Cary Williams gambles and, so far, wins


Count Ravens cornerback Cary Williams among the many 2013 free agents who opted to turn down contract offers.  Count Williams among the few who have gambled and, so far, won.

With injuries to Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith thrusting Williams into a leading role, Williams will be worth much more to the team, or to someone else, than the three-year, $15 million offer he rejected before the current season.

Williams says he doesn’t care.

I don’t worry about that type of stuff,” Williams recently said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.  “All of that stuff will take care of itself as long as I’m handling my business.  I can’t do that.  I would be cheating my teammates to be worrying about what’s going on next year instead of worrying about the right now and being in the moment.”

It’s admirable, but he will end up cheating himself if a serious injury in the last two regular-season games or the playoffs results in neither the Ravens nor anyone else offering Williams $15 million over three years, plus whatever extra needs to be added to make up for the looming 4.6-percent tax increase.

12 responses to “Cary Williams gambles and, so far, wins

  1. As a Ravens fan I would strongly disagree with the idea that his gamble has paid off. He might have a few picks this year but he regularly gets beat.

  2. Carey would even do better on another Team. Sometimes Reed will gamble and leave Williams all alone. I don’t think Carey a shut door corner , but pretty good

  3. Echo the sentiments of the other Ravens fans so far. Cary Williams is a good contributor if the secondary is already strong. If not, he gets picked on. In fact, I bet he regrets not signing that contract now.

  4. It was fun watching Eric decker repeatedly beat him last weekend. but it should be more fun to watch some dumb team pay him big money and then watch his collapse

  5. Er, I don’t see every Ravens game living down in Texas and being a Pats fan but the games I do see involve Cary Williams getting abused. I know how frustrating bad cornerback play can be and Williams isn’t ready for prime time with Webb and Smith out. Calling Kyle Arrington, your needed as a stunt double in the Ravens secondary

  6. Ahem err Florio I doubt if you have seen any Ravens game this season. Williams gets readily beat time and time again, if its the fact that he is so far healthy, then you are correct. As to him turning down that contract, well his play on the field has been atrocious, see Decker running by him.

  7. Most inexperienced CBs look bad against top QBs their first games in the NFL. 3 million a year is chump change for CBs that can start. Forget Decker, Manning would have made Webb and Smith look as bad in the same situation.
    BTW, Jimmy Smith looked like he shouldn’t have been starting all along.
    The Ravens gambled that he would not get on the field and other teams would see him starting. They lost. Many teams, like the Raiders and the Buccs, will pay a lot for a descent CB.
    CB and LT are extremely hard to replace in the draft. The Ravens saved 3 mil, but will pay three times that much for an average CB.

  8. Typical Ravens fans not knowing where their talent lies. I bet they blame Williams for Flacco sucking too…

    This guy is an above average corner, and would probably look even better on a team that had some sort of pass rush. The Ravens have failed the last 3 years to get anyone to help Suggs out.

    Also, Ravens fans keep clamoring for Jimmy Smith like he’s done anything. So what if he was a high draft pick. The Ravens have missed on quite a few high draft picks recently. Even if he ends up being good… his health is obviously not guaranteed. And in today’s NFL, 3 good corners is not a bad thing.

    The Ravens money would be better spent on Williams than Flacco, and that’s just fact.

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