Colts clinch playoff berth with 20-13 win in K.C.


The connection between quarterback Andrew Luck and wide receiver Reggie Wayne has been vital to the Colts’ success this season.

It paid off one more time for the game-winning play in Week 16. Luck hit Wayne for a seven-yard touchdown with just over four minutes to play to break a 13-13 tie and put the Colts on the verge of a playoff berth. The defense forced a three-and-out and rookie running back Vick Ballard ran for a first down to ice the game on the next Colts possession.

Give the Colts defense a lot of credit for this one. Darius Butler’s interception return opened the scoring for them and they stuffed Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn short on a fourth-and-inches play early in the fourth quarter. The Colts took the ball and went 73 yards in 13 plays to set up Wayne’s game-winning score. It had not been a great day for the Colts offense to that point, but they were able to come up with the drive they needed to punch their postseason ticket.

While you’re giving the defense credit, though, make sure that you’re careful to note all the chances the defense gave Kansas City as well. Jamaal Charles had 226 yards on 22 carries, including an 86-yard touchdown run, and Peyton Hillis ran for 101 yards. Given the lack of threat posed by Quinn, it’s pretty damning that the Colts couldn’t keep Kansas City from running the ball.

That will likely be something for Chuck Pagano to worry about. The head coach is expected to return to work on Monday after months away from the team battling leukemia. Fixing the run defense before the playoffs will be hard, but it’s a good problem to have after drafting first overall last April.

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  1. If Andrew Luck beats out Robert Griffin for Rookie of the year, it won’t be because on the field talent is being judged head to head. RGIII is vastly superior. We all know why it will be and it has nothing to do with football.

  2. Logicalvoice = big time colts fan. He comments on every colts article. Thanks for your support logical.

    Btw…rookie of year should prob be wilson. And thats from a colts fan.

  3. i see other fans are colts fans too, logical is a closet colts fan, we are back in the playoffs and we dont care if we are 1 and done, we are back tho only after one down year,can skins fans say that? no!!

  4. and no rookie of the year is Luck, he broke the passing record, turned a 2 win team from last year to a playoff team in his rookie year, im not takin anything away from Wilson,hes good, im not giving IRG3 no props, so hes no in the conversation

  5. Man, hold on to the Race card until you need it. I think Luck has been amazing but so has RGIII, and Wilson. Stupid and ignorant making it about race.

  6. Somebody out there please tell us when was the last time a team lost when running for 350 yds.

  7. Another awesome game from Luck. Less than 50% and 200 yards against the worst team in the league while barely escaping.

    Colts are going to finish with same record as Seattle and Skins and they’ll all be in the playoffs, except Luck’s will be against a much softer schedule and with absolutely horrible numbers.

    No chance he wins ROTY over RG3 or Wilson. Can’t wait to see what kind of bomb he lays wild card weekend.

  8. The Chiefs set yet another record today. Really. They rushed for 352 yards and still lost the game. The last time that happened was in 1944. Iam not kidding.

  9. says the guy who posts on every single Skins thread about “IRG3”.

    RG3 has been better in every sense of the word.

    Sorry reality hurts you.

  10. peytonsjock telling Skins fans to get a life? Pot meet kettle.

    The ROY will be interesting to see. I think it should be a 3 way tie. Griffin, Luck and Wilson. All 3 have been fabulous and meant a lot to their respective teams. In the end though whoever gets it will win because the media is desirous for them to get it.

    If I had a vote I would vote for Russell Wilson. That kid had nothing handed to him as a 3rd round pick and he is playing great.

  11. if Luck wouldnt pass the rookie record for passing if he was some scrub, u skins have been in the toilet so long that anything excites yal now, sad!!

  12. I’m pretty sure rg3 leads the league in yards after catch for his receivers, all he does is dump off and screen passes. luck throws the ball in the air. if you wash fans would actually watch the game and not just look at stats you’d see luck is the better qb with less talent and horrible defense

  13. As a Chiefs fan I gotta say, it makes me laugh that you guys are arguing about who is better…I’d be extremely happy with any of them. I’d even be happier with whoever your backups are then with the ridiculously bad QBs we’ve been trotting out there.

  14. mauicat1:

    The Cleveland Rams ran for 322 yards in a loss in 1944. The previously held the record for most rushing yards in a loss.

  15. We were 2-14 last year. one and done is not that bad of a result considering where we were projected to finish this year. Any Colts fan will agree. And who the hell cares who wins rookie of the year, obviously all 3 qbs are gonna be very good. 1 ROY award dosent determin who is best, its simply a few peoples opinion, awards are nice, but not that big a deal. Peyton never won a Heisman, so what???

  16. at least the skins didn’t squeak by the worst team in the league.

    one and done. must have been nice with the 2nd easiest schedule in the nfl. but it’s big boy time

  17. Good commenth geoffrey stevens. The chiefs turned the ball over twice in the red zone, quinn threw a pick 6 and they missed a field goal. That is how a team runs for 350 yards amd loses in the nfl

  18. Those talking about all RG3 does is dump off must not have seen the absolute dime he dropped in Santanas lap for the last TD today.

    Keep reaching at straws, though.

  19. As a Colts fan who lives in Washington DC (all my friends are skins fans), I’v seen almost every throw by both QBs. Both are great for rookies, only bad things I’d say is Luck forces too many throws (reminds me of Farve a bit, just some stupid picks, but its usually when we are trailing a lot, and he feels he has to). The only thing I’d say about Griffin is I havent seen him consistently throw accurate deep passes down the field. Not saying he heasnt ever done it, just not as often as Luck. But, he dosent need to in the skins style of offense. Most of his deep throws are based off their playaction, recievers are ususally wide open, or in single coverage due to play action. Its fine to have an opinion on who is better, but to anybody that simply says one or the other just flat out sucks, obviously does not know football. And Wilson looks pretty good too.

  20. Hey Walter, didn’t the Pats just sneak one out against Jax today. By your reasoning the Pats aren’t a playoff team either. Be willing to bet the Pats will go farther than the Skins

  21. Playoffs! Luck wasn’t great today. I would like him to win ROY but I can’t argue if doesn’t. Congrats to skins and Seahawks fans. Win and you’re in.

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