Packers continue to cruise over hapless Titans


Here’s how bad it is for the Titans.

Even Packers kicker Mason Crosby’s making today. Crosby bounced one in from 48 yards, and the Packers took a 20-0 halftime lead.

But this one is more about what the Titans can’t do than what the Packers can. Mainly, move the ball.

Titans quarterback Jake Locker is 3-of-12 passing for 35 yards, with two interceptions and a 0.0 rating at halftime.

8 responses to “Packers continue to cruise over hapless Titans

  1. Sorry, I was never sold on Jake Locker and this game only confirms it. The guy just looks lost.

    Titans would be best to keep Hasselbeck for another year or two and find a mid-round guy to develop.

  2. Most complete game Green Bay has played in years.

    Both sides of the ball are sharp, focused and playing thru the whistle.

    Want to know how bad it really is? GB has multiple rushing TD’s and AJ Hawk has multiple sacks.

  3. You knew right away Locker had no brains when he decided to go back for his senior year instead of going first and making bank.

  4. So when the Pack enters the 4th quarter up 34-0 on a hapless victim and tack on an additional 21 4th qtr. points, it’s “peaking at the right time.”
    When the Seahawks do it – 2 weeks in a row mind you – it’s “running up the score.”

    Just wanna make sure I’m clear on that.

  5. The fake punt was an “automatic” that Pete failed to call off and the ‘Hawks tacked on a meager field goal from that point on – rather than putting the ball in Fitzpatrick’s hands, which would have resulted in another Pick 6. Very classy move by the Seahawks when we face reality 🙂

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