Sherman says he’ll be playing on Sunday

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On Friday, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman attended a hearing on the appeal of his pending four-game suspension for violation of the league’s policy regarding performance-enhancing substances.

After the hearing, Sherman declared that he’ll be available to play when Seattle hosts San Francisco on Sunday Night Football.

“Been a long day but very productive,” Sherman wrote on his Twitter page, via the Seattle Times.  “I will be out there with my teammates Sunday!

Per league policy, a ruling on Sherman’s appeal must be issued within five days.  Last year, however, a ruling was delayed in the appeals filed by Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams and defensive lineman Ryan McBean, prompting an eventual suggestion by Williams’ lawyer that the NFL didn’t want to suspend the players during the playoffs, in order to ensure that Tebowmania wouldn’t be undermined by the loss of a key defensive player.

In the end, the delayed ruling didn’t help Williams overturn his suspension.  In Sherman’s case, he likely wouldn’t complain if the decision comes after the team’s playoff run has ended, even though he stands to lose more money from a suspension during the 2013 regular season, unless the Seahawks make it to the conference title game.

Regardless of when the ruling comes, it won’t be easy for Sherman to win.  As one source with extensive knowledge of the process has told PFT, these cases weren’t lost in the hearing room but at the bargaining table, given that the NFL and the NFLPA agreed to procedures that make it harder for the players to develop the evidence that would support an attack on any deficiencies in the sample collection and testing process.

43 responses to “Sherman says he’ll be playing on Sunday

  1. It’s looking like Seahawks/Redskins in the wild card round. I’d sure wish Sherman wasn’t there for that game. It would make it much easier for RGIII and company if he wasn’t.

  2. If he violated the policy, he gets suspended. He is the one who put the team at risk of losing him for four games. When the league delays penalties so they don’t affect important games, the process becomes a joke.

    Sherman (and others in his situation) had the option of accepting the penalty and not appealing. It was his action that set up this timing. The league needs to act within the five days, and should act before Sunday’s game.

  3. You guys do realize that adderall isn’t a steroid, right? It’s basically just a super caffeine pill that keeps you awake and jittery. Even if he DID take it intentionally (which hasn’t been proven yet), it’s not like it’s responsible for his awesome skills. But, you know, facts are so inconvenient…

  4. Wikidpissah is exactly right…………what kind of message and punishment is the NFL taking when they allow the player and team to schedule which games are missed ?

  5. D. Sherman is the man. The cynic in me believes they were trying to stagger the suspensions, though. The way I read the news yesterday made me think that he would get suspended the minute Browner came back. Could be wrong, though.

  6. @aseavy

    We don’t even know if it was adderal, it was Sherman who said it was adderal, not the NFL. So it easily could have been steroids. And when you admit it was adderal(if that’s what he was busted for) then that’s obviously proof enough that he intentionally took it. Not like someone just gave him pills and he took them not knowing what it was. So how does Black get suspended when the Redskins are in playoff contention, but Sherman doesn’t? It’s a joke, if that’s what happens.

  7. How dare he fight being suspended 4 games and losing out on 4 paychecks equaling a hundred thousands of dollars. He should just roll over and take it like one of the many commentors on here suggest. Due process is a joke…..

  8. Haha I like how people are saying that Sherman is the reason we’re winning. Sure he’s a top 10 CB, but the Hawks have a bunch of other weapons that got us to this point. And come on, give me a dime for every sports player who takes some form of PED, and I’d retire tomorrow. Haters will always hate the Hawks. Of course I never have seen a football team that didn’t have haters. Go Hawks! Beat them niners!

  9. @aseavy Caffeine pill? It is legal meth, very far from caffeine. When you run out you have side effects of a heroin withdrawal. When you first take it, it is almost identical to meth. That’s why they take it because it puts them ” in the zone”

  10. Hope to see Sherman and Justin Smith out there Sunday night. Both these teams at full strength are so fun to watch. Business related delayed suspensions are garbage but we don’t know all the details in this case yet.

  11. A LOT of 40 Whiner fans were hoping the “Shermanator” wasn’t going to play….

    Don’t worry, it will be SO LOUD Kaepernick won’t be able to hear himself think.

  12. If the ruling is to be within five days, would the league truly delay just so he could play in the playoffs? It seems that, with this ridiculous delay would be condoning the players illegal use of drugs; what a precedent!

  13. ” It was loud in New England ” …

    Phhpptt – HAHAHA ! Dude , you’ve obviously never been to the Clink . When #12 gets done with Kap , he won’t know his own name . He’s a good QB but he’s never had THIS experience yet , I promise you .

    GO HAWKS !!

  14. There is no way the Niners can win at Clink, its too loud….. yet the Niners won the last time they were there.

    There is no way the Niners can stop R. Wilson…. yet he scored a total of 6 points the last time we played.

    But, but Wilson is so much better now….. against Arizona and Buffalo. The Niners set records when beating up on the Bills ( 300 yards passing and rushing the same game ) and were one completion short of the all time QB efficiency records against Arizona.

  15. To the guy saying it was a steroid, and they’re just saying adderall to protect face, it was actually leaked out that the substance was adderall from the league office. Also, people need to realize this never should have been made public, and we STILL shouldn’t have a clue about this, as he has a right to an appeal.

    BTW, my favorite part of this comment section was him being called overrated because Titus Young allegedly shredded him. Well done talent evaluator, well done!

  16. @hawkfan50
    Never been nor would I ever wanna go there. But that explains why my Niners owned the seagulls the past two seasons because of how loud it is. Lmao!!!!!!
    Road to the Super Bowl goes through the STICK!!! See if your on here Monday after 9ERS D smacks lil Wilson around.

  17. RS spent most of his time on Megatron, who was pretty quiet. Titus did have himself a good game though.

    HEY!! Remember that time Megatron only caught for like 40 yards a couple years ago?! Clearly an indication that he’s not that good, who needs to look at his body of work?!?! Clearly irrelevant!!!!

    Look, that was possibly the worst game of the year for the Seahawks DBs, I am fine admitting that. Why don’t you go watch the Patriots game to see how good Sherm is? Both Arizona games on Fitz? Panthers? Vikings?

    NO, NO!!! I saw him that one time and he let a guy catch some balls, OVERRATED!!!!!!

  18. tjh9985 says: Dec 22, 2012 11:56 AM

    I think the Seahawks might be the most hated team in the NFL now….

    SF, DAL, PIT, NE, NO, all by far ahead of them. Seattle ain’t even hated by anyone who isn’t in the NFC West unless misinformed Green Bay fans who looked the other way when the refs aided their sole “touchdown drive” earlier in That Game.

  19. Who are Niners fans to talk, with their knife-wielding drunk driving OLB who managed to put a handful of lives at risk on the road. Or their brilliant DB who dances and celebrates over Pierre Thomas while he’s out cold on the turf, because of a lucky, blindside hit.

    Admit you’re afraid, and let’s move on.

  20. manilovethepftcensors says:
    Dec 22, 2012 2:58 PM
    Titus Young DID shred him and that IS an indication of his talent level bozo


    Titus Young caught one pass against Richard Sherman that game. The 46-yard TD on which Kam Chancellor was supposed to be picking him up over the top, and was late to the party. He caught the rest from the slot or on Browner. Watch the replay genius.

  21. aseavy says:Dec 22, 2012 11:23 AM

    You guys do realize that adderall isn’t a steroid, right? It’s basically just a super caffeine pill that keeps you awake and jittery. Even if he DID take it intentionally (which hasn’t been proven yet), it’s not like it’s responsible for his awesome skills. But, you know, facts are so inconvenient…

    It doesn’t usually take long for some Seahawk fan to say something stupid and self-serving. First of all, Sherman has denied taking Adderall. Secondly, even if he lied and DID take Adderall, non-ADHD users get a huge jump in focus and energy due to the amphetamine content. Yes, facts are so inconvenient to Seahawk fans, especially when they are reminded that 5 Seahawk players have been busted in the past year for banned substances. $ have been already suspended, and Sherman will likely become the 5th. As Vince Lomardi once said, ” What the hell is going on out there?”

  22. The funniest thing about the Lions Hags game this year (you know, the one Detroit won) was that afterwards Sherman still couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He was actually talking a bunch of trash about Megatron after they LOST.

  23. Why all the hate on Sherman? This guy is a shut down cornerback and if you think he isn’t you haven’t played against him yet. Titus Young worked him? Give me a break. The real reason people don’t like Sherman is because He asked Tom Brady if he was mad bro… after Brady was the one who started the talking at halftime, and then Lost. Hate him or love him He’s the real deal.

  24. Ok the niners have won the last 3 games, by 7 points at the most. Since 2002 who has owned who?
    I have been to the stick and it is as loud as a library compaired to Clink.
    If the Hawks lose I will look at as we should be rebulding anyway. I think that we are lucky to have the players that we do and all the hate is because we are better than everyone (including me) thought we would be.
    I want a win, but I do have a life other than football. It is a fact that Seattle is one of the hardest places to play and that is because the fans bring it for every game.
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!

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