Circus avoided: Payton hasn’t asked to attend Saints-Cowboys

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If suspended coach Sean Payton is secretly trying to leverage the Cowboys against the Saints against each other for his own economic benefit, at least he isn’t being blatant about it.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Payton has not requested permission to attend Sunday’s Saints game in Dallas, where he happens to live.

Having Payton show up in the stands or someone’s suite would have turned a game with playoff implications for the Cowboys into one big subtext, such that it isn’t already.

Payton and his representatives are obviously delighted that he’s been one of the primary storylines this week, as every mention underlines how valuable he is to the Saints, and how potentially valuable he would be to someone else.

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  1. I’ve come to realize that the ones that are so highly critical of the Saints organization, to include coaches and players, are ‘fans’ that the Saints have used their team as a whipping post.

  2. mrfoozball says:
    Dec 21, 2012 7:21 PM
    I’ve come to realize that the ones that are so highly critical of the Saints organization, to include coaches and players, are ‘fans’ that the Saints have used their team as a whipping post.

    Lets get some perspective here shall we? The Saints were THE whipping post until 5 years ago.

  3. Are you sure Payton now lives in Dallas? You know he is recently divorced and his ex-wife and kids live in that Dallas home he purchased a couple years ago, right? He doesn’t live in that house. Not sure which city he most resides in. Don’t assume it’s Dallas unless you’ve got a confirmed street address. He’s been “renting” an office from Tom Benson in New Orleans ever since his bogus suspension began. I think he still has a home there.

  4. New Orleans Saints is a strong team when it comes to others throwing rocks at them and hiding their hands, the first part of the season the New Orleans Saints were not focusing on winning. They was a team out for revenge and a big chip on their shoulder, knowing all the time they were not the only team in the NFL with money program and rewards. Going through a suppose to be bounty program that didn’t have a strong leg to stand on, but the New Orleans Saints had to eat that mess. But when that strumbling block were moved this give the Saints some breath of fresh air, then coming to the understanding you can’t fight fire with fire you will never win. So when they was set free from that bounty mess they are going run up the scores so they coming to play like the old Saints of last year. There’s nothing wrong with the Saints they got S… on and didn’t like to much anger and know play.

  5. Payton is a great coach..and I was actually happy for theSaints and N.O. That they won a Super Bowl. But Payton and the Saints lied their behinds off so they have deserved everything they got… No one in the Saints organization has denied that the NFL office (aka Goodell) told them to stop the “bounty” program a couple of years ago… They chose not to so now pay the consequences… Payton has shut up and paid hopefully the Saints resign him..if not …Sean..Chicago is going to be looking for a coach so..pack your bags…

  6. Joebloww that was weaksauce bro. Come at me with something better than a regurgitated line that makes zero sense. Over the last 3 previous seasons the Saints had the highest winning percentage in the league before Goodell went rogue.
    If having the highest winning percentage is failure to you then your team must not even be showing up for the contest. I mean you can’t lose if you never try right?

  7. He lied?? No, he did not ‘sell out’ at the time. Big difference. Lies and cover-ups are more the craft of the NFL… so let’s dispense with that petty he lied stuff. It’s annoying. Totally agree, he has handled this like a champ, a real pro — can you imagine what it takes to stay out of it (media and sport)?

    And there is no way… he is not gonna just up and leave the Saints, because Payton is only as good as the talent that surrounds him (and the power-tripping owners that don’t). That’s what’s made him what he is now, supposedly ‘wanted’. Not sure why anyone, including Payton, would want to chance it elsewhere for potential of failure. He stays.

  8. What’s the big deal with him going to a game? Cowboys LOVE this type of attention. So do the Jets. This is the hot air they need to float their boat

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