Sanchez is expected to be No. 2 on Sunday


Well, now we know how the Jets currently regard Tim Tebow in relation to Mark Sanchez.

Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Sanchez will serve as the No. 2 quarterback on Sunday against the Chargers, behind new starter/previously consistently inactive option Greg McElroy.  Tebow, in turn, will be No. 3.  Which possibly means he won’t even dress for the game.

Coach Rex Ryan consistently has declined to comment on the identity of Sunday’s backup.  Most recently, Ryan dodged the question at a Friday press conference.

“I’m not going to make that announcement now because quite honestly, it’s going to be a coach’s decision and I’ll go ahead and make that decision later,” Ryan said.  “I’ve said there’s a possibility all three guys will be [active], there’s a possibility two will be [active] and I’m not going to make that decision just yet.”

The Jets, as we’ve reported, intend to explore all options with Sanchez in the offseason,  Mehta has reported that the options will include an attempt to trade Sanchez.  Some believe that, in the end, the Jets will have to keep Sanchez and his $8.25 million guaranteed salary.

These are issues about which Sanchez currently isn’t thinking.  Or, at a minimum, about which he says he isn’t thinking.

“I haven’t really thought about it, I’m focused on this game and the game next week and then we’ll assess all that stuff at a later date,” Sanchez said Friday.

That’s easy for him to say.  He knows that, no matter what, he’ll earn at least $8.25 million in 2013.

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84 responses to “Sanchez is expected to be No. 2 on Sunday

  1. Sanchez is mediocre but have to say id choose him over any of the QBs my chiefs have on their roster. Wouldn’t want tebow unless he’s willing to play fb or te

  2. Regardless of the result of the next two games, Rex needs to be gone next year.

    There is no logic in this QB situation.

    Sanchez is sucking, have Tebow the #2.
    Tebow is hurt (but less than the previous week) so deactivate him, have McElroy be the #2 then pull Sanchez for McElroy.

    Then start Sanchez next game, have Tebow be the #2.

    Sanchez is sucking game but don’t put Tebow in. After the game give McElroy the starting spot and now possibly deactivate Tebow to have Sanchez your number two?!?!?

    I think it’s more than a why did you trade for Tebow; it seems like Rex has a personal vendetta against the kid.

    No need to screw him up even more than before for NO REASON.

    He’s lost my respect. This coming from a Jets fan.

  3. I’m not sure I’ve seen a bigger quarterback mess than this.
    It’s mostly due to the way Ryan has mishandled it.

    The whole thing is comical….

    Bring in Tebow only to forget he’s even on the roster. Give Sanchez the whacky contract extension.
    The only real option they have at quarterback hasn’t even been active for most games.

    I think they should maintain the status-quo, from a coaching standpoint but bring in Rob Ryan to be D coordinator.

    Or… The way Ryan rolls, maybe he can put him in charge of the O line…

    Funny stuff, when you look at it closely.

  4. Probably wont happen but, I hope Tebow goes somewhere & becomes successful. I’d love to see the guy come back & beat the Jets.

  5. just like all the analysts and commentators, terrified that if the play Tebow he might succeed and prove them all wrong. this kid will never get a fair shot. took a horrible team to the playoffs, beat the best defense in the league and got benched for it. not a Tebow fan, but he is getting a raw deal. and they can let jamarcus Russell start for 2 seasons…. ridiculous

  6. Sanchez is horrible and just can’t play.. I know I’m going captain obvious on that but gees that monday night game he had was ridiculous..i don’t think the guy has improved one bit since his rookie year and its not like the guy has played behind a bad oline either…

  7. Can anyone else think of a contract this dumb that blew up this fast?

    At least the Eagles gave themselves an out with Mike Vick…

  8. The sad truth for Tebow and his flock is that both McElroy and Sanchez are considerably better than he is. Good for Rex for correctly assessing his talent and arranging his depth chart accordingly.

  9. Love Tebow or hate him, this is getting absurd/ Why is he even on the roster?

    The owner signed him for an uptick in jersey sales and the coaches publicly support it but privately wont play him.

    Just cut him and see if he catches on somewhere else. The market will dictate his value and he can decide between $ vs playing time.

    Yes, they are paying him to practice and hold a clipboard but not doing wonders for his longevity rotting away as an unknown commodity.

  10. The hoc aches are obviously shopping for their next jobs. Think about it, it’s a lose lose if tebow comes in. If he sucks, they look like idiots for trading for him. If he’s good, they look like morons for not starting him earlier. So start mcfreaking elroy and tank the season while looking for your next job. It’s not like they don’t know that no matter what happens now, Rex and his coaching staff picked Sanchez and Tebow, they are fired regardless. It’s all about their next jobs.

  11. Can we all agree that Tebow, despite all his flaws, deserves better than this?

    The NY Jets are, at this moment, a pretty terrible franchise. Not sure why anybody would want to play there. It’s a poorly run circus.

  12. I guess this will teach Tebow to ever embarrass Rex by beating him in a game. I will root against the Jets from now on for them carrying their vendetta from last season forward this year.

  13. If they are not starting Tebow, regardless of What you think about him he’s actually played and won nfl games, they are doing it for a reason. And that ain’t cause McElroy is Joe Montana.

    Look I don’t even like Tebow, but they knew what they were getting when they traded for him. To not start him now is either caus they would look dumb if he sucked. Or they would look dumb if he won.

    They know they are all fired so why ruin their next salary negotiations.

  14. So no one deserves to lose their job for that great contract extension?!! If woody really gives a dam about his fans he cleans house entirely from top to bottom bits the bullet of the 8.25 mil and starts rebuilding. Maybe a walk across the hall into the blue side for some consultation will work. Never get how the mets and jets are such bad franchises when they have the yankees and giants as neighbors!! Headlines dont win championships!! Guarantee every jet fan alive would rather have a superbowl in the next 5 years then be on the front page of every news outlet on the east coast. Eventually the only thing that will change that dysfunctional franchise is if the fans finally stop buying tickets and merchandise. Fireman ed left already whatelse do they need from their fans to show they are fed up! Cut sanchez fire the gm maybe even the coach and start fresh and show your paying fans you actually want a winning product they can support!!

  15. If he’s lucky he’ll remain a #2 for the Jets or any other team that would be crazy enough to take him. Sanchez days for being a starting QB in the NFL are over, and long over due.

  16. edwinmoses: Your written language skills clearly identify you as an expert regarding the subject of buffoons.

  17. Wow and there are still people talking about the Jets even though they have now been OFFICIALLY been knocked out of the playoffs. Not that this isn’t news but come on people, there is a point where this is too much.

  18. Sparano gets fired. Tebow is cut. Jets see what they have in McElroy. If he shows promise, he competes with Sanchez next year and they draft a mid-round quarterback. If he looks horrid, they trade up and draft a promising rookie. Seattle has shown that benching a guy with a large salary for a roookie. In 2014 the Jets can cut Sanchez. Hey, who knows? Mmmaybe Sanchez responds well to this. Doubtful, but its the NFL.

  19. People who think Sanchez is a #2 qb obviously does not no football. This s because he actually isn’t a QB. He deserves to be a 10th stringer on the worst CFL or AFL team. There is a debate that he may be worse then Ryan Lindley. Never mind thats impossible. This is coming from a very very sad Jet fan. The only “QB” I want returning next yr, as a backup is McElroy.

  20. hey Jets fans how does it feel to know your team is terrible now and will be terrible into the foreseeable future as both Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan will both most likely be back next year. Rex Ryan is an awful head coach who is really nothing more than a career coordinator with a big mouth. Mark Sanchez is as bad or worse than many QB’s on most teams practice squads. Can’t think of two other characters I would rather NOT have associated with my team.

  21. LOL all these no1 no2 jokes making me about to smark sanchez my pants and that meaning depnds on if u think hes no1 no2 or no3 which is sumthing runny n on fire

  22. Actually I really think I get it now! Wordy has told Rex he will def be back next year so rexy is going for the highest draft pick he can get! Wait didn’t they trade that pick for tebow?

  23. Trying to figure out which is worse for the Jets.

    1. Sanchez contract
    2. Trade for Tebow
    3. Belief that McIlroy is any good just because he’s not Sanche or Tebow.

  24. Why bother with #2 ? Cutt his Butt Now. He’ causing a controversy for the starting quarterback. The starter needs to know the coach believes in him and can’t have a vulture sitting on his shoulder if he makes a mistake.
    Sound familiar ?

  25. This whole thing with Tebow, it’s as if they picked him up, just to screw him over. Maybe that’s far fetched but it has certainly felt that way most of the season, and even more so now.

  26. So tired of hearing look what Tebow did with a bad team last year! Have you seen what the broncos are doing with a good QB this year! Tebow was no better than what Miami did with the wild-cat: a one trick pony. It worked for a year. The prob in ny is can you name the starting wr’s on the jets and of course tony s. as a dolphins fan I’m happy the jets are are the talk of the AFC. At seasons start we were the talk about how we have the worst WR in the league and not enough playmakers. After watching both teams this year can you name a player on the jets offense that would be a starter on a playoff team? Thank Tony S for that. I wouldn’t let him run my kids pop-warner team. As a fins fan a feel your pain but thanks for taking some of the heat of my team.

  27. Just something to think about before you run Sanchez out of town. He still has a higher completion percentage and less interceptions than Andrew Luck. The difference is in the number of TD. In this vanilla ran offense where fg are special can we place all the blame on Sanchez

  28. Gotta laugh at the Jets haters. Jets fans know and feel the pain of rooting for them, but the Jets are in the heads of you haters. That’s called obssessed. The Jets should be paying you rent for that space.
    Not to worry, 99.9% of you will be watching the Super Bowl of two other teams, not yours ,as you wipe your potato chip-stained hands on your couches.

  29. McElroy said Sanchez taught him everything he knows, so that’s why Rex figured it would be better to have Sanchez ready in case he needs to teach McElroy anything new during the game.

  30. OK, let’s assume you’re all right. Tim Tebow is the worst quarterback in the history of the game. Now we’re left without an explanation for the 7 victories in Denver last season – You can get lucky every so often, even in the NFL – What you can’t do is get lucky 7 times in one season. Could Sanchez have pulled off those 7 victories in Denver? So how did he do it? Tim’s going to tell you, God did it – and – unless you can come up with a better explanation you’re going to have to go with that. Now, if you can come up with a better explanation, you’re left with no reason not to start him the last two games.

  31. “the Jets are in the heads of you haters”..

    Not true at all.
    It’s the only thing a guy can comment on because it’s all they’ll write about here.

    95% of the country is tired of hearing about it…
    Make it 98%

  32. “Tim’s going to tell you, God did it – “…..

    I really suspect that God has much bigger fish to fry.
    You think He’s worried about who wins a football game?

  33. I know that Rex Ryan doesn’t want to make it look as if the media was right by putting Tim Tebow in, but if you pulled the Starter, why wouldn’t you play your next best option? Regardless how Tebow throws, good or bad, he’s still your best option. What is he afraid of, Tebow succeeding and making the team much better? I don’t care what the media says or how unconventional Tebow’s playing style is, underneath all of that is a winner, the guy that can lead you there. Who cares if the media is right about Tebow causing a QB controversy in NY. You’ve already figured out that Sanchez is not the one, McElroy is nothing but a back-up’s back-up, and that’s all he’ll ever be. Play Tebow, let him loose. Give him the reins and let him take care of business. What do you have to lose? You’re out of the playoffs. Now is the perfect time to test a possible Franchise QB, Tebow.

  34. Why is everyone making such a big deal who the #2 is? This was the first question out of the reporters mouth all week in the pressers. Just to make a story out of nothing cuz it involves the most overrated superstar Tebow. Of course Sanchez would be the #2 cuz he will probably be back next year. Tebow is gone already so why would you make him the backup.

  35. Everyone needs to ease up on Sanchez. He is taking a beating here. He is a competent, smart gamer. I want him in every game doing what he does….
    Go Fins.

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