Jaws thinks Vick can still be a quality starter

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The guy who currently wears No. 7 for the Eagles thinks he can still play quarterback at a high level.  The guy who used to wear No. 7 for the Eagles agrees.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski on Friday told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning that Vick “absolutely” could still be a good starting quarterback.

“You can’t take away the interceptions, the fumbles, the turnovers,” Jaworski said, via the Eagles’ website.  “But if you look at his improvement from last year to this year; you look at the improvement from 2010 to 2011 to 2012, I saw significant improvement in Michael Vick’s game.  I still believe there’s quality play left in Michael Vick.”

Few would regard the difference in Vick’s play from 2010 to 2011 or 2012 as improvement.  Still, it’s curious, to say the least, that the Eagles’ official website would be parroting such praise for a quarterback who widely is believed to be on his way out of town.

“He still has incredible value to the Philadelphia Eagles,” Jaworski said.

For the Eagles, “incredible value” doesn’t mean that they’ll pay him more than $15 million for 2013.  Even if the next coach wants to keep Vick, he would have to be willing to take a significant reduction to stick around.

25 responses to “Jaws thinks Vick can still be a quality starter

  1. Jaworski is about as useful for good QB analysis as Mike Vick is for QB play.

    They’re both terrible, and world be better with new jobs.

  2. Jaws took too many shots to the head if he believes that. Vick makes poor decisions consistently and is a turnover machine. He has no pocket presence, just starts running around the backfield like a chicken that had its head cut off.

  3. He can be if placed in a situation like Russell Wilson. It’s a predominant running team in Seattle, but off bootlegs, play-action, or outside the pocket he could launch deep balls if he has home run WRs.

  4. Vick had great success in Atlanta at least one year when he had a big tight end and tall receivers in White and (can’t remember his name). He also had Lightning and thunder at rb. That’s when he was great. Even while he put little preparation in.

    Put him on a similar team now? With his greater dedication and less mobility, if he can put the past of running past defenders and let those around him shine, dude could lead a team to dangerous heights.

  5. Vick needs to change his game plus the o has to play to his strengths…roll outs, option/spread…Vick like Jay Cutler takes way too many hits outside the pocket…get out of bounds fellas! Oh ya..and taking the check down or pitching the rock out of bounds is not necessarily a bad thing boyz.. Vick may be the only way the Jets can get to the playoffs next year…at least they have a decent oline too.

  6. If Mike Vick is not worth 15 million dollars than Matt Schaub, Tony Romo and Joe Flacco are not worth 14 million nor is Jay Cutler, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Stafford worth 13 million.
    Alot of quarterbacks who are not and will not become elite quarterbacks should take a paycut.
    Post a list of all 32 starting quarterbacks and their salaries so we can have a real discussion about this.
    How come Phillip Rivers is getting a pass from the media when he has performed worse than Vick all season? Is it really all Norv’s fault?
    What has Jay Cutler ever done to deserve 13 million?
    I am not a Vick fan but I watch bad quarterbacks on losing teams every week and Vick is not the only one who needs a paycut?

  7. Jaworski is to quarterbacks what the NRA is to gun owners…
    ESPN’s 30-year obsession with quarterbacks is just plain creepy.

  8. Jaws knows the kind of bidding war from a bunch of teams that’s bound to occur in the pursuit for Michael’s services. He’s putting this out there so the Eagles really make out on a deal, getting high draft picks – that’s right – picks, because they are giving up their whole offense practically, in such a stellar player.

  9. “Vick had great success in Atlanta ”

    Seriously? He won 2 of 4 playoff games in Atlanta. He got 2 coaches fired with his “great success”, he played all 16 games in a season one time. He’s never had back to back winning seasons. He’s been a turnover machine his whole career. Since 2009 he’s been playing for one of the premier QB friendly head coaches in all of football. Remember Detmer, Feeley, Garcia?? All of them inproved their play under Reid, except for 4-5 games in 2010, Vick has never improved or changed his game. He’s been in the league since 2001 & still cannot read a blitz or read defensive coverages.

    He’s a “great” failure is what he is.

  10. rajbais says:
    Dec 22, 2012 10:20 AM
    He can be if placed in a situation like Russell Wilson. It’s a predominant running team in Seattle, but off bootlegs, play-action, or outside the pocket he could launch deep balls if he has home run WRs.
    Wilson is intelligent and accurate, two things Vick has never been nor ever will be. Vick has always gotten way, way too much credit from people considering his actual accomplishments.

  11. Vick has never been more than a below average starter.
    56% completion rate. 122 tds against 166 turnovers.

    He’s NEVER been any more than a few highlight clips for ESPN.

    Not a quality starter.

  12. Technically, Jaws is right – when you look at NFL starters like Kolb, Skelton, Lindley, Ponder, Sanchez, Weedon, Garrett, Fitzpatrick, Locker… Vick IS quality in comparison.

  13. Jaws is too entrenched now as ‘establishment’ media. Conventional wisdom thinking. Vick was a questionable decision maker in his prime. He’s nowhere near starting QB material anymore. Eagles got sucked in. Should have looked at Atlanta 2-4 years before he left versus immediately after. That alone would have told you all you need to know about Vick as a ‘starting’ NFL QB.

  14. Compare Vick’s career numbers to Kordell Stewart and they are not that different. The difference is Vick got non stop hype from Espn.

    Sure Vick looks like a great player when sportscenter only shows you his 5 good plays each week. They don’t show the 40 other plays where he misread the defense.

  15. It just goes to show that just because you played football, it doesnt mean you know anything about talent. Thanks for making that abundantly clear, Jaws.

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