Pettine declines contract extension with Jets


Add defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s name to the list of Jets employees who may be looking to leave.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Pettine has turned down an offer to extend his contract.  Absent a new deal, Pettine will become a free agent after the season.

The Jets have a top-10 defense this year, despite having a bottom-two offense.

Unless Pettine is holding out for more money, it’s possible that he has grown weary of laboring in the shadow of coach Rex Ryan, who gets most of the credit for the performance of the team’s defense.

Like the contract of Saints coach Sean Payton, the specific expiration date of Pettine’s deal could become a key factor.  If the deal doesn’t end until, say, January 31 and if the Jets opt not to release him before then, Pettine could miss out on other opportunities.

22 responses to “Pettine declines contract extension with Jets

  1. hisgirlgotburrelled says:
    Dec 21, 2012 9:32 AM
    He could move back home and coach the Eagles D. Or maybe even head coach.

    I can’t imagine an NFL team hiring anybody from the Jets organization to be their head coach next season. Not even the defensive coordinator. The coaches just haven’t had control of their players for 2 straight years.

  2. firstclasspack …

    Any discussion of coaches, free agents, or possible draft picks must include at least one suggestion that they go to the Eagles. Sorry, but that’s the rule.

  3. Get rid of old man Dean Pees and let Pettine bring the original ‘organized chaos’ back to Baltimore. He probably is tired of being a figurehead with no real power. Rex has the defense under control. Without Revis and all the extra series the Jets have to play because of Sanchez, it really is remarkable that the Jets defense hasn’t really suffered.

  4. Jets Brass: “Yo, we’d like to extend your contract and pay you millions and millions to stay.”

    Pettine: “Are you out of your mind? I’ll pay you to let me leave now!”

  5. This guy’s story is great. He was a Philly suburbs high school coaching legend. So was his dad. If you get a chance, read his path to the NFL, it’s incredible. Rex gave him his chance in Baltimore.

  6. Or it’s a face saving name saving tactic agreed upon by both parties. He wants to coach again w/o the black cloud of being a culprit to the dysfunctional jets looming over him. ” Hey, we are cutting ties to the scapegoats but if you wanna say you decline our multi million $$ offer to stay so it looks better in future interviews then we’re okay with it”

  7. This guy is the real deal. I played for his father, while Jr was coaching the rival school. A great coach and a huge competitor. Got into the NFL by breaking down film and then got added to the coaching staff(very low level), inching up every year.
    He’s a fiery guy when he has to be, but is not the brash and trash personality that Rex has with media.

    If I were Eagles Brass I would hire this guy in a heart beat.

  8. Cmon back to the Ravens first class organization Mikey! We know you’ve been running the Defense for Rexy while he’s off running his mouth, defending the worst of the USC QB’s and working his wife’s feet.

  9. Most teams wouldn’t be offering contract extensions to assistant coaches, if they plan on firing the head coach.

    This is either a good sign for Rex, or yet another sign of Jet stupidity.

  10. This guy could seriously be a candidate for a HC job, or perhaps a DC with another team but it’s weird that the decline of a contract would come out in public like this unless there was some reason.

    As an aside, I’ve noticed quite a few Balt fans here who have big hate/disdain for RR. I wonder why? Did he talk crap on his way out for NY? I don’t recall anything. I mean some of you Balt fans hate him like some of us Pats fans hate Mangini who actually DID do some things to deserve the hate. I’m not being a smart alec, I really want to know. Thee must be something behind the hate.

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