QB guru thinks he can turn Tim Tebow into an NFL starter


George Whitfield, the quarterback guru whom several NFL starters have credited with helping them improve as passers, is hoping to take on another client this offseason: Tim Tebow.

Whitfield told USA Today that, despite this year’s debacle with the Jets, Tebow can still become an NFL starter — if he does the hard work necessary to change his throwing motion.

“It’s doable,” Whitfield said. “And I absolutely believe it can be done, and I would absolutely go in with him on it. He is going to have to make the decision to morph to the position — to re-engineer himself skill-set-wise to quarterback. Footwork-wise, hip-generated throws, throwing up over defenders, it can be engineered.”

Tebow’s throwing motion has been dissected — and almost universally panned by experts on quarterbacks’ mechanics — since he was at Florida. Tebow has had four different NFL head coaches and multiple coordinators and position coaches, but Whitfield apparently thinks he can improve Tebow in a way none of his other coaches have.

The Jets are likely to release Tebow after the season, and at this point, not only would no NFL team sign Tebow as its starter, but it’s entirely possible that the only team interested in him as a backup would be Jacksonville, which would want him more for what he can do at the box office than what he can do on the field. If Whitfield sees a quality NFL starter in Tebow, it seems that he sees something few others see.

83 responses to “QB guru thinks he can turn Tim Tebow into an NFL starter

  1. You just knew there would be someone who believes he can make Tebow an NFL QB. But Whitfield also charges a small fortune for his services. Talking about throwing good money after bad!

  2. Perhaps Tim should sit out next year and work an entire year with Whitfield and try to compete for a job in 2014. Warden Moon spent years in the CFL before his hall of fame career (obviously under much different circumstances, racism) so Tim has time.

  3. Oh puhleeze……….

    Tebow is never going to be even a decent NFL QB. I mean…. seriously…. it’s not like he hasn’t already gotten NFL-level QB coaching already, because he has. And Whitfield’s pupils tended to already be established NFL QB’s, not guys who have yet to prove they can do the job.

    Tebow’s options are really limited: go to the CFL and prove himself up there, or change positions. But if I were any NFL team, I’d be wondering if Tebow is really in it to help a team by playing any position asked (he’d be a great TE) or in it only for himself and to keep trying to prove he can be a NFL QB.

  4. “Tebow beat the Steelers in the playoffs.”

    I thought Fotball was/is a team game? Tebow didn’t beat the Steelers, The Broncos beat the Steelers.

  5. Stop this Tebow to the CFL talk!

    The CFL is a pass first league, the one thing Tebow can’t do well.

    Secondly, the CFL plays defense with one extra DB. Meaning it’s harder for the QB to recognize what the defense is doing, and that is the second thing Tebow can’t do. Read defenses.

  6. I like Tim. However, I like many others, do not feel he has a future as a QB in this league.

    Tim Tebow needs to either workout with this guy, he’s got the money to pay for it, or be willing to shift positions.

    I want Tim to have a successful career. In order for that to happen, he really is going to have to understand that his skill set, as it stands now, will not give him another chance at what he wants. Whether its pride or just confidence, he has to understand he needs help. I hope he does this workout with Whitfield. It can only make him better.

  7. One offseason is really gonna change how he had thrown his entire life! Pretty sure people have tried changing his throwing before

  8. The Cardinals should offer Whitfield 10 million per year to be their QB Coach. It would be cheaper in the long run.

  9. “Jacksonville, which would want him more for what he can do at the box office than what he can do on the field.”

    at 2-12 I’m thinking Jacksonville will need him for both. Kid can win, it may not always be pretty but he does win…

  10. Was Tiger Woods Awesome? How many times did he re-do his swing? 2? 3 times?. If Tim puts the work in, he can do it. His problem is the fact that his first priority, right or wrong, is not football. To compete at this level, at the most key position, and be successful, football has to be #1 barring everything else. There are few “naturals”. Manning isn’t a natural. He works his butt off. I’m sure Brady does too, when he’s not being Horse face’s dress up doll. The kid is a winner but I’m not sure he has the right mind set for this level of football. The window for a person’s pro career so he better get his butt in gear.

  11. You know the NFL talks of expansion to Europe why don’t they acquire the CFL or merge or whatever already have a fan base and actual teams and stadiums. Has nothing really to do with this article but just a thought. Now relating to this article why hasn’t he worked on his mechanics or has he? Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’d like for him to prove me wrong but it’s a long shot. Also Tebow replaced Orton last year and I feel Orton is a better passer and QB than Sanchez why haven’t the Jets given him a shot?

  12. QB guru thinks he can turn Tim Tebow into an NFL starter
    Yeah, and I can turn my wife into a Super Model!

  13. Why do people think he would be a NFL quality TE? Because he has ok size and ok athleticism for TE? We know nothing about his ability to make tough catches and we know he knows very little about route running, blocking, or any of the finer points of playing TE.
    His only shot is as a gimmick utility player IMHO, and that is not worth the circus that comes with him.

  14. Sigh. I really want to hate Tebow-really I do, but I just cannot. If it’s possible to feel sorry for someone who has made millions for not much production, I guess he would fall into that case with me. He tries, he says all the right things, and I doubt you will see him photographed with a porn starlet anytime soon.

    If he is smart, he will take his cut from the NYJ and be on the first plane to JAX and offer to play for the Jaguars for anything they will give him. At least there, the fan pressure will be on for the team to make whatever they can out of him which will be a much better opportunity than he may find anywhere else in the league at this point. Good luck to him anyway as despite his sometime annoying religious stuff, he at heart seems like a good dude.

  15. It always seemed to me that Tebow played best when he played instinctively, and played his worst when he was trying to run scripted plays. I realize I’m a layman, with not even a fraction of the knowledge of the game that college and NFL coaches possess, but it just looked like Tebow was struggling to process all the information early in games (reading the defenses, remembering plays, going through progressions, thinking about footwork, thrusting mechanics, etc), but then late in the game, he’d stop trying to run plays, and simply make plays based on pure instinct and athleticism. Maybe some extended time studying a playbook and working on mechanics without the distraction of specific gameplans and playing time could get him to the point where a more standard NFL playbook could be second nature to him, but I suspect he’ll always struggle to run a conventional offense.

  16. I completely agree. With time and the the opportunity to consistently start, he could be a high quality starter. But he’s not been a situation where he can develop.

  17. is like to see this guy improve and become a success story. I know the media has been shoving him down our throats but that is no fault of his. The kid has a big heart and is exactly the role model the NFL needs as a starter. Do I want him in my team? No, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see him succeed somewhere.

  18. *OR*

    …they could draft a QB with all the skills already who just needs to learn to read defenses…

  19. *OR*

    …they could draft a QB with all the skills already who just needs to learn to read defenses…


    Yeah cause that has worked out real well for the Jags in 2011. Bring in Tebow and let him do what he do!! Go Jags!

  20. Whitfield prepared Newton for the draft in 2011, and Cam looked horrible during that period of time. He was great in college before he ran afoul of Whitfield, then he was great in the NFL after he dumped Whitfield. But during the leadup to the draft he stunk. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

  21. Tebow can surely become a starter again. To become better at your job, your best bet to succeed is to practice over and over, and that is one thing you can’t take away from Tebow, he puts 110%into everything. His throwing motion may need to be worked on, along with stepping up on his throws, but he pretty much has everything else down. He is a leader and a winner, two things that are hard to come by.

  22. Can’t say anything bad here. Tim is a good guy, hope he does improve but at the end of the day he’s a millionaire and the ppl dissin him on here are not.

  23. frankietwothumbs says:
    Dec 22, 2012 2:33 PM
    Why do people think he would be a NFL quality TE? Because he has ok size and ok athleticism for TE? We know nothing about his ability to make tough catches and we know he knows very little about route running, blocking, or any of the finer points of playing TE.

    Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham never even played college football.

  24. Whifield is overrated, Tebow will be fine. They said all the same things in Denver about him that they are saying now. Then they put him on the field.

    But the “guru” is just a pompous blowhard little fatty who never make it past the Arena League.

  25. Why is he speaking up now? We all knew Tebow had poor mechanics coming out of college, besides what team is going to want the Tebow side show.

  26. It’s funny to hear people say that tebow beat the steelers in the playoffs. I guess tebow threw the stuff arm on Ike Taylor and then sprinted 50 more yards for a touchdown. Oh wait, no…tebow threw a pass in one on one coverage to a 6’4″ 225 lb freak who runs a 4.3 forty yard dash. Not to mention that there was 8 guys in the box with a safety blitzing. I think the time of tebow riding the coat tails of other denver studs needs to stop. He’s never been, never will be, and can only keep dreaming about being an nfl caliber starting qb.

  27. Whitfield says he can “fix” Tebow. Anyone else see the irony that no one apparently asked him about “fixing” Sanchez?

  28. Tebow may have had multiple coaches but only 1 of them was willing to work with him and that was McDaniels. fox did not want to play him until he thought making the playoffs was impossible and elway and him put him out there hoping he would fail so they would not have to hear the fans chant for him. funny thing was the broncos won! it was worth watching their games just to see the looks on their faces when he led them to victory. they couldn’t stand it. and ryan never wanted him with the jets and only had him work with a limited running package that was going to help him be a better qb how? he will never be a nfl qb because nobody will give him the chance and work with him,who know working with this guy might help him but somebody would have to be willing to give him a fair shot to find out if it helped him. make fun of the steelers win all you want but he did not have a problem passing that game.

  29. There’s really only 1 team that could use this guy the proper way and that’s the new England patriots.

    But he will likely to to Jax and flounder.

    I don’t think that this guy is a lost cause at all. He has football skills.

    Side note, semi-related… I can see mcdaniels going to Cleveland, trading for mallett, the pats getting draft pics, the pats hiring tebow and working him in various formations over the next few years (TE, RB, etc), all the while grooming some other qb for the future.

    All while Sanchez completely disappears by the way.

  30. Let me see……This would make QB
    guru #6???? that has said the same thing. Every year at this time another QB Guru appears who holds the key to turning Tim into a starting quality QB. Surely he must be getting to the end of the list of self-proclaimed QB Gurus by now. Strange that so far none of them have been able to do it.

  31. metalhead:
    Tebow “did not have a problem passing that game” because the Steelers’ defense spent the entire afternoon in a “run-stop” mode.
    That win was the Broncos’ lone victory over the final five games of Tebow’s career in Denver. If Fox and Elway were, in fact, “hoping” Tebow would fail, their hopes became reality…
    How come all you Tebowers never mention his putrid performance the next week against New England, a team that featured an horrendous defense?
    NFL coaches aren’t paid to give private tutoring lessons to the QB-challenged.

  32. hey bobzilla1001, we mention that game because according to you people who hate him he can’t throw. it should not matter what coverage they were in, he got him the ball didn’t he? no he did not have a good game against the pats but what about that vaunted defense of the broncos you Tebow haters like to say were responsible for the broncos wins and not Tebow? Brady did not seem to have any problem against them did he? according to you it was the defense that got credit for the wins but all Tebow’s fault when they lost, sorry does not work that way. it was the same team that was 1-4 when he took over so if they were that good before he became the starter why did they suck?

  33. (1) He was already a starter. So, unless he plans on turning back time and doing this before Tebow unseated Orton, than it’s a moot point.

    (2) It’s not a matter of “if”. We all know it can be done, in theory, but that doesn’t mean he will ever amount to anything. And why spend that much time on him? There are better projects out there.

    (3) Why does a backup QB get so much media attention? He has done nothing outside of his college career to warrant this non-stop media drool fest.

  34. People seem to forget that Tebow hired one of these guys before the draft and he completely changed his mechanics to the point where Tebow actually looked like an NFL QB during his pre-draft workouts.

    Then as soon as he got on the field at training camp, he reverted back to his old mechanics.

  35. If Tebow takes a year off to just practice his new mechanics and isn’t forced to drop his new technique in a game and revert back to his typical style he would be more likely to learn the new mechanics. I would hope he takes a year off and then plays in the CFL or arena league to work on his new mechanics before he tries the NFL again.

  36. Done nothing outside of college? Were you not glued to Primetime watching Tebow bring the Broncos back from a deficit in the 4th quarter to win with his legs AND his arm for about 8 weeks in a row including the Steelers, at Pittsburgh, in the playoffs. He would/should start for the Bears, Vikings, Jaguars, Eagles, Raiders, Jets, Dolphins, Ravens, Cardinals, Titans, Chiefs, Bills, and maybe the Browns.

  37. The kid won some hard games in Denver, and then engineered a playoff win. Then he went to the armpit of the NFL and has shut his mouth and accepted his role. He is not a pretty thrower, but who cares about looks? The guy can MAKE plays, and is a good role model.

  38. tebows record as a bronco starting qb was 8 – 8 here is a list of qbs he can replace based on record
    carson palmer , matt cassel , blain gabert philip rivers christan ponder , ryan fitzpatrick , kevin kolb jake locker , mike vick ,,and of course sanchez off the top of my head those are qbs with way worse records the tebow this season

  39. Does any have a list of some QBs that Whitfield worked with?

    Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Phillip Rivers, Landry Jones, Logan Thomas, Tajh Boyd, E.J. Manuel and Johnny Manziel are some that I know Whitfield has worked with.

  40. BCrew – can you please explain to me how Tebow “engineered a playoff win”? The defense bailed him out of a bunch of close games. That’s all.

  41. cubsisles-

    I also watched him get blown out by the Lions, The Bills and the Patriots (twice). And the Patriots defense was horrible last year.

    And the playoff game was in Denver, BTW.

  42. I will take Tebow over Batch & Leftwich at this point of their careers.

    btw, its funny to see raven fans tease steelers fans about Tebow beating Big Ben in the playoffs, while they are still waiting for Flacco to do it.

  43. metalhead:
    I have no strong feelings about Tebow one way or the other. He is irrelevant.
    However, I get a little tired of hearing people like you crow that he can throw because he won a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even a blind squirrel finds the acorn once in a while…
    If Tebow could actually “throw,” seems to me he’d have more than just one 300-yard game on his NFL resume. Quarterbacks who can throw, you know, usually do it more than ONCE.
    Once is not a trend…

  44. I don’t get it, the man started in Denver and got them into the playoffs. Hell, didn’t they take the division? I am not some Tebow fanboy, but I recognize a clear difference between a prototypical NFL quarterback, and a football player. Tebow is a football player, and he knows how to win.

  45. Because a plethora of coaches will believe they can be “the one” to turn Tebow into a talented starter, he will have a long and profitable, if less than illustrious, NFL career.

  46. I do not understand why Tim insists on being a QB….he has the physical tools and the heart to be an impact player @ Fullback, H back, Tight End or even Linebacker. He could be an All Pro Special Teams player….come on Bill….bring him to NE for EVERYTHING else…..he can play….just not QB!

  47. Tebow has a great attitude and a great work ethic. But his skill set doesn’t match with an NFL QB. I’ve wondered since he came into the league why someone hasn’t turned him into a tight end. He understands routes and blocking schemes, to some degree, b/c of playing QB; he has a big body, pretty good hands, and running skill. If Matt Jones, that knucklehead from Arkansas – the one who did crack – can transition from QB to WR, I’m sure Tebow can be a TE.

  48. If everything goes perfect, Tebow can win in the NFL. Then again, anyone can wi. If it all went right for them.

  49. He doesn’t need to change his throwing motion or anything else. Just let the guy play, he’ll win you games.

    Put some talent around him, he’ll be okay!

    He’s honestly not that different from Roethlisberger. Ben is not, and has never been the most accurate. He buys time, then hits the guy who gets open. And Tebow can definitely run better than Ben.

    Give him some receivers like Wallace, Brown, and Sanders… a reliable tight end like Miller, and a defense like the Steelers used to have, and Tebow could probably win a Super Bowl

  50. Whitfield also said he could turn Landry Jones into a first round pick. How is that working out George?

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