Michael Vick: My prime is ahead of me, I’m just getting started


Michael Vick may be done with the Eagles, but he says he’s nowhere near done as an NFL starting quarterback.

Vick told PhillyMag.com that he’s certain he’ll be starting in the NFL somewhere next season, even though he doesn’t yet know where.

I’m not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I’m a full-fledged starter,” Vick said. “That’s what I’ve got in me, that’s what I provide, that’s what I offer. Whatever happens, wherever I end up, they’re going to get 110 percent. You’re going to get the same thing out of me that you got the last two, three years and that’s 110 percent effort and a guy that’s confident in his abilities to play and win. I want to start. Yeah, I’m a starter. I’ll feel that way until I start to feel like I’m becoming a problem on the team.”

Although Vick will turn 33 in June and had a rocky season before he was replaced by Nick Foles as the Eagles’ starter, he says there’s no doubt in his mind that he has a lot of good years left to contribute somewhere.

“I’ve got prime left, man. I’m just getting started,” Vick said.

The big question is where Vick will start.

121 responses to “Michael Vick: My prime is ahead of me, I’m just getting started

  1. If he believes that he’s just getting started, then I suggest that he return all that moeny he took from teams that thought they were getting a proven QB.

    Vick is a singing frog. Plain and simple. He’s right that there will be another fool that will pay him big money.

  2. Sorry buddy your prime was seized with the rest of your assests when you got locked up. Looking back did you have any idea you were killing your legacy when you snuffed out those dogs?

  3. Since there are SO many teams with atrocious QB play …he probably will be starting somewhere next year.

  4. Vick is not done, but he’s an average to slightly above average QB. Above average arm strength and mobility, way above average toughness, but below average pre-snap reads, ball security and ability to stay healthy.

    As an Eagles fan I’d like to see the next regime build a football team the right way….with a powerful rushing attack and screen game which wears the other team down and keeps its own defense rested. Vick is not the QB to run that kind of offense.

  5. just being honest, but you had enough turn overs this season, to make you a backup qb…..

    Cannot blame the oline for all of them, Good luck, Mike.

  6. Fan of his. Like how he bounced back from prison and turned his life around. A bit of a strange analogy – but this just sounds like one of those prize fighters that doesn’t know when to leave the ring. You’ve lost a few fights, you’re just not the same. It’s like a once great NBA point guard – Iverson, Marbury, Penny Hardaway that have to go overseas and play… Oh what could’ve been Mike… Go to Canada and become a star… whoa

  7. The draft doesn’t appear like it will give us any NFL ready prospects like we saw this year. So for the few teams with notably crappy QB situations (KC, NYJ, Jax, AZ, BUF, CLE, TEN, OAK, MIN) you can’t tell me he isn’t a somewhat better option. Not all those teams will find viable options. There are also teams close to being questionable at QB (SD, MIA, STL, maybe even Dallas). Roughly half the league doesn’t have what you would call an authentic franchise QB, so they could at least give Vick a look. I should be careful as I really wouldn’t classify Vick as a franchise QB either…

  8. I’d be okay with my Chiefs taking a flier on him. Then drafting a QB in round 2 and let him sit there for a year, or 2 if Vicks best years are ahead of him.

  9. In a league where there a numerous sub-par quarterback starting he has shown he is better than quareterbacks in:

    Arizona: Their quarterback play is horrible in a league built for quarterback success.

    Oakland: Each day they regret being suckered in making that deal for Carson Palmer. he would make the best avenue to lead into the avenue of Pryor

    Chiefs: you know it bad when the center doesn’t want to snap the ball to his own quarterback

    Jaguars: a backfield on Vick and Jones-Drew makes for intriguing matchups

    Bills: Fits is more inconsistent then Vick, they have gone as far as possible with Fitzpatrick

    Vikings: Vick and Peterson in the backfield makes Peterson even more dangerous

    and many more examples, at the end of the day he is still better than have the quarterbacks out there

  10. If he finds a team that will design an offense for him like what’s going on in Washington, then he will be a starter.

    He can’t be worse than Sanchez, Gabbert, or any of the Kansas City QBs.

  11. Funny all thses guys that were great in the early 2000’s are all getting long in the tooth. Vick, Polamalu, Ray Lewis, Devin Hester, Urlacher, Dallas Clark, etc. All great players in their day but mediocre these days. Get them all brand new tennis balls to put on the bottoms of their walkers for Christmas.

  12. He also says defenses can’t stop him. Yet game after game and year after year they do. Nothing changes. He looks terrible out there every year. And every year he says he looks good out there.

  13. Mark my word, he will be in Tampa next year with the Bucs….. Starter? Who knows, but Freeman blew his shot and Vick would be serviceable until they draft a rookie….

  14. LOL your prime.. well guess what ur ‘prime’ play got a great coach fired after the loss of his son u think the team would of played for the HC who took vick out of prision and got his life straight and his money right again.. its always funny to see giants beat teams and watch there HC or jerry jones facial expressions and chew out there teams … but this year seein andy rieds face after heartbreaking losses u cant help but feel each loss had more effects on ried than normal bec of family circumstances he had this year and i couldnt help but feel sorry for ried during there losing spree and to see how happy he looked when foles threw the game winner with 0 time left i knew it meant more 2 him that just a win.. rieds a great coach to bad philly/ there moron fans always trash talk about the 2 biggest ppl they ever had and will prob ever have for years to come..mcnabb and ried..

  15. “He can’t be worse than Sanchez, Gabbert, or any of the Kansas City QBs.”

    I beg to differ.
    Those scrub QB’s at least try to play a conventional QB role and have marginal talent around them.
    Vick has pro-bowl calibur skill around him and cannot be a pocket passer.

    The RGIII gimmick will get exposed soon too and RGIII will either be in a coma or will have to evolve into a better pocket passer/reader of defenses.
    This is why Andrew Luck is the better player to build a team around.

  16. The dude owns his creditors $20 million dollars ! What else can he say, he needs money , a job so he has to blow his own horn.Too bad it’s out of tune.

  17. Jim Mora SR was right when he said this guy is a coach killer.Whoever picks him up next will get fired or almost fired just like the other coaches who’ve had him.

  18. The NFL offices have a cup they would like you to provide a sample for Michael. Someone better check his water bottle immediately!

    Here’s a question:
    Who is more delusional, Vick himself or the fans that post in blind support of him?

  19. He’s just trying to market himself, and someone is gonna buy, lots of bad QBs out there. I’d rather have Vick than Kolb, Skelton, Lindley, Sanchez, Tebow, McElroy, Gabbert, Henne, Cassel, Quinn, Stanzi, Palmer, Pryor …. in fact thats it. He goes to Oakland, he’ll fit in perfectly there.

  20. We gave Vince Young a shot in Buffalo, why not Mike Vick? I do believe Vick is still a viable starting QB, but how does he rank against the options we do have?
    Fitzpatrick, Thigpen, Smith, Jackson, Vick?
    Arm strength- Jackson
    Accuracy- Short-Fitzpatrick Long-Thigpen
    Speed- Vick
    Elusiveness- Vick
    Ability to read the D- Fitzpatrick
    Ability to handle Gailey’s playbook- Fitzpatrick
    Toughness- Fitzpatrick
    Injury probability- Vick

    It looks like Fitzpatrick is the better option.

  21. Of course he is just getting started ,The guy was in prison and is RESTED , and basically walk out and on to a field and was going head to head for MVP honors with brady now thats saying something about his TALENT. of course he is NOT a backup ,, Who ever insinuate that have a personal agenda against HIM that have NOTHING to do with FOOTBALL ,,Have you seen who this league patrol out as quarterbacks on a weekly basis…. its a outright JOKE ,

    last year the eagles with a invisible Djack due to contract drama ; and a defense that give up LEADS;; VICK had the Eagles with the 4th BEST OFFENSE in all of football;; The season before he had them with the 2ND BEST OFFENSE in all of football,, The 4time probowler is pure stud!! You can’t name me any QB who can get the BALL down the field with just a flick of the wrist while other QB’s need a windup .The HATERS can go take a flying you know what.

  22. His best opportunity to succeed remains in Philly. Any offense with Vick is send everyone deep, let him launch it and pray. In the interim, hand off to your stud back. That all spells Philly. My money is on them cutting him and re-signing him for a fraction. He’s already familiar with the players around him and no 33 yr old but PM can succeed in this modern NFL learning a new system. Plus, Foles blows.

  23. I know people like to rag on Vick’s skills (probably because of what he did), but lets be real. Vick would be an upgrade for all these teams:


    That’s six teams where he would be a definite upgrade.

  24. All these comments are absurd. Talk about average arm strength and mobility? Really? Vick has one of the strongest arms and quickest releases in the league. He had not even one decent o-linemen in front of him this year, not to mention more rushing yards than any QB in history. I hope he ends up on my team in Buffalo.
    P.s. None of your concussion or dog comments are funny or unique, hence how many people have already said it. Grow up

  25. Where are all the pathetic Eagle fans that defended his heinous crimes because he was representing the Birds?

    Now that he sucks, his crimes have changed in your eyes?

    Please – walk me through your thought process on this one. Please be detailed.

  26. It would have been interesting to see what Vick could have done behind a halfway-decent offensive line. The dude rarely had time to throw & was running for his life a lot of the time.

  27. It would have been interesting to see what Vick could have done behind a halfway-decent offensive line. The dude rarely had time to throw & was running for his life a lot of the time.

  28. Sign him to a one year deal for veteran minimum with a bunch of money in incentives. He might work for it.

    Then again, who wants the circus?

  29. That’s Vick’s main problem. It’s ignorance and stupidity. If only he was smarter and could read a defense….. He could have had so much promise….

  30. billhicks666 says:Dec 21, 2012 4:17 PM

    It would have been interesting to see what Vick could have done behind a halfway-decent offensive line. The dude rarely had time to throw & was running for his life a lot of the time.

    Yeah… That’s because he can’t read defenses, audible his WR’s, or tell his oline when, how, and where to block. Foles does all this with an even worse oline then vick had. Kinda funny how the oline plays better with an intellectual at QB huh?

  31. Vick should just keep quiet.

    As a long time Eagles fan, I had no issue with Vick coming to Philly. He had paid his debt.

    Vick caught lightning in a bottle (to steal a quote from Brian Baldinger on Vick) for 2010-most of it. Today, the magic is gone. Like McNabb, Vick just doesn’t have it anymore.

  32. The Jets gave Sanches a fat extension this past offseason. That just goes to prove that there are teams stupid enough to lay some money out for Vick and his average talent.

    I like how he talks like a bonifide starter. Does he know where the “player stats” section is on NFLs web page? He should look it up and compare himself to some of the good qbs out there.

  33. “Michael Vick: My prime is ahead of me, I’m just getting started”

    I hope he is speaking about his QB abilities..he’s wrong, but at least I can sleep at night.

    In my opinion just a bad guy…

  34. Sure, Vick might be better than 5 or 6 guys that are playing now, but the ones mentioned are horrible. Not only that, they dont get front line news articles about their furtures there once a week or more. No one talks about these bad qbs in the same breath as the Tom Brady’s and Aaron Rodgers’. Vick gets talked about when discussing good QBs all the time, why is that? His stats show he is bad. He is statistically in the same league as Sanchez and Gabbert. Vick and a lot of fans keep getting mixed up. Infamous and famous are two totally different things, but in the NFL both sell tickets and jerseys. Oh, wait.. we are all still waiting on a repeat of the 2010 year.. You know, the one year he was actually considered good in his whole career. If it only happens once, it is a fluke.

  35. janvanflac says:
    Dec 21, 2012 1:15 PM
    Vick is not done, but he’s an average to slightly above average QB. Above average arm strength and mobility, way above average toughness, but below average pre-snap reads, ball security and ability to stay healthy.


    Way above average toughness????

    This guy has played ONE full season in his entire career. He’s the most injury prone QB I’ve ever seen.

  36. Vick has more problems than just the O-line. When he makes comments like these, people wonder if his brain even works at all.

  37. How about the Jets, Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, Cheifs, Raiders. Vick is better than all their starters. He was in the running for MVP just a few years ago. He’s got a chance to play well for a few more years, especially while teams are trying to draft their franchise QB.

  38. I have not seen much of him this year, but heard he has been horrid.

    Needs a new start.

    He would definitely be better than Ponder, although I am not sure he would be better than WEBB.

  39. Vick has always been an athlete but he’s never……even in this “prime” been an NFL QB. He couldn’t find a secondary wr. if it were just him and 2 wr.s on the field. He couldn’t He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a pass 3 out of 10 times much less hit a wr in stride. He couldn’t read a defense or a blitz if it were tattooed on his forehead.

  40. bullcharger says:Dec 21, 2012 7:08 PM

    How about the Jets, Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, Cheifs, Raiders. Vick is better than all their starters. He was in the running for MVP just a few years ago.

    Statistcally, Vick wouldnt be much of an improvement for any of those teams. It is about championships in the NFL. Nothing else matters. Do you actually think a 2-14 season followed by a 6-10 season will be considers a success?

    Then there is the MVP conversation. He was 4th in QB rating with 100. A lot of people were really rallying for Vick to get MVP that season. Why? He wasnt the best, right? I’ll tell you why. For so many years Vick was sub-par. Having a season like that and people thought he just set records in every statistcal catagory in the history of the NFL. Ya see, when a player is average and does good, people think that player is suddenly great. But people are only comparing the player to himself.

    I cant recall who the interview was with. It was one of the old time QBs that was considered good for years. He said he knew it was time to quit when fans cheered like the team just won the superbowl and all he did was complete a pass. His skills had eroded and people were clinging to the hope that he would come around and be great again, but he just didnt have it anymore. That is what we see with Mike Vick fans today.

  41. Dearest Santy Clawz,

    A fine human being, Michael Vick, a supposedly reformed dog killer and all around slimey chump, wants to play football. He says he has his prime before him.

    Could you do me a tiny favor?

    Could you send Michael Vick to a team that has no offensive line and a losing record? I know this is not a difficult request, but the sight of seeing him flung around like a non-performing dog would be just too delicious! And could you also make sure the team has very little precious talent on offense? Perhaps the wide receivers are a step slow and the running backs are a perhaps equally as worthless. This will make it so Vick will have to run around a lot subjecting him to punishing blows and further damage to an area he has precious little reserves – inside that helmet.

    I am not being selfish as I want the misery of Michael to be spread to another team. And considering that his presence on a team is a kiss of death, maybe the Jets isn’t a half bad place to play – big mouth coach – horrible management – and a team that gives up at the first sight of failure. Wherever he goes, just allow him to linger in pain.


    Buffy Milktoast

  42. The main thing Vick, and other running QB’s need to learn is to dial down the personal pride that has instigating hits to be akin to manhood. It’s counter intuitive in football and more difficult to master the unmanly art of ducking to the ground, throwing the ball away, sliding, and running out of bounds when delivering a hit for an extra yard is celebrated and rewarded. Russell Wilson, for one, is being drilled intensely with strict instruction to utilize this style, but it requires practice. I think Mike COULD unlearn bad habits and put in the practice to have a low injury career, but change is more difficult for older players with entrenched habits. One reason that more young QB’s than ever are playing, and QB’s sitting out games with the slightest injury, and sometimes losing their starting job as well.

  43. Your to stupid to read a D Mike and adjust to the game as it has adjusted to you.Your finished…remember how you said you wouldn’t let Andy go down???Well you did..your pathetic…Go away

  44. He gets injured pretty much every season, he’s had more turnovers himself this season than some entire teams, he’s healthy yet sitting on the bench, replaced by mediocre rookie, but hey, he thinks he’s going to get even better. Uh, ok.

  45. Someone tell Vick that Fantasy Land is in Disney World, not Philly. Put a fork in Vick, he’s done.

    Exactly how many seasons of his career has he played all 16 regular season games?

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. What team wants a “part time” quarterback that is now turnover prone?

    I saw it with Marino in Miami in his last few years. The throws he used to make between double coverage became easy pick-6’s for the defense.

    Same with Vick. You lose half a step, your throw is not as strong as it used to be, and that’s all the defense needs to catch up to you. I think you’ll see Michael Vick be “McNabbed” in a couple of weeks.

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