Panthers win third straight, beat Raiders 17-6

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Whether it matters to the long-term future of players and coaches in Carolina remain to be seen.

But the Panthers won a third straight game, and their fourth out of the last five, with a 17-6 decision over the Raiders.

The Panthers improved to 6-9, with wins the last five weeks over the Eagles, Falcons, and Chargers prior to slogging to Sunday’s victory. That three of those were against their playing-out-the-string peers is a fact that is worth considering in regards to coach Ron Rivera’s future, along with his 1-12 record in games decided by a touchdown or less.

Any chance the Raiders had evaporated when Carson Palmer was knocked out of the game in the first half. X-rays were negative, but he didn’t return, leaving Matt Leinart to finish up (poorly).

The Panthers held the Raiders (4-11) to 189 yards with linebacker Luke Kuechly playing another solid game in the middle of the Panthers defense.

12 responses to “Panthers win third straight, beat Raiders 17-6

  1. He was flagged for yelling at the REF who stepped in the way when he was getting ready to get in the Defenders face who power slammed him after he threw the ball and the REF who didnt throw the flag was standing right there.

  2. Bengals were cheering the Panthers on as they get the Raider’s 2nd round pick for the Carson Palmer trade. Carson may not be on the team by draft day and they will still be paying Cincy for the trade!

    Looks to be a top 5 pick! Thanks Raiders!

  3. Note to Dennis Allen (not that he’ll read it, just venting).

    You took an offense that last year lost it’s starting QB, RB and two WR’s before the halfway mark of the season and still finished ranked 9th in the league in offense with all but a few of the same guys and made them the worst unit in the league. If that isn’t bad coaching, then it doesn’t exist.

    And if anyone would have told me this defense would be worse this year than last I would have said no way, can’t get any worse. NOT!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously Dennis has no juice in the coaching fraternity to hire a guy who’s been fired 3 times and by the same team that “re” hired him. Bad move!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So when exactly is the “time” that Pryor is supposed to be evaluated… and given playing time?

    Could we POSSIBLY know any more about the guys
    head… or skills… or how he performs under pressure
    from a “cameo” appearance like this?

    C’mon Coach Allen… Give the kid some snaps, so we
    don’t make a BAD decision by keeping him if he can’t play… Or a BAD decision by never playing a guy who
    can make things happen.

    At this point, we have no idea (STILL) what Pryor
    can do???

  5. voyager6 says: Dec 23, 2012 4:38 PM

    Bengals were cheering the Panthers on as they get the Raider’s 2nd round pick for the Carson Palmer trade.

    Wow, I can’t imagine just how much noise all five of you must have made.

    Congrats on making the post season though. Maybe in doing so, there will be six of you rooting your team on next year.

  6. that was a really sloppy game. awful officiating with a ton of bad calls going against both teams. how bizarre was that to see so many phantom fouls and not hear a whistle blow on real fouls?

    man, that was ugly…i don’t care if my team won, that was ugly…

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