All three quarterbacks active for the Jets


If Rex Ryan decides to make a change from quarterback Greg McElroy on Sunday, he left himself two choices on his 46-man roster.

He could turn back to Mark Sanchez, benched this week after turning the ball over five times in Monday’s 14-10 loss to the Titans. That leaves him with 50 turnovers over the last two seasons and he was already benched once for McElroy in a game. The Jets said this week that Sanchez would be the backup against the Chargers.

Ryan could also opt to go with Tim Tebow, who is also active for Sunday’s game. Tebow played his first full series of the year in the first half against the Titans, but only reappeared for one more snap despite Sanchez’s dreadful performance.

You’d imagine that if anyone on the coaching staff thought Tebow could be the team’s quarterback, he would have already been given the opportunity. Given Sanchez’s play this season, that might make it time to pull a Costanza and do the opposite of every thought in your mind.

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  1. I’ve been watching football since the 70’s and I’ve never seen any team anywhere NEAR as dysfunctional as the Jets are.

    It’s unbelievable.

  2. I see the Jets are afraid to tell everyone that Timmy’s third string, just like the Broncos were last year. How sad when everyone already knows it but Timmy’s so fragile he will get his feelings hurt.

  3. McElroy is the right start since it’s obvious he is the only one of these 3 that will be in NY next year. Hope he does well and the fireman named Ed comes back next year wearing #14.

  4. I’d love to see a 4 Man QB rotation –


    1st down : McElroy hands off to Greene for 3 yards

    2nd down : Sanchez comes on and hurries an incomplete pass to no one in particular.

    3rd down : Enter Tebow , in shotgun formation he fakes the draw to Powell ( no one bites ) and is immediately hit – bounces off and shuffles right , hit again this time by multiple defenders before lunging forward for a 2 yard gain .

    4th down : Punt Formation …FAKE ! Punter Robert Malone throws a quick 5 yard out to Te Jeff Cumberlain …FIRST DOWN !

    1st down : Malone stays on field to play Qb …

    and so on …and so forth .

  5. I just hope McElroy doesn’t get hurt, because I’ve had enough of Sanchez, and Tebow for my lifetime, I hope after this season I’ll never see either one in a Jet uniform again, as a matter of fact I don’t ever see either one again in any uniform.

  6. As a coach when you have two quarterbacks you have no quarterback. When you have three quarterbacks you have no job.

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