Should Tebow go north of the border?


On Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk, Peter King, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly took up the question of whether Tim Tebow should turn to the CFL as he tries to kick start a career that has been bogged down by a blown season on Broadway.

King thinks he should, I think he shouldn’t, and I think Kuselias agrees with me.

Actually, it’s been about 14 hours, so I don’t remember where Kuselias came down.  I need to watch it again to find out.

And that’s my best attempt at persuading you to do the same.

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23 responses to “Should Tebow go north of the border?

  1. Upside
    Canadian Dollar trading at $1.02 US right now.
    Marc Trestman is a great QB teacher with NFL experience.

    CFL is 3 down football. Passing league first. If you don’t prove you can pass, they’ll stuff the box vs. run.

  2. I don’t think in all my years of following the NFL a player has received so much coverage by the media with litll to none exposure on the NFL field.

  3. If he wants to play full time, pack up. Maybe he can take the Flutie route and return later saying “How do you like me now?”

  4. Both of you are wrong. The reason Tebow was not picked to play the last two games, was because of his injury, not because they thought McLroy was better. Tebow is netter than McLroy.

  5. If he could consistently move the chains up there with only two Downs to play with, it might convince an NFL team to give him a second chance. It worked for Warren Moon. Of course, if Tebow had any portion of Moon’s abilities, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  6. He should just play in the arena league. There you play both offense and defense. Its a win for him no matter what. He can play quarterback and fullback on offense and play linebacker on defense. He will be on the field more in one game than he was all year with the Jets. He can play for the Jacksonville Sharks which will sell tickets big time. Damn I think I might have come up with a great idea for him haha.

  7. I like Tebow for some reason. I think the Jets have treated him horribly,but he just tries to let it roll off,publicly at least. I would like to see another NFL team pick him up. If a really good QB coach could fix that awful throwing motion and quicken his release time,he could still be an NFL QB. Otherwise,he could be a pretty good RB. I’d hate to see him go to Canada. JMO…

  8. As long as Tiny Tim Teblow leaves the NFL who cares where he goes. The only league where he’ll be able to compete is the Lingerie League where his throwing like a girl won’t be noticed.

    Go Away Tiny Tim!!!

  9. The Jets were the worst place for Tebow to go. I thought that before the season even started. Tebow needs to develop as a passer. He needs to spend time rebuilding his mechanics the way that Aaron Rodgers reportedly did when he was sitting behind Favre for 3 years. The Jets weren’t the place to do that. They don’t have any offensive gurus on that team that can help make Tim a better passer. I mean all you have to do is look at how Sanchez has regressed year after year to realize how inept New York’s offensive coaches are.

    Tim has to take a lot of the blame though. He wanted the chance to be a starter this year which is why only two teams showed interest in him. The only way he was a starter this year is if some team decided to go all in on the spread option and no one would, at least not with Tebow and his limited passing abilities. If he had been willing to step back for a year or two and become a developmental QB on a team with a great offensive coaching staff then I bet more teams would have been interested in him. Nobody but the Jets and Jags wanted him as even a backup, but if he had been willing to be a 3rd string developmental QB so he could rework his mechanics then I think someone better than the Jets or Jags would have taken a chance with Tim.

    I don’t think the CFL is the best place for Tim even though he would get to play there. The best thing for Tim would be to take a step back for a year or two to work on his mechanics and the best place for that is the NFL, even if it’s just as a 3rd string QB who will never play for 2 years. Even the UFL would be better than the CFL because the UFL does have a lot of former NFL coaches. But I haven’t heard anything about any of the UFL teams wanting Tebow.

    But my guess is that Tebow retains his stubborness to start which is why the only NFL team that might, might be interested is Jacksonville. If Tebow cares about his long term NFL future then he needs to stop insisting on starting next year and make some short term sacrifices or else he’ll be out of the league in a couple years tops.

  10. He has had 3 years to fix his throwing motion. Is not gonna happen. He pulls the ball all the way behind his head to throw it. That will never equal success in this league.

  11. If he comes to Canada he’ll have to play for 1 of the 2 Alberta teams. That’s where the christian right resides in Canada. Or Ottawa,because somehow they are running the country.

  12. I still believe the only reason Rex jumped on Tebow was to keep him away from McDaniels at the Patriots. Rex wanted no part of defending Brady, Welker, Gronk, Hernandez, Tebow, Lloyd all on the field at the same time.

    I think he should join the Patriots if he is not traded elsewhere because that is the only place where he can offer the best and get good playing time on offense and not complain about not being the starting QB.

  13. Our field is way bigger up here being both longer and wider… The way he throws his passes means he would be an interception machine. No thank you.

    He has a better chance of making it in the NFL.

  14. Mike and Pete, how do you know if he’s even going to succeed in the CFL? I can name six starting quarterbacks who are better mechanically in the CFL than Tebow.

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