Champ Bailey usually gets a new coordinator for Christmas


Champ Bailey would love to win a Super Bowl this year.

But short of that, the Broncos cornerback would simply like to not learn a bunch of new names this offseason.

According to Andrew Mason of, Bailey is on his 11th defensive coordinator in 14 seasons.

Bailey has played under Mike Nolan, Ray Rhodes, Kurt Schottenheimer, Marvin Lewis, George Edwards, Larry Coyer, Jim Bates, Bob Slowik, Nolan again, Don Martindale, Dennis Allen and now Jack Del Rio, and you have to wonder if that’s some kind of record.

“I know I’m up there,” Bailey said. “I’ve got to be up there.”

It’s not hard to draw a line from the instability to the Broncos’ defensive problems.  With three defensive coordinators from 1995-2006, they were a top-10 defense seven times. They’ve only been in the top 10 once since then, though that will change unless things go badly wrong the next two weeks.

And given the way things ended badly for Del Rio in Jacksonville, it’s hard to imagine he’s going to get to ride the coaching carrousel this offseason. It’s not that Bailey’s trying to stifle Del Rio’s ambition, but he’s not excited about the alternative.

“I’d be happy for him,” Bailey said. “It would suck for us because we’d have to start all over again, but it is what it is. Everybody wants a promotion, so you’ve got to applaud guys that get them.”

You also have to applaud guys like Bailey, who have continued to play at a high level, even when forced to learn new schemes practically every year.

8 responses to “Champ Bailey usually gets a new coordinator for Christmas

  1. While I firmly believe Revis (if back to full health) is better than Bailey is TODAY, Jets fans can only hope that Revis turns out to be as amazing as Bailey has been over his entire career. Aside from the “true professional” crap that everyone acts like they care about, Bailey has gone above and beyond ON THE FIELD as well.

    I’ll be rooting for the Broncos this offseason.

  2. I believe JDR still collects $5M from the Jaguars through next season, so no reason for Jack to put his name out there for HC jobs this off-season…

  3. I hope Del Rio doesn’t leave, he’s been an absolutely great DC for the Broncos. There’s times early in games where the opponents will be having success against the Broncos D but the adjustments he makes always shut down the other teams in the second half, even in the three losses!

  4. If Jack Del Rio wants more money, he’ll take that head coaching offer if it comes this off-season. On the other hand, if he wants a real chance at adding a(nother) Super Bowl championship (or two) to his accomplishments, he’ll stick with the Broncos for another couple of years.

  5. It’s all been downhill since the days of the Orange Crush (almost) revival when our linebacking corps consisted of Ian Gold, DJ Williams, and Al Wilson. We had a great thing going in the early half of the season, then fell in to a funk, which led to the dismissal of Larry Coyer as DC. Glad to see we have brought back the same energy as that short period of time, but I won’t be too surprised if it doesn’t last into next season.

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