Trevor Pryce: Rex Ryan too nice for his own or Jets good

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If you didn’t know or hadn’t been around Rex Ryan, it would be easy to call his sticking with quarterback Mark Sanchez stubbornness.

But former NFL defensive lineman Trevor Pryce, who played for Ryan for four seasons, said it was the coach’s incredible loyalty and willingness to stick his neck out for those close to him that has him in his current mess.

Pryce, writing for the New York Times, had nothing but praise for Ryan as an Xs and Os coach, calling him: “a brilliant strategist, a man who works to the point of exhaustion and possesses a passion for and knowledge of football that is unmatched.”

Pryce compared the difference between the cold way Patriots coach Bill Belichick could trade a player such as Richard Seymour and Ryan’s hiring of one of his former defensive backs, Mark Carrier, to coach defensive line.

“Being an N.F.L. coach is the ultimate study in “him or me” politics,” Pryce wrote. “You have to be willing to sacrifice just about anyone in your organization for the greater good. To a coach, the ‘greater good’ often means protecting your own job security first. And that is the last thing Ryan wants to do.”

Pryce speculates that Ryan may some day develop a harder edge, be willing to be more “cutthroat.”

“And on that day the Jets will gain one of the better head coaches in the league,” Pryce wrote. “At the same time they will lose one of its better human beings.”

That’s a sad commentary, but perhaps an accurate one about Ryan’s shortcomings.

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  1. Head Coach….is not suppossed to be your buddy..He’s the boss and always puts the team 1st…53 players plus practice squad..
    The greater good? Just being good?

  2. I’m just wondering how/why the Trevor Pryce-New York Times marriage happened here. Did he come to them with an article? Did they come to him looking for a Rex guy to talk about him? This is all so confusing.

  3. “Eagles Coach Andy Reid fired the defensive coordinator Juan Castillo during the season, as if it was somehow Castillo’s fault that the players Reid picked had no interest in tackling.”

    Trevor Pryce wins.

  4. Ryan good head coach just no talented players. Dennis Allen and Jason Garrett have good players around them but are horrible head coaches

  5. I will say as a Dolphins Fan I respect Sexy Rexys devotion to his players. I can say that as a former player and coach you have to know when to hold em n when to fold em… I think rex’s main problem is his lack of reality, I sincerely believe he assigns value where there is none…at all

  6. .

    ”He cares deeply about his players and is loyal to the point of defiance ”

    ”Bill Belichick is neither ”

    Trevor, Dr Phil comes on at 5pm. Hire him to coach your team.


  7. Have to do what is best for the business & targets at hand.

    You don’t want people at the top that let feelings get in the way.

    This is a basic leadership & organization a

  8. Great insight into Rex Ryan. I always had a negative view of Rex Ryan, but I have a different opinion now. Good job by Trevor Pryce.

  9. Phins fan here….

    I can’t stand all the loud mouth predictions and the lack of reality out of this guy. He hurts himself and his team with his boasting and bragging and it gets old.

    I can also see the loyalty he has to his players. It is and admirable quality…but he does it to a fault. I would further add, that this is one of Mark Sanchez’s biggest issues. Rex spent two years making excuses for him and babying him…when what Sanchez needed was a kick in the butt and to be benched. I honestly think that all of the babying has ruined Sanchez’s already fragile ego.

    Nothing wrong with being loyal to your team…but realistic and having high standards is equally important. If your players or coaches aren’t performing…make a change. You will do them and yourself (along with your fans) a huge favor.

  10. Trevor Pryce has never played for Bill Belichick, how can he personally speak to how he treats his players behind the scenes?

    The general media’s portrayal of Belichick and there stories from those who actually work with/for him are very different.

    I’ve never once heard a former player say anything bad about Belichick. I think he actually shows a great deal of respect for his players (take Kevin Faulk for example), he just doesn’t feel it necessary to broadcast it to the media.

    But at the same time no, he doesn’t let the inmates run the asylum and like one poster said he’s not going to let one player put himself above the rest of the team. (nor does trash former players in a “tell-all” book).

  11. dinklespiel says:
    Dec 22, 2012 9:24 AM
    He didn’t show much loyalty and compassion for Tebow though.

    Actually, the Tim Tebow situation is the ultimate example of Ryan’s loyalty.

    Rex Ryan NEVER wanted Tim Tebow. That trade was an upper management decision. Anyone who watched Hard Knocks knows the personal affection and loyalty Ryan had for Mark Sanchez.

    Why would Ryan have “loyalty and compassion” for someone who had just got into town over a guy he loved who had gone to two AFC Championship games with?

    Loyalty is earned, not something you assume you’ll get because you’re famous.

  12. If BB truly didn’t care for his players or was loyal to him how do you explain his success? When was the last time you heard of a player saying anything bad about him?

    When have you heard a former player say anything bad about him, including players he got rid of, like Seymour, Moss, or Branch. They STILL love and respect him. The haters just can’t answer those questions, so they ignore them and continue the slander

    This forum and its writers continue to work their asses off to perpetuate all the myths that are spread about Bellichick., but that’s all they are….myths. Because you can’t accomplish what he has accomplished if any of them were true.

  13. Regarding the Belichick/Seymour reference … who said that the Pats benefitted from sending Law, McGinest, Seymour packing?

    And I believe Seymour was a personal issue with BB, and having personal agendas get in the way isn’t very professional at all.

  14. Even ex-Jets can’t help but constantly compare their organization to the Patriots. What does Belichick have to do with Ryan being a poor head coach? NO CLASS from current OR former players.

  15. Trevor was a great player, and his insight is appreciated. I agree, and hope Rex does change and gets one more chance. I think he is a good HC now, and could be great with someone who is better at “buying the groceries” and a quarterback who just plays competently.

    AGAIN, when he had that he was 3-2 against the pats, and beat them in the playoffs. He was also 4-2 in the playoffs.

  16. BB duped Al Davis, when he knew Seymour wouldn’t be resigned….Better to let Richard go a year early, than a year late!
    Thinking ahead or making the best out of an iffy situation…either way, that’s what a HC does!

  17. Even Rex acknowledges that Belichick the better HC? Don’t know why anyone else would have an issue with it?

  18. The great Casey Stengel once said on the subject of being the manager – “The secret to managing is to keep the 5 guys who hate you away from the 5 guys who are undecided.”

  19. That’s actually a really good article and one definitely worth reading before posting a comment… It’s written by a defensive lineman, not a journalist, so it carries more weight and it’s from the perspective of someone who’s actually in the locker room during private moments, not by someone holding up a microphone during a press conference.

    One of the most interesting things it points out is how much Ryan is able to get out of mediocre talent, which is exactly the position the Jets are in this year. Santonio Holmes and Darelle Revis, the only two marquee talents on the roster (if Holmes is even that), were both gone by week five, and yet this team was still in playoff contention until five days ago.

    What other head coach has done that? Is Ryan blustery? Yes, Did he mishandle the QB situation this year? Badly. Should he be fired? No.

  20. foobarfoofoo says:
    Dec 22, 2012 11:34 AM
    Regarding the Belichick/Seymour reference … who said that the Pats benefitted from sending Law, McGinest, Seymour packing?

    And I believe Seymour was a personal issue with BB, and having personal agendas get in the way isn’t very professional at all.
    I don’t know if you are a Pats fan but I suspect not. So I’d like to fill in the whole Seymour thing a bit since I am a Pats fan. What it shows is that even if a player is still good, like Seymour, if they do not buy into the way things are done in NE, they are gone. And Seymour didn’t. He was always complaining publicly since about 04 right before his extremely lucrative extension. BB had to sit him down once from starting because he complained to the media about the way his leave for a death in the family was handled. He whined about being used as a FB and implied that it made his knee (I think) worse. And as great as Seymour was, it’s worth noting that on the Pats last winning SB run, he did not play a minute in the playoffs until the actual SB.

    I think this is the type of thing Pryce meant when he spoke of loyalty, he wasn’t criticizing BB. I like Pryce and have always found him to be thoughtful and intelligent.

    I’ve long agreed with the poster above on RR. I too think he could be a good HC if he had the right OC and right GM buying the groceries. RR by his own admission is a positive thinking person, and it interferes with his ability to be realistic about players’ abilities.

    Not all great coordinators can be a great HC, no doubt. But it’s worth noting that RR lost his best player on defense (Revis of course), and still has his unit performing decently with ZERO help from his offense. You know, kind of BB like with Seymour and Ty Law in 04 (when the Pats did have a great offense) or any other one player BB has lost. I’ve never hated RR though so that makes me strange among Pats fans I guess. LOL

  21. One other part Pryce completely misses on Belichik – if hiring former players is a sign of loyalty, then BB would be near the top. Ever hear of Pepper Johnson?

  22. Ryan is an idiot. He “guaranteed” that a young, not-fully developed QB would take the team to the Super Bowl not once, but twice, putting a QB who his college coach said was not ready for the NFL in a confidence crushing situation.

    Then he “guarantees” that Sanchez will be the starter as long as he is coaching, backed up by a cap busting extension – and proceed to bring in Tebow – crushing his confidence further.

    Sorry folks – that’s just bad coaching. It has nothing to do with being “too nice”

  23. The Seymour deal was simple. At the end of that season both he and Wilfork would be free agents. They could not afford to sign both under the cap, so they had to choose one. They chose to keep Wilfork.

    Rather than losing Seymour for nothing, they traded him at the beginning of the season for a first round draft choice.

    Seymour had been largely invisible during offseason workouts his last few years with the Pats. He was also suspected of milking injuries [I] especially[/I] during training camp.

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