Broncos roll to 10th straight win, beat Browns

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The Broncos made it look easy for most of the day.

Largely, because it was.

The Broncos cruised to a 10th straight win, 34-12 over the Browns.

Quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 339 yards and three touchdowns, and their defense kept pressure on the Browns all afternoon, never letting the Browns have any semblance of a chance.

The Broncos even got victory cigar Brock Osweiler in the game late, letting Manning watch the end of their 12th win.

The Broncos are still in play for the top seed in the AFC playoffs, and can clinch a bye with a win next week at home against the Chiefs.

Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden left the game in the second half with an injured right shoulder, and didn’t return. If nothing else, he looked better by comparison, as backup Colt McCoy was all over the place, short-hopping and overthrowing passes with fairly.

The Browns fell to 5-10 with the loss, their fifth straight season of double-digit losses.

11 responses to “Broncos roll to 10th straight win, beat Browns

  1. Eli if you play the Browns don’t ask big Brother what he did. He is obviously soon this on purpose and he and Cooper and Daddy are laughing their asses off

  2. But wasn’t it so much more fun last year when the Broncos were in the midst of three-game losing streak, trying to stay alive and trying to win without throwing the ball? Am I the only one who longs for the good old days of 2011?

  3. Manning and this offense is now clicking. Their the best team RIGHT NOW in the afc. Their defense can be run on, but when they play with a lead their almost unstoppable due to Von Miller and Dumerville. The early losses to Atlanta, Houston and New England isn’t a fair evaluation of how balanced this team has become.

  4. A word of warning to the good people of Denver. I’ve lived in Indianapolis since 2004. I was able to watch Peyton Manning do this during the regular season for years. What I also saw was playoff failure after playoff failure. The one year the running game was solid, he won the Super Bowl. Pray that your running game is solid in the playoffs. If not, Denver will lose.

  5. Well Lenny, failing in the playoffs is still a heck of a lot better than failing during the regular season. I speak from far too much experience as of late, and I’m sure a lot of long time Colts fans can attest to this as well.

  6. Lenny, Lenny, and Lenny, This is not the Colts. I have had to eat crow with my handle name about these fellas. What we have here is a nasty defense and the Sheriff is allowed to do what he does best; dissect the opponent D like the surgeon that he is! Gather round boys and girls because like he said in his parting comments, “I will always be a Colt;” he has graduated to a Bronco and we want home field!

  7. Look at who they’ve breaten: SD, Oak, KCx2…Cle, NO, Car, TB, Pit, Cin and Bal.(that’s two winning record opponents)

    Look who they lost to: Atl, Hou and NE.

    Not terribly impressive by any stretch and last year, weren’t we dogging the Pats for much the same thing?

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