Falcons capitalize on Lions’ mistakes


The Lions, as they so often do, made some early mistakes on Saturday night. And the Falcons, as they so often do, capitalized when given an opportunity to take a lead.

The biggest mistake for Detroit was a fumble by running back Mikel Leshoure one play after a Calvin Johnson 49-yard catch-and-run had the Lions rolling. The Falcons recovered, and on their ensuing possession, Matt Ryan hit Roddy White deep down the sideline for a 44-yard touchdown.

Lions cornerback Chris Houston, who said this week that he’s looking forward to testing the free agency market, was the cornerback who got burned by White on the play. Houston might want to stop talking about how he’s looking to cash in on a new contract after the season and start focusing on doing his job during the final two games of the season.

Other mistakes for the Lions included an offside penalty on Ndamukong Suh, and having to use their first timeout after their first offensive play.

Johnson is, as usual, having a great game, and he’s closing in on Jerry Rice’s all-time single-season receiving record. But the rest of the Lions are having a miserable game, and the Falcons have taken an early 7-3 lead.

10 responses to “Falcons capitalize on Lions’ mistakes

  1. They play like a team who packed it in a long time ago. Its almost scary to think how bad they would be if they didnt have Calvin Johnson

  2. While watching this game I keep thinking about how everyone (mostly everyone) keeps saying the falcons are regular season contenders and playoff pretenders but I think this year could prove otherwise (granted that defense better tighten up a little) the offense can keep up with any other offense and then some! Every team has a letdown or two and the falcons are no exception to that (Carolina and New Orleans) but they are getting hot at the right time! Lets go Falcons! RISE UP!!!!! I hope they meet the redskins in the playoffs and knock (though nothing serious) RG3 out again! I love watching him play but fans like voiceoflogic or whatever his name is make me root against him!

  3. We’re all looking forward to you testing the free agent market Houston …
    and if some team is desperate enough to sign you see if they will take a couple of coordinators with you because Linehan and Cunningham both have to go!

  4. He’s a nice guy… He wants to play… He’s a competitor and one of the best college players ever… He just doesn’t have nfl style talent. I’ve seen him throw enough ducks into bad decisions to know he doesn’t have what it takes upstairs or physically. Most people don’t… Its not a dig or anything to be ashamed of… He just doesn’t have “it”.

  5. WOW…that Leshoure fumble was a prime example of how Megatron’s talents are being wasted on this incredibly undisciplined team…

    Mega fumbled soon after you posted this. Physical mistakes happen. It is part of the game. The real story is the mental mistakes which are a product of Schwartz. He is easily the worst coach in the league. He didn’t prepare or have his staff prepare for a Safety Kickoff / Punt.

    The headline should read ” Falcons capitalize on Schwartz mistakes”. He has first and goal from the two and throws three times and then kicks a FG when behind by two TDs? When your RB (Leshoure) punches it in regularly from short distance? CLUELESS!

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