Brandon Marshall fined $5,250 for throwing ball into the stands

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After Bears receiver Brandon Marshall scored a touchdown on Sunday against the Packers, a fan at Soldier Field came away with a souvenir. And Marshall got a fine.

Marshall threw the ball into the stands after scoring, which is against NFL rules. And the NFL has confirmed to PFT that the league fined Marshall $5,250 for his action.

The rationale from the league office is that a player throwing the ball into the stands creates the potential for crowd control problems: If fans are jostling for the ball, someone could get hurt.

Players are allowed to hand the ball to fans in the first or second row, but throwing the ball into the stands costs them. And it cost Marshall this week.

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  1. Glad they don’t have a similar rule in Baseball….can you imagine the fines just for home runs alone……

    Silly rule?

  2. If i where a owner id instruct all of the players that scored to give the football to a kid. Ball $40 smile on that kids face and remembering that exact moment priceless…

  3. How about Brady getting fined for spiking the ball in anger when he was upset the refs gave the 49ers a timeout? I mean Goldson did get $21k for a clean hit after all…

  4. Despinosa8,

    The balls more like 250 i think, but i agree with your point. Hell im 24 and i’d be psyched if i got a ball from a steeler

  5. pickledgringo says:
    Dec 21, 2012 4:35 PM
    How about Brady getting fined for spiking the ball in anger when he was upset the refs gave the 49ers a timeout? I mean Goldson did get $21k for a clean hit after all…

    Great Point! This hasn’t been talked about enough in the media, but i’ve seen a few people post on here and other sports websites. can you imagine the outcry if Newton, Cutler, etc would have done that? Should definitely be fined. best part is the timeout was given clearly before the ball was snapped and everyone on the 49ers was calling timeout!

  6. “Players are allowed to hand the ball to fans in the first or second row, but throwing the ball into the stands costs them. ”

    Yep, players are only allowed to give the ball to the highest paying costumers. Probably the fine would’ve been higher had he been able to throw it up to the lower classes of the upper deck.

  7. Have a problem with this. I thought the NFL was trying to enhance the live NFL in stadium experience?. . .when i go to a baseball game that is one of the reasons i go, to hopefully vatch a, or foul ball or even a player toss!. . .now imagine how much better it would enhance the experience of sitting in those crappy endzone seats after catching a football!!

  8. In other news:
    Vince Wilfork had a dump that he swears is a life-size RG replica.

    The NFL is considering a fine but doesn’t know which rule applies here.

  9. And yet it’s perfectly fine to launch yourself into the end zone stands after scoring a touchdown at Lam-blow field. As if someone can’t get hurt by an obese ‘Sconnie running to cop a feel from Greg Jennings. The NFL is a hypocrisy, and it desperately needs a Kennesaw Landis-style commissioner to bring it justice and ensure fairness.

  10. If I were Lovie Smith, I would tell Marshall to keep throwing the ball into the stands after a TD if you want to, and we’ll cover the fines for you.

  11. Earl thomas tried to toss one in the stands vs Buffalo, did’nt quite make it! Looked like sherm went over and finished it though! Did’nt hear anything on the local or national sports reports! Sherm may have ran over and grabbed the ball for Earl, it was a pick-six for heavens sake. Thomas is an over-looked talent by the national media, and underappreciated as a player of his stature by seahawk fans in my book! Earl does’nt care, nor do I! Pond for pound thomas is as good as any saftey in the NFL! Oh and Earl does not care because he plays with and for his higher power and savior, J.C!

  12. I know it seems like a bad rule, but people forget about the number of people who are injured at baseball games reaching for foul balls. The Rangers had one guy fall from the upper deck and fracture his skull. Another guy, Shannon Stone, died after he fell from the stands reaching for a baseball that Josh Hamilton tossed him. It seems reasonable by the NFL to tell the players to not throw the ball randomly in the stands.

  13. kuya206 says:
    Dec 21, 2012 4:45 PM
    that rule is assinine. goodell is ruining the nfl


    I hate Godell as much as the next person but this rule has been around since the 70s at least. Funny thing is, the fine was 5k back then as well. I guess inflation hasn’t hit the fines yet.

  14. Highly doubt any fans would be falling from an upper deck to catch a football. This fine, like a lot of others on the books, is just petty. It enhances the stadium experience imo, much more so than Wifi.

    NFL should at least be fair and fine Goodell for the lack of suitable refs to start the season.

  15. Marshall gets fined for throwing a ball in the stands, but the Bears’ defense doesn’t get fined for their consistent and blatant helmet-to-helmet hits? Where’s the fine on Peppers from last week’s game? Where’s the fine against the tough guy that hit Sidney Rice in the head in the Bears OT loss?

  16. How is the Lam-blow leap not causing chaos in the stands. Those poor desperate bastards up there kill each other for the chance to touch someone skinnier, prettier and less hairy than their wives…I’m talking about BJ Rahji of course.

  17. The deserved fine shows the player all the respect of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

    Throwing the ball into the stands is as smooth as a slip and fall on a McDonalds’ bag.

    But it has more holiday cheer than a New Year’s Eve rap concert in Denver.

  18. Brett Favre once threw a ball from Lambeau to a fan at Soldier Field. Can’t remember if he got fined…

  19. I hope Goodell has a long-term contract, because I don’t see how he can possibly hope to keep that job with the way he’s been acting. I never thought I’d miss Tagliabue.

  20. I guess technically this could be a liability should he smack someone in the face and knock ’em silly like Danny Amendola did when he spiked the ball after a TD last week in St. Louis. That poor ol’ Dude took a serious shot to the side of the head! On YouTube as “Danny Amendola Spikes Ball Off Usher’s Face”. The next TD he scored moments later, he handed the ball to a guy in the same end zone thinking it was the guy he nailed but it wasn’t him. The guy he nailed was gone, probably being attended to. Granted, the usher was 6 feet away, not 50 rows but it would only take 1 special toss to find that lucky gold-digger that will be filing a suit Monday morning.

  21. Someone writes that Josh Hamilton killed some man by throwing the ball into the stands. Yet my post is taken down for pointing out how ridiculous their choice of words were? I really do not understand procol here.

  22. It’s a good rule. I can see why they have it. Plenty of adults in the stands will trample people to try and get that football. And worst thing would be seeing some small child trampled just because some adult wants that ball. So i can see why they have this rule in place.

    But… Roger, you need to get off your high horse! This doesn’t deserve a fine. Did he throw a Brett Favre rocket into the stnads? No. It’s not like he tried with intent to hurt anyone in the stands. So call Mr Marshall up, tell him not to do that again, next time will be a fine, and thank him for probably making someone’s day by giving them a ball.

  23. Hate the Bears so of course I enjoy any fine given to them, but come on. God forbid one of the best receivers in the NFL has a little fun with the fans in enemy territory. I guess it’s only ok when you pretend to moon them.

  24. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. All you have to do is look at the body count of all the maimed and dead from MLB games. Literally millions of baseballs have been thrown into the stands over the years and I lost count of the genocide that caused. Stupid point.

  25. I remember when Rob Dibble threw a baseball into centerfield seats from the pitchers mound celebrating a victory…the ball hit a elementary teacher in the chest. Not sure what he was thinking but prolly caught up in the emotions of the game.

  26. This league is just gonna force all that money back that the new CBA took from them.. At least they are determined

  27. This fine seems excessive for sure. Do you think the NFL, knowing players often get fines cut in half, factor that into a fine like this???

    Sort of defeats the point of “appeals”.

  28. Fine amounts for various offenses were set/agreed to in the CBA.

    And as much as I dislike Goodell, which is quite a bit, I think those that think they’re clever when they spell it Godell should rethink. It’s not clever. Really.

  29. If the NFL was that worried about fan safety it would do something about the drunken mullets throwing punches in the stands.

  30. What a dummy,act like you been in the end zone before,lose thousands of dollars plus lose the game,it just dont get no better than that.

  31. Folks listen…this rule isn’t new. Goodell isn’t ruining anything. Players have been charged fines for throwing the ball in the stands for decades. This is a non story. I would think every player knows about this fine, but then again, man players admitted they didn’t know a game could end in a tie. Anyway, let it go people.

  32. kuya206 says: Dec 21, 2012 4:45 PM

    that rule is assinine. goodell is ruining the nfl


    Ridiculous comment.

    Goodell doesn’t make the rules. Learn how the NFL functions.

    Your personal hatred of Goodell is clearly showing thru.

  33. Give the Bears a break here… I mean, they just don’t score that many offensive touchdowns. Then, to fine them when they do?

    Tough crowd.

  34. jprcox says: Dec 21, 2012 11:28 PM

    This fine seems excessive for sure. Do you think the NFL, knowing players often get fines cut in half, factor that into a fine like this???

    Thought all fines were predetermined and included in the CBA.

  35. I hear the NFL is going to start fining fans who belly-ache about the conduct of the league.

    $5k for complaining about officiating;
    $10k for criticizing the Commish.

  36. One of my favorite things about both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb is that after a catch, no matter how big, they pop up, locate the nearest official, toss him the ball and go on about their business.

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