Jets lead Chargers after sloppy first half

Getty Images

It hasn’t been much prettier than their other recent offensive efforts, but the Jets have a bit more to show for it on Sunday against the Chargers.

They lead 14-10 thanks to two Shonn Greene touchdown runs and a Chargers team that appears to have checked out on the season. The Jets got a big play from wide receiver Jeremy Kerley throwing a pass on a gimmick play to set up one of Greene’s one-yard plunges and got the other after wide receiver Braylon Edwards drew a pass interference flag in the end zone.

Greg McElroy hasn’t turned the ball over, even when faced with the rear end of guard Brandon Moore. Moore, whose posterior helped cause an infamous fumble by Mark Sanchez on Thanksgiving, got pushed directly back into McElroy for a sack, but there was no Buttfumble II. McElroy was sacked five times overall and is 5-of-9 for 76 yards when he does get time to throw the ball.

The Chargers scored on a Micheal Spurlock punt return and had the only scoring chance generated by the offense wiped out by consecutive holding penalties. They’ve rolled up 75 yards, although Norv Turner will probably still find takers for his bid to return to the world of offensive coordinating.