James Harrison: I’ve lowered my target, now I hit guys in the knees


Steelers linebacker James Harrison became the poster boy for the NFL’s crackdown on hits to the head of defenseless players last year, and after multiple fines and a suspension, Harrison says he got the message.

Unfortunately for the Steelers’ opponents, that message isn’t necessarily one that’s going to make them any safer. Harrison said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that now instead of trying to hit players in the head, he’ll hit them in the knees.

“I’ve really lowered my target area to where it’s down around the knees,” Harrison said. “Situations come along where you could tackle the guy high. I don’t do that anymore. I tackle the guy low.”

Harrison said, however, that he doesn’t think that makes life any easier on opposing players. Harrison referenced his hit to the knee of Broncos receiver Eric Decker in last year’s playoffs, a hit that caused Decker to suffer a sprained MCL, as the kind of hit he makes now that he wouldn’t have made before he was suspended last season — and a hit that Harrison doesn’t think makes the game any safer.

“I could have tackled him high, but if I had hit him high, I probably would have gotten a helmet-to-helmet or something and gotten fined,” Harrison said. “So I hit him low and strained his MCL. . . . They’re saying it’s a life-threatening injury to hit a guy in the head and he gets a concussion and so on and so forth, but I think a life-threatening injury is to go low on a guy and blow out his ACL or whatever, and he’s not able to come back the way he was before. Now he can’t make a living, he can’t feed his family, he can’t do what he does. That’s life-threatening to me.”

Harrison has long expressed doubts that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and others in the league office are sincere about their desire to make playoffs safer.

“It’s for player safety — at least that’s what they say,” Harrison said. “But the way I see it is that it all comes down to something different. You say you want to make the game safer but yet you turn around and want to add extra games. How is that making us safer?”

That’s a good question. And whether Harrison lowering his target makes the game safer is also a good question.

142 responses to “James Harrison: I’ve lowered my target, now I hit guys in the knees

  1. so why can’t he just hit them in the waist and wrap up to make a textbook tackle? He seems to want to go out of the way to injure other players. He’d cry like a baby if someone hit him low and ripped up his knee.

    He’s low class that makes the NFL look like a bunch of neanderthal warriors who care nothing about other humans.

  2. Maybe he should try aiming for the four feet of body mass between the injury prone knee and head area, or maybe he’s just that guy that needs to hurt people. Almost sounds like he’s trying to hold the league hostage like “If I can’t take out their heads, I’ll take the knees.”

  3. Really? What an idiot. So there’s no way in heck that he can possibly tackle someone without aiming for a head or a knee? He needs to get injured and back on the sidelines again where I don’t have to see or hear from him anymore.

  4. He has one argument and he is going to use it for the rest of his career. Goodell fining Harrison and not bringing in a panel of former and ex-players to set up better defined legal vs illegal hits means Harrison’s vendetta is going to be taken out on WR and RB knees. If ppl weren’t so scared of Harrison, they’d just blindside cut block him every play like what happened to Cushing. I’m less concerned about Harrison, and more concerned about why he is the bully of the NFL at 5’10”

  5. He’s right. The NFL’s arbitrary jihad against unintentional helmet-to-helmet hits has all but mandated that players go low.

    Harrison is right.

  6. all the more reason he should be thrown out. he knowingly hits people to end their career? hopefully this guy goes to low and keeps his head up and breaks his neck. scum

  7. If you damage the brain with a hit to the head, then they are unable to think clearly for the rest of their lives and unable to earn a living. If you damage their ACL/MCL/etc. with a hit to the knee, then they are unable to perform extra functions other than simple walking – but can still walk, and possibly even get a good jog on their knee. But their BRAIN is still intact. If the player took full advantage of that football scholarship in college, they still have a way of earning a living. So DON’T YOU DARE pull this “Now he can’t make a living, he can’t feed his family” crap, Mr. Harrison. GROW UP and step into the real world!!!!

  8. Harrison’s been peddling this senseless argument for a long time. If we’re to take his tack on making the game safer, perhaps the safest way to play the game is to play zero games a year.

    This guy’s been targeting knees since well before last season. I remember a playoff game against the Titans in which a Titans TE caught a screen pass right on the sideline early in the game. While in a full sprint toward the receiver from the middle of the field, the viewer clearly saw Harrison’s head tilt slightly downward, thus changing his line of sight from the TE’s chest area to his knees. Now mind you, the TE was standing maybe a foot from the sideline, all Harrison had to do was breathe on him and he would have gone out of bounds. Instead, Harrison deliberately dove into the guy’s knee, spraining it, and sidelining the player for the rest of the game, possibly longer if the Titans had won.

    That is the definition of dirty play, and if I were the commish, I would find a way to fine this guy his entire annual salary, year after year, until he quit the game.

    But I’m not the commish. I’m just a fan. And after all the stupidity that the NFLPA contributed to last year re: the lockout, my opinion changed to one in which the money I pay for this entertainment outlet is enough that I don’t care who gets injured or how any longer. These guys are paid appropriately for the risk they incur on the football field and I no longer have any remorse for the injured or the quality of life of the average player post-career.

    I only speak on this whole Harrison thing to point out what a hypocrite he is.

  9. You would NEVER in a million years hear Ndamakong Suh say something like this.

    Yet he is public enemy #1. Its a shame.

  10. What a trashbag moron this clown is. He’s trying to injure guys out of spite because he’s mad at the league. What sense does that make? It’s not hard bruh, just hit the guy in the middle. It’s the largest target area.

    Same guy lets his 2 y/o son get mauled by his pit bull Patron so I guess arrogance, carelessness, & stupidity are part of his DNA.

  11. Of course — because the space between a guys head and his knees is so small that you couldn’t possibly target someplace in between, like maybe putting a shoulder pad on his belt buckle and your helmet on the ball. What a horses backside this dude is…

  12. all you nay sayers can talk all the crap you want
    but if he was on YOUR team you’d love him
    so stop cryin,he just speaking the truth

  13. Sour grapes. He doesn’t like the rule changes and can’t deal with them so he cries about it and gives some dumb argument. Low, high or whatever, he needs to hit guys legally according to the rules and let it go.

  14. There are now more than 4000 former #NFL players suing the League over concussions and 190 lawsuits have been filed.

    Just so Harrison knows…

  15. Harrison’s sarcasm doesn’t appear in print. If you see his interviews you realize he is just taking jabs at Goodell. Learn a little about the guy and you might change your opinion of him. You’ve formed the opinion the writers on this site want you to form.

  16. Its about perception. Goodell just needs people to think he’s making the game safer so he and the rest of the owners can continue making millions of dollars off of professional athletes

  17. reasonisthereason says: Dec 21, 2012 9:42 AM

    You would NEVER in a million years hear Ndamakong Suh say something like this.

    Yet he is public enemy #1. Its a shame.


    Actually it seems the Saints are public enemy #1 and they never hurt a single player. That’s the *real* shame.

  18. I knew when he hit decker low he did it intentionally to prove a point and now he admits that he is a piece of trash. This guy needs to be taken out either by goodell or someone please end his career the way he wants to end careers. Players you take your pick the knees or for this guy the head.

  19. Only a drama queen uses that type of logic.

    Ben whining about his OC and Harrison doing this.

    Keep focusing on this stuff vs the big game this weekend.

    I’m fine with that.

    Bengal Fan

  20. Pretty sure he just gave all o-lineman the go ahead to high-low this clown out of the league.

    It’s open season on Harrison’s knees.

  21. so he is intentionally trying to hurt players, As a skilled professional he knows how to tackle safely, but he doesnt……. Just goes to show you how stupid these players truly are

  22. You can say what you want about Harrison, but what did he say that was wrong? I really can’t stand the dude, but I can’t dispute what he says……except for the part that ACL tears are life threatening. C’mon man!

  23. Love the hypocritical steeler fans praising this guy and his dirty play. He represents you well Pittsburgh. What a joke of a team they are this year. They won’t even make the playoffs yet their fans still think they are actually relevant. Ironic isnt it.

  24. Call me old school but I always thought football was at its best with all the big hits and cart off hits. Not this bullsh*t two handed touch Godell is trying to make it. These guys get paid millions to get out there and play and they all know the risk.

  25. The sooner this guy is out of the league the better. He’s a poor role model for kids learning to tackle. He doesn’t even try to wrap up, he just launches himself.

  26. Don’t worry Bengal fan our focus will be winning the game Sunday and Harrison I hope u continue to as aggressive and hard hitting as usual the way football was soposed to be as it used to be

  27. christophershearin says: Dec 21, 2012 10:17 AM

    so he is intentionally trying to hurt players, As a skilled professional he knows how to tackle safely, but he doesnt……. Just goes to show you how stupid these players truly are
    I think your the stupid one. Plenty of players tackle low, and Harrison’s point is that it is just as dangerous and he’s now being forced to tackle low. Career threatening (no lawsuits) vs. Quality of life threatening (lawsuits)

  28. Why is football america’s favorite game? I’m pretty sure one of the driving forces of the NFL’s growth in popularity is the overall violent nature of the sport. Some of you people really need to get a grip.
    I am in no way shape or form saying that James is a good person. The problem I have is that so many people are quick to say this man is a moron or stupid because you do not like his honesty when asked about his views and intentions on the football field. What do you think is said behind close doors in every locker room. The same things that were said 10,20, and 50 years ago. If the bounty investigation gave us fans one thing it was a look and a listen as to what really is being said by EVERY NFL Team. If you think otherwise I can get you a killer deal on bridge in brooklyn.

    I for one am happy to see one player that is willing to speak his mind honestly without fear of being bashed by a bunch of trolls that are so wrapped up in the insane politically correct sham that is destroying our society.

  29. Maybe someone needs to take him to Anatomy 101. You know most of the human body mass is found between the head and the knees. But trying to tackle the largest part of a human would be a lot harder. So keep up the good work James, we all know what you mean, even though I am pretty sure you think you are pretty smart. You are coming through load and clear

  30. James Harrison’s logic is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t hit guys in the head. My only question is whether he was this stupid before or after said hits to the head.

  31. This guy does not know when to shut up. If he is targeting the legs instead of the head, that is a good thing. But, you can target the legs, and wrap up to make a good tackle, without specifically targeting “the knees”. From his comments, he acts like the only way to tackle is to try to injure a body part. Tackling the legs will more likely bring down a ball carrier than the waist, but you don’t have to try to take out a knee. And, even if you do try to take out a knee, why in the world would you tell everyone and the league that you are aiming for the knee?

  32. edwinmoses says:
    Dec 21, 2012 10:55 AM

    I think your the stupid one. Plenty of players tackle low, and Harrison’s point is that it is just as dangerous and he’s now being forced to tackle low. Career threatening (no lawsuits) vs. Quality of life threatening (lawsuits)


    Hold up a sec. Since he’s skipping from the head to the person’s knees, he’s skipping about 3ft of legal hit area that, chances are, won’t end someone’s season, career or life. So why not wrap up at the waist like you’re supposed to do it? Well because he can still injur someone by hitting them in their knees just to prove a point to Goodell. That’s why he does that. Yes, he’s the definition of an ignorant, dirty player.

  33. ..scumbag?

    If you knew anything about football you would know Linebackers are paid to hit whomever has the ball.

    James is just calling it like it is.

    Goodell makes knee-jerk changes to the game every year. Czar Goodell is the scumbag here.

    James lowered his target zone Roge..what’s your next overaction?

  34. He’s just verbalizing what every other defensive player does on the field. How many people’s ACLs/MCLs has James taken out during his career? Most football players are dirty scumbags. Deal with it. We love them cause they play football not because of what comes out of their mouths. This guy is responsible for the greatest play in Super Bowl history. Nuff said!

  35. The average salary of a deployed soldier: $56,000
    The average salary of an NFL player:$770,000
    Shut up and play ball!!!!
    The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business that compensates their employees very well. If the ex-players that are filing law suits against the NFL were serious about the health factor instead of the “money grab” factor they would be suing the NCAA instead. College athletes, especially football players, make millions upon millions of dollars for their schools, while receiving roughly $30,000 in tuition as compensation, and they get a lot of blows to the head there too!!!!!!

  36. I’m sure that if he wasn’t a football player he’d be a productive member of society. 😉

  37. Bet he won’t be saying that when he is twisting on a stunt and has a Guard cut his knees and shreds his knee in half. Lord, he sounds ignorant.

  38. bradshawlives says:
    Dec 21, 2012 10:57 AM
    “Harrison will be broke and on the police blotter within a year after he retires.”

    What makes you think he will be broke? Has there ever been a report of any money issues with James besides his whining about fines? If you ever find the time to look into something before you pass judgment on someone you might be surprised. Harrison happens to be very good with his money. Actually if you ever have a non football conversation with the guy you would quickly see that he is pretty grounded dude and thinks about every word he speaks. Wish more people would do the same.

    I realize he is a mean ole cuss and has shown a history of violent behavior in his personal life. So the police blotter part is a lock.

  39. green41563 says:
    He’s right. The NFL’s arbitrary jihad against unintentional helmet-to-helmet hits has all but mandated that players go low.

    Harrison is right.


    Only if you spend most of your time sniffing paint in dark corners of your hovel.

  40. Has to be the biggest whiner in the league, for such a tough guy he is such a baby. Whaa everyone is picking on me, teams not even going to make playoffs why are we talking about him.

  41. Everyone that is commenting that he should aim for the largest target area, between the head and knees do not understand football. How many players running with the ball or catch the ball are standing straight up where the midsection is completely at its longest point, NEVER? When a player is running he is slightly bent forward condensing the suppose largest hitting area. When a player catchs the ball, they are preparing for a hit and are in a crunch position again shortening the suppose largest hitting area. At the speed of the game, it is hard to pick a hitting point, this is not pee wee or high school football. These guys move very, very fast and quick. It is not as easy as some would think to pick a hitting point and actually hit that point.

  42. Steeler fans are morons…and the only ones protecting this idiot.

    He’s like a 4 yr old…” can hit in the head…okaaaaay I’ll lower my target and hit in the kness”.

    What a dope. There are HUNDREDS of other defensive players in the league who don’t seem to have a problem targeting the 4 ft are BETWEEN the two. But Jimmy has to pick the head OR the knees? Only places to target?

    Harrison is a scumbag. He’ll end a few careers and be banished.

  43. LOL!! I really wonder if half of the people that comment on these threads ever played the game, or are they just weekend warriors without a clue as to how the game is played. I hear the talk about the area between the shoulders, and the knees which is great. However, some of the backs in this league will run your butt over if you hit them even that high. I was told as a Pop Warner player, and that was years ago that “they can’t run without their legs”. Meaning you tackle low, and sometimes those hits are delivered at the legs which the last time I checked included the knee area. It’s a violent game, and injuries are part of it. James, keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes heads, and knees are going to be hit, because it just comes with playing the game. End of discussion!!

  44. If Harrison couldn’t play football at a high level – I’ve very confident he’d be doing time in a Federal Prison.

  45. Translation: If I can’t hurt players by going after their heads, then I’ll hurt them by going after their knees.

    If the NFL wants player safety, they need to come down even harder on idiots like Harrison.

  46. For those stating that enter mass is the ideal way to tackle: this is also the center of gravity. The easiest way to bring someone down is offsetting their center, thus high and low are the ideal areas to hit someone to take them off balance.

    Second, people are reading this article with blinders. There is no intention of injury. He is simply stating that it’s no safer to force players to go low.

  47. Explain to me again why Suh was voted the Dirtiest Player in the league? Harrison deserves it in my book.

  48. You people are ruining the NFL. Do you even know the history of this game? The legions of fans who carved the game into what it is, (or was), grew up with being a violent, awesome, contact sport. These are grown men being payed millions of dollars to win games and you want them to take it easy on each other….?

    In regards to James Harrison, this man is a boss. He’s putting that dictator Roger Goodell in an uncomfortable position, which SOMEBODY has to do, the man is ruining the sport. He brings up a good point, and guess what? Hitting the knees isn’t illegal. So how in the heck can you call Harrison dirty? If he wants revenge for the way he was treated, I say more power to him. He was treated unfairly by Goodell.

    Harrison is going to take full advantage of the newly-inforced rules of the NFL, whether you dopes like it or not. This is the NFL YOU guys are creating, not James Harrison.

  49. You can blame lawyers for the way the league is run now. Ex-players filed lawsuits when “encouraged” by lawyers seeking a tort lawsuit for concussions and the league lawyers freaked out. Now everything is about about avoiding liability (lawyer term).

  50. Sikologic,

    The last playoff game the titans and steelers played was in the 2002 season. James harrison didnt play for the steelers until 2004, and was a backup until 06 or 07 besides spot starts…better check your facts.

  51. james is not a dirty player! All hes doing is taking shots at the czar Goodell. If the NFL had more James Harrisons, the NFL would be a better league!! James plays the game as it is to be played , and gives 100%.

  52. sellout3871 says:
    Dec 21, 2012 12:45 PM
    Bengals will DESTROY the Steelers on Sunday. WHO DEY

    Now why would you say something like this? If there is one thing that you can count on it is the Bengals throwing up all over any opportunity to knock the Steelers out of the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong the Bengals are a much better team right now. That being said there is no chance the Bengals win this week.

    Now the game against the Browns worries me; the Bengals not so much.

  53. They are making this into an offensive league. The only way they are going to solve this so called “problem” is if they take AWAY the full cage helmet and go to leather…damn near rugby style. As a densive player you are taught to dislodge the ball for obvious reasons. Almost as if you now need to hold back and see whether or not the receiver caught it. The helmet is always going to come first.

    Getting ridiculous in my opinion. There is no time for hesitation with players who all seem to run a 4.3 these days and can stop and turn on a dime.

  54. Still love that play last year when Duane Brown (LT Texans) broke Harrison’s orbital bone with a block on a screen pass where they went helmet to helmet. Wonder what James though of that one?

  55. bengalsucker – it’s not as easy as you suggest. It’s a fast game w/ strong powerful backs. A lot of times these guys would get run over if they didn’t take out the legs. I just don’t think you can draw conclusions that Harrison is intentionally trying to hurt people based on the article. He’s just exposing Goodell (in the words of Holden Caufield) as a phony, IMO.

  56. hes right if i played in the NFL id want ppl to hit me in the head if there was a choice betweens knees and head..yeah the brain will be hurt a lil but ill take the risk knowing im making millions to get my mom a place, car and w.e she wanted make sure the family i care about is secure, my bestfriends r good and im good for life.. no knee= workin at mcdonalds or a cell phone store bec u have no experience other than football

  57. these players were trained from day one to play lights out football. its hard to change the level of play. some of you talk as though you know what its like to play in the NFL… you need to run a check. stay up James dont let these haters get you down…

  58. DBs do it all the time..but if you think Harrison REALLY intends on targeting other players Knees to hurt or injure that’s REDICULOUS! Anybody ever hear of sarcasim? He’s not Romanowski or Suh.

  59. I can’t agree with a couple of points he makes.
    1. They can’t make a living, a…. there is work outside of football.. DUH!! If he’d say in their chosen profession then I agree.
    2. I’ve lowered my target, this shows just how dirty a player he is. How about the hips and thigh region. Why is it necessary to hit anyone in the head or knees.

    James I hope you have work outside of football when you retire because the alternatives might get someone hurt. Just an observation, not agreeing with Roger and company but not agreeing with James and his army either.

  60. I love this guy! He is always honest and was at the front of the line to turn down the CBA. You know, the one current players are reconsidering. Wish he was on the Skins!!!

  61. Can’t Mr. Harrison be charged with assult. He has intent of going out and hurting other players intetionally and is the reason why the NFL is getting more and more strict. And for the steeler fans who support this idiot, what if he was on either cleveland, baltimore, or cincinnati? And what if he seriously altered the career of big ben, or mike wallace, then steeler nation would want him out of the league. I think he should be out of the league now.

  62. no he is worse than romanowski and suh. at least they took a cheap shot while the other guy was looking at him harrison is known for doing blind side cheap shots

  63. I played football for eight years and was taught to hit hard with your shoulder and knock the wind out of you opponnent. I was never tought to hit in the helmet or lead with the helmet. Ifhe was taught to play “lights out” football he had some really awful coaches. If the taught bad technige from the start. And it is human nature to adapt to the situation and if he cannot do it maye he is too dmb to play professional football.

  64. Everyone is so sanctimonious.

    He had to lower his target zone to the knees because players were dropping their heads!

    Look at his Colt McCoy hit. The target zone was right at McCoy’s chest. At the last second, McCoy dips his head, gets knocked out, and it’s Harrison’s fault.

  65. wolfpack152

    He probably thought that it was just part of the game because he’s not a sanctimonious twit.

    Also, that hit is proof that Goodell is not concerned about safety. Where was the fine?

  66. Heaven forbid he and the rest of these idiots tackle someone. The idea that these yimyaps are good football players is silly. The Saints lost to the Niners last year because they were too busy trying to knock the hell out of people and couldn’t tackle anyone….and so it goes…..Harrison is an idiot and hurts his team because he is too busy looking to lay a lick on someone. Hard hits are great,but not at the expense of missing people and not at the expense of hurting people on purpose. And the fools who argue otherwise have already been named and categorised. Capital F ,double O,L

  67. Harrison is the second dirtiest player in the NFL behind the retired Hines Ward. Any connection here???

  68. Love the haters!!!
    Even though Harrison’s career is coming to an end, I’m sure glad he’s been a Pittsburgh Steeler, especially for the 2008 season and Super Bowl 43.
    He’ll be forever known as making the greatest defensive play in Super Bowl history.
    Keep hating.
    There’s no greater form of flattery…

  69. I have never posted before, but this topic did: I am a Steeler fan, so I must admit my subjectivity.

    Why the outrage with James Harrision’s stating he is going low, yet no one screams at teams (Baltimore, Washington) that coach offensive linemen to engage defensive linemen (or OLB in a 3-4) and have the adjacent linemen hit them in the knees? James has been hit in the knees repeatedly.

    I must also point out that aiming for the waist can be negated if an offensive player lowers their head, which will result in a H-2-H hit and another fine for someone with a reputation as James Harrison. Aiming that low ensures no contact with the head.

    To the guy who said he will be broke…James Harrison donated $100,000 to the Kent State football program in August. Will he blow through the money? Not sure, but that does not appear to be the behavior of a desperate man.

    To someone who will point out the altercation with the mother of his child: she would not let their son be baptized. I would have knocked down the door as well.

    Is he perfect? No. But I remember when James said he would be driving a truck if the Steelers did not give him one more shot. Honest and practical.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Enjoy this weekend’s games.

  70. I’m a Bengal Fan, and I still have to agree with Harrison’s response. Football is a dangerous sport, regardless. It is gladiator-like. The lawsuits are the ONLY reason for the head-to-head issue ( I also agree with the lawsuits). It’s freakin’ 2012 and the most popular sport can’t have better designed head gear???? Space travel, LHC & Quantum physics, Android deluxe, Microscopic Circuit boards, etc., and can’t make safer head gear for football? Oh, and by the way, lets add more games, too. Get off Harrison’s simplistic responses and look at the real ‘idiots’.

  71. Im behind James…..if u don’t like it don’t watch ..you panzies….do you guys cry when u watch old school football where armbars are used? Fans like u are the reason every play has controversy…….

  72. wow all the haters. he is being sarcastic you idiots.he has had a good season.he has done nothing wrong yet this year.u fools talk about what ge said but its ok for o-linemen to chopblock.I dont hear u clowns talk about that. if you people do not know or understand what sarcasm is you do not belong in these threads.

  73. I think the context in which he meant that was taken the right way. And tackling a guy low isn’t anything new, corners do it all the time. Then there’s the fact that many players have stated that they would rather have a concussion than blow their knee out.
    The point that should be taken from this is that going high on a tackle could cost your team now vs just taking a guys legs out from under him.

  74. I see nothing wrong with Harrison’s comments; good to see him in high spirits this late in the season.

  75. I saw on the news the other day that Hillary Clinton has suffered a concussion. I guess it’s only a matter of time before Goodell fines Harrison again…

    Harrison, never to be remembered that he even played? What? You don’t think NFL Films captured for prosperity the greatest defensive play in Super Bowl history?
    Sorry you missed seeing it.
    It was spectacular.

  76. Let’s clear this up morons, not once in the article did Harrison say that he is trying to blow some ones knees out. What he said is that due to goodalls rules about high hits and head to head shots, he is forced to aim lower with his hits to make the tackle. Unfortunately, this area is around the knees and injuries will always be a possibility.

  77. And gizzmonic , your an idiot. I’m pretty sure JH will be remembered for his interception return in the superbowl, among other things. Wasn’t he also defensive player of the year one season?

  78. Anyone who ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THIS INTERVIEW would have a 180 different opinion than someone who just read the article.

    Harrison was dead on accurate with what point he was trying to make – the Goodell NFL fines for the slightest contact to the head so the only thing you can do is go low and that comes with a risk to injuring a players knee…..he stated his going low resulted in an injury – not that he targeted to injure someone.

    But most don’t have the common sense to understand that.

  79. The commish IS trying to make the game safer. Why? To deflect legal liability. The commish is a lawyer and his brain is constantly operating in lawyer mode as opposed to commish mode. All this BS with fines and suspensions is all designed to demonstrate a track record of actions in the name of safety so as to be able to deflect legal liability. It sucks because it’s ruining the game. I’m tired of every little touch of the helmet being a penalty flag and a fine. The league should simply require players to become signatory to a liability waiver before they can step on the field. They can either sign the waiver and choose to play at the game or not sign the waiver and not play the game. They can’t have it both ways. it’s not right that they voluntarily and KNOWINGLY put themselves at risk, make massive money, and then years later file suit against the league because their bodies are beat and their brains are scrambled. My bet is that plenty of players will still choose to play the game and will sign the waiver. However, I seriously doubt that this waiver will ever happen. The lawyers won’t let it happen.

  80. The Texans were chop blocking our line and linebackers the whole game last year..NOW that’s dirty..NFL says nothing about that. The Bengals hit Ben Low 3 times in the last game..No flags…Miller got his ACL and PCL torn from a bull#%%t hit to his knee in the same game. Harrison has been spotless with his play. If the NFL wants to do somethin about player “SAFETY” they need to bann those chop blocks by O-Linemen..shouldn’t matter if the man is engaged with another player or not.

  81. To all of you saying hit between the waist and the shoulders… What is your genius solution for when the receiver lowers his shoulders? There is no other option besides hitting high or low. 90% of you probably never played football so I understand this is a difficult concept to grasp.

  82. Anyone who has watched James over the years should be able to recognize that he finds joy in causing other pain…he’s the dirtiest player in the league hands down

  83. He didn’t talk so hard when Duane Brown broke his orbital socket.. He’ll get his. Don’t worry people 🙂 He may hurt a few others before his career is over, but he’ll be lucky if he can walk away from the game healthy. Guys know he’s a bully and I guarantee you they aren’t gonna lay down and take it. Love to see him chopped in our zone-block scheme.

  84. Cereal, do you realize that 100% of defensive players in the NFL find joy in causing pain to the other teams offensive players? That’s why the league has been built on the likes of players like Butkus, and Nitchke (spelling maybe wrong). You are another clueless weekend warrior that probably was your teams punter if you even played the game.

    And crazyunclemike, He won’t get his because players in the NFL realize what they signed up for. Keep wishing bad luck on another indiviual that you do not even know, but remember karma’s a muthafuka. Hope that it doesn’t catch up to you!

  85. #92 is a Baaaaad Mannn! If he wore ya teams colors none of you idiots would be complainin! SteelerNation loves the haters

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