Jags finish three straight years with no blackouts

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With more than a few teams continuously facing an inability to sell out all (or, in some cities, to sell at least 85 percent) of the non-premium seats, the Jaguars aren’t.

The franchise will be completing its third straight season without a local blackout.  More importantly, the Jags are pulling it off this year without having to buy any of the tickets in order to ensure a single sellout.

“People who think we’re at the bottom of the table in the NFL, that’s just not true,” team president Mark Lamping tells the Florida Times-Union.

From a wins-and-losses perspective, the Jags share the lower rung with the Chiefs, at 2-12.  But the fans have supported the team unconditionally.
“I’m very proud of the way the organization has responded to some of the challenges we’ve put in front of them and the fan response has been unbelievable,” Lamping said.  “If we were performing as well as our fans, we would be having a banner year.”
Of course, fans in few cities will support a two-win team indefinitely.  In Jacksonville, the excitement of a new owner who is committed to the building up the area has helped create a short-term push.  For long-term success, the team needs to compete for a playoff berth at least once every five years, if not more often.
That will be the next challenge for Shahid Khan.  And it could result in changes to the front office or coaching staff.  Lamping made clear, however, that football isn’t within his job duties.
“Shad is working that,” Lamping said. “I’m focused on the business side.”
Lamping should be grateful this week for that, with a team like the Patriots coming to town.  He also should be grateful for the fact that ticket interest from Pats fans has helped the Jags partially remove the tarps, selling an extra 2,600 tickets.
Also helping Lamping on the business side over the next four years is that, with one home game per played in London.  With a 12.5-percent reduction in annual inventory, it’ll be even easier to sell tickets.

19 responses to “Jags finish three straight years with no blackouts

  1. Football is being supported in NE Florida. Now if we could just get a QB, pretty much an entirely new o-line and defense, and most importantly, a new GM.

  2. And they owe a great deal of thanks to the fine people at Tarps R us.
    Seriously that is fairly impressive with the horrible teams they have had over the last few years.

  3. They have tarps because its one of the biggest stadiums in the NFL and those tarps only cover the 4 upper corners.
    Tampa, Miami and Oakland would love to get the attendance that the Jags do.
    Everbank actually does have a great atmosphere in it, especially with the Bud Light Zone in the south endzone. Now those fans deserve a good team to cheer for and Khan will eventually lead them back there.

  4. Credit to J’ville Nation for supporting a team that has given their fan base little to cheer about for a lonnnnng time.

    In San Diego, where we have virtually ideal postcard perfect weather — the stadium often is loaded with fans disguised as empty seats. It’s pretty bad.

    For instance, when the Steelers come to town, the stadium is packed. But even then, the Charger players gripe publicly (see the Union Trib post Steelers v. Chargers) and privately (I’ve hung out with some of the DBs and WRs over the years). The nature of their gripe is they resent it when their home games basically turn into a home field disadvantage when Pittsburgh comes to town, and the crowd is like 60/40 Pittsburgh (the tailgates are Black & Gold off-the-charts.

  5. Move to LA or London?

    Critics, get your hands off this team!!!

    Their fans are loyal and deserve a team!!!

    Although I do want a team there, Los Angeles will never have a team. Sorry! The momentum is dead and teams re-up with their home Cities. Plus, the NFL-to-LA talk is like the subject that is too frequently talked about to the point where the action can’t come to fruition.

    LA is like Tim Tebow. So much talk and nothing happened. LA won’t have football or the Jags; same with Tebow.

  6. The tarps they use are no different than the seats on rollers the Cardinals use. They also bring the seating capacity close to that of most NFL stadiums.

    Even at 2-12, the Jaguars have better attendance than 11 other NFL teams. That includes teams in playoff contention and the two other teams in Florida.

    Hopefully this offseason, the team will get a competent GM and a coaching staff that will run an offense from the 21st century.

  7. Tarps or no tarps, it really is a remarkable achievement. I remember just a few years ago people saying that Jacksonville was just a bad market for football. That the team was doomed to financial failure and that it would inevitably be moved elsewhere. Congrats to both the team and the city for proving them wrong.

  8. @redskins8310

    Where have you been during the last decade? No seriously, where have the Redskins been?

    The Jags have won more games over the past ten years than the ‘Skins.

  9. @jvillenole I find it amusing that a Redskin fan makes fun of jax. They had to reduce capacity and everytime they host a game there are more fans of the other team. That last game against the Giants was like a home game for the Giants. Remember a Mon night Steeler game there a few years ago as well. That was embarrassing. Redskin fans were irate over the number of terrible towels.

  10. I wonder how many average NFL fans would guess that, after the Niners, the Jags have by far the next best fan base in Florida and California combined. Sorry Bucs, Dolphins, Chargers, and Raiders fans.

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