation ( 0 catches, 3 penalties, and a fine to boot) now to cover the embarrassment you claim the refs cheated? I still cant stop laughing.

  17. I don’t know what I enjoyed more about the game. The beatin’ the Pack laid on Da Bears or Cutler’s statement about it not being a rivalry any more, it’s more a DOMINATION!!!

  18. Brandon Marshall’s “leadership” is sinking Alshon’s point of view & attitude, and to some extent sinking the team as well. Marshall set himself and everyone else up for failure with his press conference and attitude before the Packers game.

  19. charlescub80 says:
    Dec 21, 2012 8:02 PM
    Good point. Just like the packers go beat by a much better Seahawks team and all the whining and crying wont change anything.


    Dude – You and your Hawks got a gift that night. You and the world saw it. Just shut up, be thankful and move on … Green Bay went about its business and won its division … The Hawks fans whining in their defense of the indefensible is what’s absurd.

  20. There was a DB for GB a few years ago, where teams would just throw the ball in his direction cuz he couldn’t help but get flagged.

    As of last week Jeffries was the offensive version of Ahmad Carroll.

    Carroll couldn’t figure it out, and was out of the league a few seasons later. The Bears fans better hope he can, but anytime you extend your arm as he did a lot last week it makes it too easy for the refs to call.

  21. The facemask call was legit, the others were much more questionable. Century Link and the replacement refs notwithstanding, the Pack gets the benefit of a lot of close calls. Jeffery needs to continue to mix it up.

  22. Great another mental midget… What’s with the Bears drafting, trading for, or signing these types of players. Maybe Chicago turns them this way, or the coaching staff is really that bad they can’t coach a player up. You would think #15 could show him the ropes. Every CB in the league just got the blueprint on him now.

  23. the reason those penalties were called is partly because he is a rookie, Michael Irvin is in the HOF for doing a lot worse than this and getting away with it weak after weak, officiating on pass interference in this league is atrocious!

  24. Jeffery “Fragile”… Marshal crying after games. The Bears receivers don’t need a position coach, they need Dr. Phil.

  25. jerrykill4pres, I watch all games on directv for my FFL habit and the officiating is horrendous across the board. Any team homer can complain and be correct about dozens of blown calls weekly. NFL needs to fix officiating and the review process to get calls right or just dump replay reviews and let it be human error. It makes it worse when they review it and it’s still wrong.

  26. Those calls are long overdue for Jeffery and Marshal.

    Both recievers are huge push off artists. They do it in every game and up until now they have been getting away with it.

  27. All the people claiming the packers get ref help to win games lack perspective so let me give you some.

    Charles Woodson leads the league over the past few years (deservedly so due to aggressive play) and I think the O line is leading the league or near the top in holding calls. So are those the calls we get to help win?

    In the playoffs against the NyG last year we did get the benefit of some dubious judgments on behalf of the officials but we got smoked.

    Against the Seahawks the fail Mary wasn’t the only call that contributes to the loss. A horrible roughing call on walden and a terrible phantom PI on shields allowed the fail Mary to happen.

    So please for the love of all things sane stop claiming we “get help” to win.

  28. Daryl Drake needs to find his other 2 brothers named Daryl and learn how to Coach. Outside of Marshall who they traded for, this guy hasn’t made a marginal receiver into a good one in 9 SEASONS, go retire clown, you and Lovie’s other dummies!!!!

    Angelo one Season, Lovie the next, lookin’ good Bears, lookin’ good….

  29. Pacific NW Mark says:
    Dec 21, 2012 10:37 PM
    The facemask call was legit, the others were much more questionable. Century Link and the replacement refs notwithstanding, the Pack gets the benefit of a lot of close calls. Jeffery needs to continue to mix it up.


    The face mask call was called defensive pass interference.

    At least you know what you’re talking about.

  30. @gbmickey
    Jeffery cought every pass Cutler threw him in that game. the refs save the packers db’s. cheating a rookie WR to save greenbay. The Giants are coming

  31. themagicfanguy says: Dec 21, 2012 9:46 PM

    I love it when the haters blame the refs! Not much else to do when you get owned every year by the same team right? lol, what a bunch of whiny losers! Good luck making the playoffs bears fans, it’d make me happy knowing we had to play again since its always the same outcome 🙂


    First, who is “we”? I doubt you are an actual player on the Packers roster. YOU didn’t beat anyone.

    Second, that’s a lot of nonsense coming from fans who whined about Golden Tate’s touchdown catch, followed by their quarterback’s (who I happen to like) whining tour for the next few weeks on ESPN when the Pack continued to lose games.

    Third, everyone needs to stop talking about getting jobbed by refs. It doesn’t matter. The Packers got jobbed by refs in the NYG playoff game last year, and the Bears got jobbed this past game. That’s football and the calls can go anyway on any day… all have both benefited and been screwed by these calls.

    And before you call me a meatball homer, know that I think the Bears deserved the loss either way. If Jeffery could actually notice the calls were going the Packers’ way, he needs to stop doing the same thing over and OVER.

  32. rule #1: All though these days defensive backs in the NFL seem to get a great deal of arm fighting leeway as an offensive player the straight arm push-off will get called every time if the ball is already in the air and many times if done earlier.

  33. A player of Jeffrey’s size must learn use his size and strength effectively to stay in the league; suggest he study Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White, two big receivers who know how to subtly “disengage” from defenders without getting flagged…..

    ….that said, the refs need to stop throwing the flag every time a little DB tries to hand-fight a bigger receiver and simply gets overpowered….they are essentially penalizing the receiver for simply being stronger…..

  34. Ha bla bla bla and tokyosandblaster! That’s humorous. I’ve been reading both of your mindless dribble on just about every Bears post. You homers are hilarious with your ridiculous predictions, complaints, and trolling. Please, I’ve been more critical of the Bears than anyone! They suck this year and will be going nowhere for quite some time. Any win at this point is a pleasant surprise.

    Still, I would like to thank you for the non-stop entertainment. And Merry Christmas to all Bears and Packers fans!

  35. The Packers just won the NFC North by winning their 6th straight game against the Bears. And Bear fans are now left contemplating conspiracy theories in an effort to explain the crumbling world around them.

    So awesome!

  36. What’s the conspiracy? bad coaching, poor o-line, and only 1 receiver who can get open. The real mystery is how they got to 7 and 1 in the first place.

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