Charles Woodson hopes to stay with Packers


Veteran defensive back Charles Woodson, who entered the league way back in 1998, intends to keep playing through at least 2013.

And he hopes to keep playing for the Packers.

“Until somebody tells me I’m not, this is where I plan on playing,” Woodson said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  “I haven’t had that conversation.  If that conversation comes around, it comes around, but as far as I know is, anything that I expect is that I’ll be a Green Bay Packer.  That’s all I have to say about that.”

This year, Woodson has missed seven games and counting with a broken collarbone.  He hopes to return for the regular-season finale at Minnesota, and at the latest for the postseason.

Woodson, who was playing safety in the base defense and slot corner in nickel and dime, arguably has been rendered moot by the development of younger — and cheaper — players.  Woodson is due to earn base salaries of $6.5 million in 2013 and 2014, the final two years of his current deal.

“Whenever the time comes, I know how to play football,” Woodson said. “That’s one thing you don’t [forget].  Just because you have time off, doesn’t mean you forget how to play the game.  I know how to play the game.  I know the defense, and so when that time comes, I’ll be ready.”

In the offseason, he probably needs to be ready to face a request for a pay cut.  And if he’s not ready to take one, he may need to be ready to move on.

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  1. I’d like him back next year if he is willing to take a pay cut. He has turned into a team leader over the years and I still think he’s a better overall player than MD Jennings.

    I have a feeling though Hawk, Walden, Woodson, Saturday, Driver, Jennings, Kuhn, Crosby and Finley are all gone after the season. Opening up plenty of money to lock up Rodgers, Matthews, Raji and Burnett to long term deals.

  2. He’s not getting a paycut and he’s not leaving. Green Bay loves him. Lets not forget, he just won Defensive Player of the Year a couple seasons ago and he’s a flat out playmaker who plays everywhere (including linebacker). He’s the only defensive player in history to win the Heisman and was a huge reason Green Bay won the Superbowl 2 years ago.

    Green Bay’s front office hasn’t forgotten and he’ll definitely be back

  3. Chucky. I had you retiring babes. Great career and all, but your like 49 now or something.
    The team is moving on and lets be honest here, your one of my all time favorites but your play this year when you did play was less than spectacular.
    Don’t be a Mike Tyson or two dozen other guys who stayed beyond their prime. Give it up.

  4. @jhein23,

    I tend to agree with your feelings about who will and will not be back, with the exception of Hawk. MM & TT both seem to like him an awful lot, especially when it comes to running the defense.

    Hawk’s also been steady, albeit not spectacular and while he hasn’t lived up to the expectations of his draft slot, he hasn’t been anywhere near the bust that some people want to make him out to be.

  5. I would love to see Woodson return, but he and Hawk are going to be memories next year, I’m afraid. Ted won’t spend that kind of money on them.

    Woodson deserves the extra year. Hawk not so much. Good on the run; not up to speed on the pass.

  6. I’ve always been a Charles Woodson fan. The Packers would be silly to release him or ask him to restructure. He’s worth every penny he’s owed.

  7. AJ Hawk will definitely not be back unless he’s willing to take a paycut. His cap number is way too high for someone who only plays well against the run. And Thompson has to figure out a way to pay Matthews, Raji, and Shields who will be in the last year of their contracts (not to mention the price Rodgers is going to command). Brad Jones has proven to be more than an adequate fill-in for injured Desmond Bishop and DJ Smith so its a good bet that the money gets spent there instead of with AJ.

  8. Packers can still use Woodson at Safety. They’re deep at CB but McMillian and Jennings aren’t making anyone forget about Nick Collins. Woodson should still be able to play one more year as a Safety, and would have the same “steadying” effect that Hawk has. And he makes a play once in awhile as a bonus.

  9. I’d like to see CW come IF he’s willing to take a pay cut. I’d offer $2M b/c of his injuries but not more than $3M. He’s good player w/great leadership skills. Packers might resign Jennings. W/him being injured they might be able to get him at a discount. Hopefully Hawk will take a pay cut. He’s a good player. Not great but good. Getting rid of Finley is a must!

  10. Woodson is gone and he knows it.
    so is Driver.. Jennings.. and Finley thats how greenbay do there players. ASK Sterling Sharp.. Mark Chumer.. Desmond Howard.. BRETT FARVE.. Andre Rison. the packers turn they back on the’re players.

  11. AJ Hawk is scheduled to make $6.5 million next season I think thats waaaaaay too high for someone who has only caused 1 turnover by himself in his career.

  12. chi01town says: Dec 22, 2012 7:20 PM
    Woodson is gone and he knows it.
    so is Driver.. Jennings.. and Finley thats how greenbay do there players. ASK Sterling Sharp.. Mark Chumer.. Desmond Howard.. BRETT FARVE.. Andre Rison. the packers turn they back on the’re players.
    Typical Chicago Moron!
    Sharpe retired due to a neck injury! They cut him to save him from himself, just like Collins! Chmura(which you can’t even spell) was cut for a statutory rape charge that was later dropped! Desmond Howard took Al Davis’ money and split, he was brought back after the Raiders cut him! Brett Favre Retired, then came back and quit on the Jets, and then came back again, screw Favre! Andre Rison, LOL, he was Andre Rison! Anyone else you’d like to bring up that you know nothing about Bozo?

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