Raiders have already used three QBs, Panthers lead

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The Raiders tried a little trickery and three quarterbacks, but the Panthers have an early lead.

Despite a 22-yard trick-play reception by Terrelle Pryor, the Panthers look like the sharper offensive team in Charlotte.

Cam Newton hit Steve Smith with a 23-yard touchdown pass, taking Smith off the hook for an earlier mistake as the Panthers have a 7-0 lead. Smith was called for a holding (though it could have been a two-point takedown) which took a 76-yard touchdown run by DeAngelo Williams off the board.

The Raiders are now using Matt Leinart at quarterback, after Carson Palmer was drilled in the back by Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, who led with his head.

9 responses to “Raiders have already used three QBs, Panthers lead

  1. You kinda get the feeling that Dennis Allen either doesn’t trust or doesn’t like Terelle Pryor seeing as how he won’t let him play with Carson Palmer out…

    Give the kid a chance,

  2. We all know how lienart plays, no mystery there… Lets throw Pryor in there for the second half and see if the kid can play.. Cross drafting a qb off your list for a year or two

  3. How is Cam Newton still in this game? He should have been ejected for the kick at Tommy Kelly. (Instead, Kelly was called for a personal foul – presumably because he hit Newton’s foot with his groin…)

    Then two plays later Miles Burris was called for a personal foul on a perfectly good wrap-up tackle.

    Come on, the Raiders aren’t good enough to beat an NFL team when it’s 11 v 11, so they certainly can’t beat another team that has the officials on their side.

  4. Mpoles:

    You honestly cant be serious? You guys hve also had multiple calls go your way. Ill admit ours were bad calls, but the hit on palmer was textbook. These refs have been terrible both ways

  5. A textbook example of leading with the helmet. Which is now a personal foul. As explained by both the game officials and the television commentators.

  6. Yeah Carson. Things are so much better in Oakland. I hope you saved those millions. You’re going to need all of it for your assisted living housing and meds. no winning record for you ever again and more times on your back than a French Hooker.

  7. Cam should have been ejected, but the fact that Kelly was called for a personal foul was just salt in the wound. It was 4th down, Raiders should have been off the field…

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