Report: Tim Tebow playing next year for Jaguars “a virtual certainty”


When the Broncos put Tim Tebow on the trade block in March, only the Jets and the Jaguars were interested. The Jets ended up with him, but are widely expected to send him packing this offseason.

That leaves the Jaguars as perhaps the only team in the NFL that wants Tebow.

In fact, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that it’s “a virtual certainty” that Tebow will play for the Jaguars in 2013. Mortensen says Jaguars owner Shad Khan still wants Tebow in Jacksonville, just as he did in March, and this time Khan is likely to get his man.

From a business perspective, it makes a lot of sense. Tebow is probably Florida’s most popular athlete, and acquiring him would be a major boost for a team that has often struggled to sell tickets. It’s no surprise that Khan thinks having Tebow in the fold would be good for his bottom line.

The question is whether it makes sense from a football perspective. The Jaguars don’t have a clear-cut starter at quarterback, so adding someone who has started and won games would seem to be a wise decision. But would Tebow be able to develop into a long-term franchise quarterback? Or would the presence of Tebow serve as a distraction to the Jaguars’ efforts to get a long-term franchise quarterback in place?

The risk of distraction is real, but it’s apparently a risk Khan is willing to take.

99 responses to “Report: Tim Tebow playing next year for Jaguars “a virtual certainty”

  1. For the Jets, there’s no loss- they’re dropping a player they hardly used anyway, and was more of a distraction than anything.

    For Khan and the Jaguars, there’s no real risk- if the doesn’t work out, they won’t have had to give up much to get him, and if he doesn’t work out then they’re not any worse off than they are now.

    And for Tebow, what better place to get things back on track (likely his last chance to do so) than right back where he started?

    Makes a lot of sense. The real shame is that he lost a year on the mess in New York.

  2. Well, LeBron might argue that, with 3x the Twitter followers than Tim Tebow and endorsements for life, LeBron is Florida’s most popular athlete.

  3. As a Jags fan before this year, I said no way! After the stinker of a year, I say why not? He has a the qualities you want in a young man, teammate and leader, give the guy a shot.

  4. Brilliant for the Jags. This QB class sucks, so get Tebow, sell some tickets next year, with Tebow you’ll suck so much that the first pick in 2014 is assured and then you can draft your QB of the future in 2014.

  5. At the end of the day Tebow is best used to deepen the pockets of the owners. This is the reason Woody Johnson wanted him on the Jets, with the media market that is NY, Woody Johnson knew it would greatly benefit his pockets without caring out the product on the field.

    The same goes in hand for Shad Khan, the Jaguars problems are greater than a quarterback, but that doesn’t matter as long the owner sees a profit into the money they put in to purchase the Jaguars. If this is true you have two young quarterbacks who are average at best and a retread head coach creating the same product they had this year.

  6. We aren’t even done with the 2012 Regular season and I’m already sick of hearing all this 2013 Tim Tebow speculation.

  7. ESPN and other forms of media need to realize that the real NFL does not care about Tim Tebow. The fact of the matter is that he is just not a capable QB at this level so lets stop talking about him.

  8. This is the beginning of the end!!! Finally, a Tebow decision that makes sense. Not football sense, but whatever, it’s better than the other decisions people have been making with Tebow.

  9. Michael, read Florida article for early today. We have no reason to root for a “boost in ticket sales”. We are just as horrible without him. If he’s a jag I cancel my season tickets

  10. Now Tim needs to throw 100K passes during this offseason to work on his technique, fundamentals and accuracy to win the starting job. This is probably his last oppurtunity at being a starting quarterback. I am not a Tebow fan but I wish him well.

  11. Would Tebow really be that much of a risk for the Jags? I doubt they’ll be giving up much if anything to get him, and besides, this years draft seems really weak on QB’s.

    The only real negative I can see is all of the attention Tebow brings… but honestly, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve heard the Jags mentioned on sportscenter, they could use a a few more mentions

  12. This dosent make any sense to me. How do you say we have a problem selling tickets when you guys just wrote an article saying we havent had a blackout in three years, and this year ownership hasnt even bought tickets.

  13. I’m excited for him, and for him to have a chance to play AND play for a team that WANTS him to succeed.

    I hope he plays well, and things turn around for the Jags as well. I remember when the Jags and Ravens were good rivals! Like to see them play hard smash mouth football again. I think Tim will be a good quarterback if they center an offense around his skill-sets.

  14. “Well, LeBron might argue that, with 3x the Twitter followers than Tim Tebow and endorsements for life, LeBron is Florida’s most popular athlete.”

    He doesn’t have 1/3 of the popularity Tebow does in Florida. People in Florida don’t care about the Miami Heat. Nor the NBA. Rightfully so, given that it’s a rigged league right in line with the WWE. It’s just one big show.

  15. You know how to tell if a player is good? GMs, coaches and other players will move Heaven and Earth to get him on their team.

    Tebow is not a good player.

  16. I’ve been on the record as saying that I believe Tebow simply isn’t a starting NFL QB. That being said, if it is going to happen anywhere, this is probably it because the fans and hopefully the team will be patient with him.

    I only hope, for Tebow’s sake, that Khan doesn’t do what Jets ownership did and acquire him without making sure that whoever is coaching the Jags is on board. The last thing Tebow needs is to wind up on another team whose coach doesn’t want him.

    I wish him luck.

  17. Tebow has done nothing wrong just wants to play football. I wish him the best of luck and hopefully gets his shot.

  18. Ignorance is NOT ALWAYS BLISS !!

    Tim Tebow – Can only respond to the contrived, limited, opportunities given him.

    How does he compare with other quarterbacks in this league that had been at this point in their careers – (STARTING 16 Games) —

    Consider some comparative reality via facts – especially you Tim Tebow Haters (I wonder why…??)

    The facts show that Tim Tebow is off to a better start as an NFL quarterback than many of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

    Through his first 16 starts, Tebow won more games (9) than Peyton Manning (3), Troy Aikman (3), Steve Young (3), Aaron Rodgers (5), Matthew Stafford (6), Sam Bradford (7), Eli Manning (7)…, John Elway (8), and Drew Brees (8).

    Tebow accomplished that with a team that was 1-4 before he took over, and had won only 7 of its last 24 games.
    In his first 16 starts, Tebow led his team to a playoff victory. None of these other greats did that. In fact, it took Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, five full NFL seasons to lead his team to a playoff victory.
    In his first playoff game, Tebow threw for 316 yards in a winning effort — against the best defense in the league.

    PLEASE TRY TO Transition from “Hate ” to “Reality” !

  19. Somebody needs to talk to him and tell him the truth. He is not a long term solution at QB. He could however be a good Fullback. The NFL has had lots of athltic QB’s switch position and become impact players. Michael Robinson, Brad Smith, Josh Cribbs, Julian Edelman, Antwaan Randle-El, Scott Frost, Brian Mitchell, etc. Tim Tebow needs to ask himself, does he want to be a backup QB, or an impact player on the field? Switching positions isn’t giving up, it’s maximizing your talent…

  20. If Khan is as smart as I think he is, he fires Smith and Mularkey both of whom did not want Tebow.

    He let them try it their way and won 2 games.

    Then he brings in McDaniels as HC and a new GM and tells him his first job is to get Tebow.

    The McDaniels who actually believes in Tebow, will install the spread option offense (not Wildcat bs) that the Redskins, Panthers and others are starting to run.

    Tebow will succeed and the Jags will compete for the playoffs next year.

  21. If Gene Smith wasn’t a moron he would have drafted Tebow instead of Gabbert. Neither guy is a good quarterback but Tebow would have brought some excitement to the franchise.

  22. and yes from the jets perspective there is a big loss .. a loss of the 3rd rounder they gave up to get tebow which they could use for a qb,wr,rb or any other skilled position player they sorely need

  23. I’d like to extend my sincere condolences to Mike Mularkey and the entire Jaguar coaching staff. Looks like it’s your turn to deal with this atomic bomb.

    The “open competition” stuff is ludicrous. Tebow will NEVER win an open competition. The guy looks terrible in practice. Well, he looks terrible in games too – except in practice he doesn’t have the ‘pull it out of where the sun don’t shine’ factor.

  24. Keep in mind the only reason Tebow ever saw the light of day in Denver was because EFX wanted him to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he was terrible. Not because he had actually earned it or out-performed the competition.

  25. He doesn’t have 1/3 of the popularity Tebow does in Florida. People in Florida don’t care about the Miami Heat. Nor the NBA. Rightfully so, given that it’s a rigged league right in line with the WWE. It’s just one big show.

    Except it’s a fact that LeBron has 3x more followers. What facts do you have?

    How could such an other-worldly mythical figure like Tebow be considered the “most popular” athlete in Florida when another athlete in Florida has so many more people who follow him? Hence, LeBron’s more popular. And Tebow isn’t this legend the media continues to try to hope he will be.

    And I’m the furthest thing from a fan of LeBron.

  26. JAX is where he should have gone last year. The Jets had no business getting in the middle of that transaction……Tebow was destined to play in Jacksonville.

    Imagine where the Jets would be if they had expended the same energy on getting a workhorse RB in support of Sanchez, instead of undermining him with this circus.

    A real GM would have recognized the folly of bringing in Tebow.

  27. By all means, the Jags should sign him. I mean, look what a mess the Broncos have become without him…

  28. Tebow is going make everyone regret passing up on him, once he starts to shine in Jacksonville.

  29. The only virtual certainty here is that Blaine Gabbert is as exciting as a potato. Tebow, as much as he sucks, makes me tune in just to see him play.

  30. “How could such an other-worldly mythical figure like Tebow be considered the “most popular” athlete in Florida when another athlete in Florida has so many more people who follow him? Hence, LeBron’s more popular. And Tebow isn’t this legend the media continues to try to hope he will be.”

    Yeah, LeBron has a lot more people who follow him on twitter…..

    and most of them don’t live in Florida.

    Seriously, ask any Floridian – they don’t care about the NBA. As a whole that state has weak fan support for just about all their teams, even the good ones (like the Heat)

  31. Mularkey can dig out his old Pittsburgh book of trick plays, so he might actually make it work. Or just go back to a single wing offense.

  32. “The McDaniels who actually believes in Tebow, will install the spread option offense (not Wildcat bs) that the Redskins, Panthers and others are starting to run.”

    Let me weave you a story on why Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow.

    Josh McDaniels has a massive ego. Josh McDaniels wanted to be the great offensive mind who could develop Tebow. He wanted to be known as the guy who actually believed in Tebow as an NFL QB, despite compelling evidence that exists that Tebow simply isn’t viable as one.

    This QB “guru,” similarly, wants to be known as the guy who got something out of Tim Tebow.

    Developing Tebow is nothing more than a way for these guys to assuage their egos

  33. Marketing decision, not a football decision. They will get a short term boost in ticket sales from Gator fans and evangelical Christian fanatics, which will allow the Jags to finally put the well-used tarps away temporarily. However, real fans want winners and sales will soon plummet when the offense goes 3 and out after 3 and out.

  34. Though Tebow isn’t your “typical quarterback” I find it hard to cheer against him. Wish the kid nothing but the best. The guy needs to go somewhere with an entrenched starting qb (like GB, NE, NO, or the real NY team) where he can learn on the bench. I don’t doubt for one minute that a coach like Andy Reid or Mike McCarthy could ond day put the kid in the Pro Bowl.

  35. Tebow and the Jags just makes sense. If it doesn’t work there maybe Tebow is just not happening in the NFL. Still, it’s gotta be frustrating being a Jags fan, I would imagine most of them just want wins.

  36. for it to work he will have to hire the coach who drafted him and the only one willing to give him a legit chance. just do not let him be gm and it might work. but Tebow must play for a coach who believes in him and will work with him rather than use him as gimmick.

  37. I see there are a lot of Tebow fans here so I am expecting a lot of negative responses to my post but I don’t know why people continue to try to push Tebow as a QB. It is like putting lipstick on a pig. He is an incredible athlete but just because he has great athletic skill does not mean he is or will be a great QB. Fact is his passing motion still stinks and what ever team he goes to, he still will be a project at QB. He would be much better off switching to RB or TE where the development is not nearly as long as it is with the QB position.

  38. Is it a certainty that he PLAYS or just a certainty that the childish Tebow takes his ball and goes home because he didn’t get his way?

    Can’t wait to see how the media spins this petulant and self-indulgent move by the one they call “humble, “team-first” and “leader”.

    Will his next ad be for Kleenex, Gerber or Pampers?

  39. Lots of Tebow hatred from all corners of the NFL. But if I were a betting man, I’d bet that Tebow will still be in the NFL long after Rex Ryan gets fired as head coach.

  40. That’s why the Jaguars will NEVER win!! They are so busy trying to sell tickets and not trying to put a winning team on the field.

  41. The question remains however, whether head coach Malarkey wants him as his quarterback or not… quite honestly it would make sense for Khan to try and lure McDaniels away from New England as head coach of Jax. I’m not sure how long the length of contract McDaniels signed as O.C. but he obviously saw Tebow as a guy he felt he could develop into a franchise quarterback and if it all works out, Khan will look like a genius, not to mention make a lot of money.

  42. No matter who the Jaguars end up getting to play QB… PLEASE, GET THAT GUY SOME RECEIVERS!

    But I’ll admit, I want SOME team to give Tebow a chance. He might not be the greatest, but he’s far from the worst you could do. There are definitely worse guys teams are starting at QB right now. And one of those teams is definitely the Jets, which I can’t believe didn’t end up starting Tebow back in Week 5ish. It’s all because Sanchez played good Week 1, and ruined the whole plan.

  43. Bobzilla- Denver is doing well this year. The only reason is that they replaced Tebow with the best qb that ever lived.

    I’m a fan of any team that has Tebow starting for them. I was close to being a jets fan this year. Now, they’ve guaranteed I will always root against them. The jags have a chance to earn millions of new fans next year. But that only applies if Tebow is a starter. Won’t work if you sign him to hold a clipboard.

  44. Tebow didn’t pick Jacksonville last winter because the Jags football braintrust was reluctant to bring him aboard and retool the offense.

    Khan may well overrule any objections this time around, but Tebow and his advisors were led to believe the Jets were his best chance to see the field in 2012.

  45. Bring him to Seattle where Pete will turn him into a PED using low class cheater with poor sportsmanship! haha just kidding Go HAWKS!!!!!

  46. Since, as so many of you have pointed out, football is a team sport and that’s why Tebow won those games in Denver, remember after a bad next year when you’re saying “I told you so ” it won’t necessarily be his fault but the Jags team that sucked. Just like they do this year.

  47. I wouldn’t want him on my team but I kind of like this move. Sure the guy is “unconventional” but he somehow finds a way to win. Good luck to Timmy and the Jags. Now, more importantly, when does he finally takes advantage of his stature and start scoring with all the supermodels beating his door down. WTF!!!

  48. Please take him. A class act, but so are a lot of folks I know. Doesn’t mean I want them QB’ing my team.

  49. I’m sure McDaniels would want to be reunited with the first round bust who got him fired in Denver.

  50. I am very skeptical of Tebow’s future in the NFL. I really, really hope he takes some advice and works out with that QB “guru” and puts 110% effort this off season working on throwing and the NFL QB position in general. I want this guy to succeed but he needs to have one heck of an off season to make it happen. That or give up the QB dream and be willing to be used at another position full time.

  51. If you want a head coach that will maximize Tebow’s talents and skill-sets, forget McDaniels; hire Denver OC Mike McCoy. McCoy is the one who overhauled the Bronco offense in 2011 to help Tebow and the Broncos succeed. If Tebow goes to the Jags, they better hire McCoy as their head coach. By the way, McDaniels didn’t get fired on Denver because of Tebow; he got fired because he authorized the videotaping of the 49ers’ practice in London–as well as running the Denver franchise into the ground.

  52. 1standinches says:

    “Tebow is going make everyone regret passing up on him, once he starts to shine in Jacksonville.”

    C’mon, dude, you don’t really believe that, do you?

  53. jessethegreat says:

    “…I don’t doubt for one minute that a coach like Andy Reid or Mike McCarthy could ond day put the kid in the Pro Bowl.”

    C’mon, dude, you don’t really believe that, do you?

  54. randygnyc:
    I seem to remember when the Broncos got off to an 8-1 start — which I think was in either 2009 or 2010 — with Kyle Orton at quarterback. No one ever talks about that streak of success.

  55. @watermelon1
    The young WRs are the only bright spot on the Jags this year. They would only look like dogcrap if Tebow goes to Jacksonville.
    Way more talented QBs were ran out of the NFL with much fewer chances. The fascination with this simpleton ragarm QB is beyond comprehension. Meanwhile, real QBs are lighting up the NFL this year.

  56. I would love nothing more than to see Tebow drag Jacksonville out of the doldrums and rub it in elways face.

  57. Getting away from the Jets is the best thing that could happen to him. It’s not about going down with the ship, it’s about they have been taking on water for years and they SUCK.
    Best wishes Tim. Hang in there.

  58. The only way he will be successful is if the Jags want to change their offense. That is what Denver did last year. The problem is that if he gets hurt, you are screwed.

  59. Tebow will sell tickets for the Jags, but let’s face it…his master plan is to play in the NFL long enough so those outside Florida will recognize his name, so he can retire, open up a chain of highly lucrative superchurches, book deals, culminating in an eventual run for a FL congressional seat.

  60. Bottom line is Tebow is big news. Even on this gossip rag he gets a lot of comments. I’d try to hire Chip Kelly, get the best defensive guru I could and ride Tebow to possibly 6 wins. 6 wins is big news in Jax after the past few years.

    Tebow is a horrible QB but Kelly could probably get the most out of him. I’d love to see his offense and ideas in the NFL. They probably wont work but the NFL is getting closer to the NCAA every year. Give Goodel a few more years and defense will only be an option. Why not jump the gun?

    Jax is a horrible team and Gabbert is probably worse than Tebow. Henne is a good backup but why not try Tebow? Is 2-4 wins a season not worth doing something different?

  61. When will someone sit Tebow down and explain to him that he needs to switch to a TE/H-back position? Seems clear he will always be average throwing the ball, but catching the ball and running with it, it seems like the sky is the limit for Tebow, IMO.

  62. The risk for the Jags is that no other quality QB will touch the team with a 10-foot pole as long as Tebow is there. So they will have no gray area – they will either have to go all-in on Tebow, or they will have to cut him entirely before moving on.

    The Broncos know this. Having Tebow on the team tied their hands. They won games with him, but they couldn’t have the same flexibility that any other team with a rookie QB on its roster expects.

    Best thing for Tebow might be to get an owner like this who’s fully committed to him leading the team. If he gives his all with the full backing of team leadership, then things get clearer. If he succeeds, he succeeds, and if he fails, then the mystique is gone and everyone can get on with their lives.

  63. I can not wait to see Tebow go into week one as a starter with a full camp and preseason! He was a perfect fit for the jets, but they hitched up to the wrong horse long term.

    Timmy will make that JAX team a place where winners want to play!!!

  64. How does a guy that has done so little in the NFL, won just about nothing in the NFL, shown marginal skills on the NFL level and doesn’t even play get so much media coverage?

    Alex Smith has the 3rd highest qb rating or so and was benched and nobody talks about him.

    The Wilson dude in Seattle is winning and not much coverage.

    You all want to talk about non performers like Tebow, Sanchez, Vick.

  65. I think that he should have went to Jacksonville this season. This makes perfect sense for both characters.

    In Jacksonville, they’ve had terrible quarterbacking play for a while now. That history gives cover for Tebow to start, suck and get better. And since he’s an emotional player, being in his backyard will really help him.

    As for the Jaguars, once you sign and call Tebow your starter, you have officially sold out all of your seats. Plus, you have probably sold more jerseys than anyone else in the NFL.

    The downside? You have also married your team to Jacksonville, so LA will have to find another team.

  66. Tebow to the Jags was and is inevitable, IMO, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to play QB.

    I’d pick him up and make him a FB, TE, anything but QB.

  67. I think this is a very smart move for the Jags. Bring back the hometown hero to put butt’s in the seats. I also would not forego Tebow as a failure as a starting QB. I’m not a Tebow fan but from what I think I know about him, if given this opportunity to gets the keys to the offense no one will out work him, or out effort him. With Jones-Drew and Tebow…I think the Jags could actually do some damage.

  68. Jets should send Tebow to the Cowboys.
    They need a little moral revival. They are just a backwater to the NFL now- a chance for Tebow to grow under the tutelage of ROMO.

  69. Remember it was Tebow that chose the bright lights of NJ… I mean NY. He wanted the attention and got blown up in the process.

    BTW- LeBron OWNES Tebow. Tebow will not win in the NFL. Last year was a fluke.

  70. As a Jaguars fan I don’t like it. We already have two QBs that are not accurate, and can’t read defenses. Now you add another that can do all that, but also with a Byron Leftwich type wind-up. We need a new GM, but Tebow’s presence will probably scare any good football person away. Having said all that, I would ask that if he is foisted on us, that he does a few things in the off season. First, take it easy on the weight room. He has massively bulked up and slowed down. Second, give the celebrity thing a break. Don’t go to UCLA to work out…way too much Hollywood scene last year. Third, show some honest humility…allow your team mates a share of the spotlight. Fourth, stop saying you are improving as a QB each and everyday….if you can’t, please convert to another position.Then, we’ll see……

  71. The only long term solution for low attendance is to be a winning organization, not with short-term band aid gimmicks. They might as well bring in Brett Favre. They’d have a better chance of winning a game or two.

  72. As a jag fan, I am appalled! Shad Kahn must have better sense than to take Tebow. I will give up my season tickets rather than put up with the circus generated by the media and the Tebow fans.

  73. Lol, screw all you guys who want him to come here.

    You obviously wouldn’t want him on your team, what makes you think I want him on mine? He sucks. We’d sell more tickets if we won games. And plus, at least half the city isn’t even Florida fans here, there’s tons of Florida State or Georgia fans around. We got legit receivers now, let’s not waste them.

  74. You Tim Tebow haters are ignorant. You probably elected Obama to be our president. Tim is a class act ,honest man that has more determination than all you haters together. He lead the Broncos to the playoffs and beat the Steelers #1 defense. I hope you all eat your words. Go Tebow

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