Eli should take Peyton’s advice, do the opposite

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For the fourth time this year, Eli Manning’s Giants will be facing a team that his brother’s Broncos previously played.  For the fourth time this year, Eli has gotten some information from Peyton regarding the defense Eli will be facing, after Peyton has gotten a look at them.

From ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Peyton once again has fed Eli info about the Ravens’ defense, given that Peyton played Baltimore last week.

Eli would be wise to do the opposite; so far this year, Eli is 0-3 when facing teams that Peyton previously has played.

Specifically, the Giants have lost to the Steelers after Peyton played them, the Bengals, and most recently the Falcons.  Last Sunday, the Giants didn’t score a single point against the Falcons, the first time in 335 straight regular-season games in which one of the Mannings were shut out.

7 responses to “Eli should take Peyton’s advice, do the opposite

  1. That’s kind of rude. How about Eli and co execute better? I doubt it’s a case of bad advice. Peyton doesn’t strike me as a bloke that just “talks”.

  2. Maybe Eli isnt as good as people think he is. Anyone notice how he only wins big playoff games when his defense shows up against monster offenses like the Pats twice and the Packers last year?? But Eli gets all the credit for putting up like 17 or 20 points in those “clutch” games… He’s a good Qb that does well when his entire team does well… Nothing more

  3. Do you think that there is a reason bhy Peyton may be giving Eli not the best advice?
    Eli is an elite quarterback. It takes an elite qb to beat the Patriots and other teams in those comeback games. He never chokes like others do. Only true champions win in the clutch. One of the Giants’ biggest issues is their secondary, and their defense which is not the fault of Eli. Eli is a human being with feelings affected by housing and family issues from the hurricane, and he and Cruz were deeply affected by the recent tragedy at Newtown.People forget that football players are humans too. Money is not everything, they are still humans. No one is perfect and anyone can have a bad time. that does not make Eli a bad QB and I wish people would stop criticising Eli.

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