Robert Griffin III remains on track to return


There’s just one more hurdle for Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to clear before he’s back in the lineup.

Coach Mike Shanahan likes the chances that the former college hurdling star makes it to the other side in one piece. Zac Boyer of the Free Lance-Star reports that Shanahan said Griffin “looked good” in practice and remains on track to play despite not yet having official medical clearance.

Shanahan expects that clearance to come on Friday night, which is why he listed Griffin as probable to play for the Redskins against the Eagles. Griffin, who took all the reps in Friday’s practice, sprained his LCL in the Week 14 victory over the Ravens and Kirk Cousins played in his place in last week’s win against the Browns.

Linebacker London Fletcher is also probable, which means he’s likely to remain tied with Buccaneers safety Ronde Barber for the longest consecutive games played streak among active players.

18 responses to “Robert Griffin III remains on track to return

  1. I am torn, if he is really recovered no reason to let him rest. This weeks game is a must win, but the Eagles shouldn’t be that hard of an opponent (less than the Browns who still had a playoff chance) and I think Cousins could carry the load one more week.

    Knowing Philly can play spoiler has me worried for RGIII though… knock him around a little and next week against Dallas gets harder if he’s hurt again.

  2. McCoy is back so I know this game won’t be easy. The Skins will need their best since divisional opponents rarely role over. RG3 needs a big game and need to be healthy at the end of the game.

  3. rg3some says: Dec 21, 2012 2:13 PM

    It killed him to be on the sideline last wek. Hopefully he’s finally learned his lesson.
    Agreed, but it really looks like he has learned his lesso. Since the Atlanta game, he has run dramatically less, more when he has to than when it seems like a good idea. And when he does run, he is always looking to get out of bounds, rather than pick up potentially dangerous extra yards. It was especially obvious in the Minnesota game, whn he checked over his shoulder every four yards to make sure he wasn’t about to take a hit. Even when he got hurt last week, he was about two feet from the sideline, on his way out. While the Washington fanbase obviously wants Griff to be even more careful, it seems safe to say that he has “learned his lesson”.

  4. Just wondering – why do they have to use that ‘The Third’ thing after his name? Is the media afraid will confuse THIS Robert with his father or grandfather? It’s not like ‘The Second is also an NFL QB.

  5. Jwreck :If he truly learned his lesson he would’ve slid and not dove head first two weeks ago. It’s just not his nature hopefully he will learn, otherwise Cousins will continue to spell him from time to time.

  6. I haven’t paid homage to the greatness of RG3 yet: Wow! Did the Skins get a good one or what?! I love watching them play now because this kid is so exciting. I could go on and on about why he is so great and how he already plays like a savvy vet, but I don’t want to bore you or bring out the Hulksters. He is like a Michael Vick that can throw and think.

    I’d love it if the 9ers host the Skins in January and I get to see RG3 in person. Obviously he wouldn’t play his best game, but RG3 and Kap would be a heck of a show!

    Part of me wants the Giants for redemption, but I say good luck to the Skins – go out and win that division! When they get their cap cheese back and can stock the secondary, watch out.

  7. profootballwalk says:Dec 21, 2012 3:01 PM

    Just wondering – why do they have to use that ‘The Third’ thing after his name?


    Because it’s his name.

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