Bud Adams got tired of watching Titans lose, turned off TV


If Titans owner Bud Adams had been there in person, he might have told his team they were number one.

Since he was at home in Houston, all he could do was grab the remote and turn the television off, as many of his customers doubtless did during the 55-7 drubbing at the hands of the Packers.

“I was pretty upset,” Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “I just didn’t want to watch any more of that mess.”

Asked whether that anger was enough to make him make a coaching change, Adams said the results were such he might consider setting aside his personal feelings for coach Mike Munchak.

“I like Mike, I really do. But liking him and getting the job done are two different things,” Adams said. “If he is not getting the job done, that is what I have to find out. Right now, we are not looking very good. Something is wrong and I want to find out what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.”

Munchak has a contract through 2014, and was 9-7 last season. But that was with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck at the wheel, because Jake Locker wasn’t deemed ready. He doesn’t appear that way now, leading Adams to question the future of his team.

“I want to sit down with Mike and our guys and discuss the whole thing with them and see why we are not doing better,” Adams said. “It is not against the law to check with my people. Mike will tell me what he thinks is wrong. . . .

“I want to find out how he feels why we can’t win more games. The way we played today — my God, I wouldn’t even want to come and watch that.”

Adams might be 89 years old, but you can’t say he doesn’t have a handle on the feelings of his customers.

21 responses to “Bud Adams got tired of watching Titans lose, turned off TV

  1. I got tired of watching the Giants lose, and I turned off the TV before halftime. Turned it on for a minute in the 4th quarter, saw the score, and turned the TV back off.

  2. Hey Bud, Houston wants its history back. I do not know why the NFL let you take the hsitory of Houston with you when you went to Tennessee but they keep the Browns history in Cleveland. That is some bull, Budd. Do you hear me Roger?

  3. Hey, here’s an idea. Maybe if you stop throwing people under the bus, they’ll want to go out and bust their ass for you. I find it beyond mortifying that the owner of my favorite team apparently has no idea why they are so terrible. No quality free agent or coach will ever want to come near Tennessee until Bud Adams is dead. Learn to live with it, Nashville.

  4. “They need to draft better, period. Their O-line is a mess.”
    Hey fm31970, those guys are all back-ups. During the game they explained many times how the Titans’ line is patchwork due to 4 out of 5 starters being on IR. Not all on coaches and GM.

  5. Please tell me i missed the joke,VY is a winner….did every other team in the NFL miss that memo???

  6. Hahaha, the new Al Davis. They had a good coach but that’s what happens when ownership tries to coach and manage personnel! Good luck getting a decent coach with that ownership!

  7. Mike Munchak wouldn’t be hired by most teams as a position coach and Adams gave him the HC job, probably because he was the cheapest option possible. And now he’s surprised the team isn’t doing well?

    Did he think, “Munchak’s my HC now, Superbowl here we come!”

    You get what you pay for.

  8. At least the owner is capable of seeing his product through the eyes of his customers. There are a few NFL owners whose teams have been miserable almost constantly for many years who refuse to invest in their teams to make them better.

  9. VY’s winning percentage, as well as every QBs’ winning percentage, is strongly influenced by their respective teammates’ performances. Winning percentage alone tells you little about how great or bad a QB is.

  10. @pjrhc starters or backups your in the NFL play like it.This isn’t the Canadian or indoor football leagues.Its all about coaching and apparently titans do not have good coaches. Next time think before you come up with a stupid excuses. !!!!!!!!

  11. VY’s win % came on the heels of a good defense, behind a good o-line, & with a dynamic game-changer RB. And they appear to have none of that anymore. VY’s 150 ypg & his negative td/int ratio is not the reason for his win %. Hell Kerry Collins took that same team to a 13-3 record.

    It seems 32 GMs all see this the same way. He’s not even good enough to be a backup.

  12. Someone needs to do a analysis of an owner’s age and his team’s record. Its got to show the older the owner the worse the record.

    Look at Ford and the Lions. Davis and the Raiders. Wilson and the Bills. Adams and the Titans. Jones and the Cowboys. And on and on…

    While Pittsburgh’s ‘owner’ is aged, he knows enough to let his kid runs things. The same can’t be said for the Panther’s aged Jerry Richardson who actually fired his sons.

    Who’s up for some math?

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