Griffin has a far better than “very good chance” of playing


The link at’s NFL landing page blares that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has a “very good chance” of playing on Sunday.  That comes from a quote in the Associated Press blurb from coach Mike Shanahan, who added one more “very” when describing Griffin’s status.

But here’s the reality.  By applying on Friday the “probable” designation to Griffin, the Redskins officially have said that there is a virtual certainty Griffin will be available for normal duty.

It’s one of the most common misconceptions regarding the injury report.  “Probable” doesn’t mean that there’s a 75-percent chance the player will play.  It’s much, much closer to 100 percent, and rarely does a player slide from probable to out.Actually, it’s very rarely.  Very, very rarely.But, hey, if folks only think there’s a “very good chance” Griffin will play and not a virtual certainty, they’ll keep checking for updates on his status.On further review, forget everything I just wrote.  There’s only a “very good chance” Griffin will play.

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  1. Poor RG3. Great player, good QB – exceptional person. Unfortunately the media establishment has chosen him as Jesus. Making him into something he really isn’t right now – a great QB. Hope he overcomes all the out of control expectations. right now his chances are 50/50 at best. Just too many things that can go wrong since the world has artificially put him on top already.

  2. He better start. I’ve got Palmer on my bench and I’m playing for the championship this week. I need RGIII to get me that victory

  3. Oh good god! He’s playing. We get it. Stop with the reality show “will he or won’t he” cr@p.

  4. Who cares….every year he plays..we are going to see at least 6to8 articles like this on him, can or cant he play….Luck is better!!!

  5. To those saying Luck is better: why? For that matter, what shows that either is better than the other, at this point? Why can’t we just enjoy them both? Are the Colts a better team than the Redskins? Maybe. But as far as individual comparison goes, has RGIII not shown that he can do everything Luck can, and maybe even a few things that he can’t? And does that even tell the whole story? We’re witnessing two legends being born, IMO. Lets just sit back, shut up, and enjoy the show.

  6. “Poor RG3. Great player, good QB – exceptional person. Unfortunately the media establishment has chosen him as Jesus. Making him into something he really isn’t right now – a great QB.”


    If you don’t think he has been a top 10 QB this season, you have not been paying attention. In fact, I would argue he could be placed top 5. His completion % on throws 11 or more yards down the field is ridiculous.

  7. If the Redskins are just assuming they’re going to blow out Philly like their fans are, then they’re in trouble. This one has upset written all over it.

  8. footballfan01 says:
    Dec 22, 2012 1:39 PM
    Luck is better.

    Based off of what? The fact that you are a Colts fan? Looks at the stats. RG3 is far better statistically and seems to have more upside. What say you?

  9. With the burgundy and gold hat and the spell he’s cast on the league this year… RG3 is Grffindor like Harry Potter. Getting the Redskins to the playoffs this year, from where they were last year? Magical.

  10. What have we got here ? Eagles last home game of the season, nothing to gain or loose, RG III and the Skins at the “Linc”. If I was a Skins fan I would be fearful at the least or scared at the most. If the Birds decide to play STUFF just may……..

  11. ……….and it’s MR. Griffin III, to all of you haters. Recognize and acknowledge excellence when it is before your eyes.

  12. The eagles have been excellent in the division over the years. They will expose this college offense for what it is and humble the most overhyped and overrated team in the nfl.

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