Mike Munchak expects Chris Johnson back next year

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Earlier this week, a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL.com indicated the Titans plan to keep running back Chris Johnson for the 2013 season at a salary of $10 million.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean is hearing the same thing from his sources, pointing out that they have a lot of cap room to use on improvements for the 2013 season even while paying Johnson his full salary. General Manager Ruston Webster wasn’t available to answer questions about Johnson on Thursday, but head coach Mike Munchak says it is full speed ahead in terms of the team’s relationship with Johnson.

“We want C.J. to finish strong and we are assuming he’s going to be here next year,” Munchak said. “Forge ahead, baby. How many years is he signed for? We feel good about C.J. and we are headed in the right direction there. I expect him to be back.”

Johnson’s play this season has covered pretty much the entire spectrum. He started the year with 35 yards in his first three games, but he’s averaging 5.3 yards per carry since then with the help of three touchdown runs that covered 80 or more yards. If Jake Locker keeps progressing and the holes on the offensive line are filled, it’s fair to think that Johnson is capable of that kind of production in 2013 for the Titans.

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  1. And they’ll probably have to re-align the division so that it’s the Jags, Titans, Raiders, and Chiefs….Then the Titans will have a good shot.

  2. Wouldn’t break the bank for him. First, he’s not that good. Second, given both the $120M cap and the new offensive philosophy around the league, running backs aren’t that important.

  3. RBs who catch passes are important. & he does that as well as anyone. Plus the guy is never injured, which says a lot with his frame. They need to upgrade both lines & get Britt back on track & I think they could surprise some people next year.

  4. iOnly an idiot would expect the Titans to cut their best player?
    Chris Johnson is the face of the franchise. Serioulsy, do people still think Jake Locker is a franchise QB? I am not saying Jake Locker cannot become a franchise quarterback but he is not there yet.

  5. Disagree on Johnson being among the top pass-catching RBs (lots of room for improvement there), but agree that he’s been surprisingly durable for his size and he’s a legitimate playmaker who also does a solid job at pass-blocking (or lead blocking on designed runs for Locker).

    Chris Palmer really was not a good match for CJ, but I’m hopeful that Loggains/Moore or whoever the next OC is will focus more on the style that put Johnson on the map to begin with. The Titans knew the pros and cons of Johnson’s game when they gave him the contract, and IMO his game hasn’t changed. And despite what his detractors say, he didn’t “lay down” after he got his money, either.

  6. Once cj gets an Oline and a decent cord things will be fine. Until the expect the 22 carrys for 24 yards. Locker sucks. See the play that houston crippled him on. Thats wut he gets for starring at one wr n not having awareness. Titans shud build oline n draft n make a play for vick.

  7. CJ puts up fake stats. Take out his longest run from each game and then look at this YPC.

    He is not worth the money.

  8. titansfan53 you’re a complete idiot. Take away a RB’s main strength skillwise and those stat’s and his stats aren’t that good?? WOW REALLY WHAT A REVELATION. His average TD is 28 yards in his career and he has 43 touchdowns..so let’s talk away all his good plays and he’s not good. Amazing.

  9. If Chris Johnson is the “Face” of your franchise… what does that say about your franchise.

    He’s lazy, he’s a primadonna, as soon as he got his money he had the worst season of his career. He’s not a patient runner, he tries to hit a homerun every at bat, and when things go bad, it’s everyone’s fault but his own. 2000yds or not, keep him away from my team. I’ll take Arian Foster for half the money thank you.

  10. ^Have fun with Foster, a product of the system and a guy that has actually gotten consistently worse each of the last 3 years and can’t gain more than 4YPC with a top 10 run blocking o-line and with a high powered pass offense with Andre Johnson. He also isn’t even a threat in the passing game like he used to be. All he has on CJ is being 10 months younger. I’m not impressed at all.

    Also, half the money? Foster is making only 1.5 Million less a year than CJ.

  11. @8to80, put foster behind cj2k’s line and see who looks better. Foster is a product of the other better players around him. He’d be invisible in TN.

    Switch the two around. CJ2k would then be able to show you just how good he can be. In another two years foster will = Michael turner and CJ2K will still be hitting home runs.

  12. Has Arian Foster ever blamed a bad game on his O Line… No
    Has Arian Foster ever sat out for a better contract… No
    Has Arian Foster scored the MOST TDs in the league over the last 3 years… Yes.

    Product of system or not, he’s more productive, scores twice as much, costs half as much, and is a WAY better teammate. I’ll take Arian everyday and definitely twice on Sunday.

  13. And by the way… have you seen the right side of the Texans line??? They have had to platoon over there all year with rookies and guys with no real experience. Arian is not exactly running behind the Cowboys line’s of the mid 90’s.

  14. @8to80 First of all CJ isnt lazy, he’s one of the hardest working players on the team. He never misses a game or a practice. He is a patient runner, sometimes he’s too patient which causes no gainers. He’s on a team with a makeshift offensive line. Teams are puttting so much emphasis on stopping him its ridiculous. He doesnt have the luxury of not seeing 8 man fronts unlike Arian Foster. I find it amazing how Texans fans are wanting to talk now since they have only been a relevant franchise for two years. CJ blames the offensive line because its true. Watch some games and stop watching highlights and reading articles before you decide to throw out points and criticize someone.

  15. I would hope Arian has more TD’s, he has like 90 more carries than CJ this year. Also CJ isn’t a goal line back so the TD differential is not that surprising so I’ll give Arian that he’s bigger and can move a pile a little.. But even in his first couple years Lendale got like 13,14 TD’s in one season all taken away from CJ.

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