Report: Tebow asked out of Wildcat because he was skipped

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Well, at least it hasn’t turned into a circus.

The Jets have apparently reached full-scale mutiny proportions, as backup quarterback Tim Tebow reportedly asked out of their Wildcat package because he was frustrated with his role.

According to Rich Cimini and Jane McManus of, citing multiple unnamed sources,Tebow told coaches he didn’t want to be used in Wildcat plays against the Chargers.

Without Tebow running them, they used wide receiver Jeremy Kerley in the trick plays, for the first time this season. According to the report, Tebow went to coaches early in the week to tell them he didn’t want to be used situationally, giving them time to get Kerley ready.

When asked after the game who told him he wouldn’t be running the Wildcat plays, he replied: “It just kind of happens.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan said during his press conference Kerley was used for the element of surprise, and through a team spokesman it was a “coach’s decision,” when asked specifically if Tebow asked out.

“It’s been disappointing, obviously (the season) didn’t go as we thought, as I had hoped,” Tebow said. “But sometimes in life you have that. Sometimes you have setbacks and you have to look at them as an opportunity to step back up and keep working and figure out what to do.”

Taking his ball and going home runs counter to the popular perception of Tebow, but it’s also understandable at some level.

The Jets actively pursued him, with the promise of using him. They didn’t.

Anyone who competes would be disappointed, and it’s probably more of a surprise it took this long to become evident.

103 responses to “Report: Tebow asked out of Wildcat because he was skipped

  1. He also asked to be out of the playoffs and soon he will be asked to get out of the league !

  2. Lose the perception of him being an angelic choir boy because he isn’t. That is what Santonio Holmes or some other malcontent would do. Suck it up for your millions Tebow.

  3. You may not like Tebow, but when someone of his drive, moral and team mentality requests such things, it speaks volumes about the Jets management/coaching staff. Pathetic.

  4. I don’t blame him. Why risk injury with noyjing left to plat for. This circus can’t end quick enough!

  5. If it wasn’t for the fact everybody about these Tebow stories is conflicting, I’d believe that he asked that. But since everybody about these Tebow stories is conflicting, I don’t.

  6. Hey Teblow.. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that you aren’t aware of. You are HORIBLE!! You are absolutely the worst talked about QB in the history in the NFL. ESPN should be apologizing to you daily for inflating your ego because your name is plastered all over their website and shows.

  7. For it to come to this, this whole mess with the Jets has really had an impact on Tebow. Normally, I wouldnt see him asking to be left out, but given the joke and circus this franchise has become, and how they treat some people, it finally got to him enough where he basically said enough is enough.

    Good luck Tim.

  8. Look, I don’t really like Tebow, or the fact that Mr. Religious charged kids money for his autograph.
    But the Jets organization and Rex Ryan did him very wrong.

    They made him think he was truly wanted in the nasty apple, and made him believe that he would actually get playing time.
    Whether its Tannebum’s or Rex’s fault doesnt matter. The Jets/Rex/Tannebum have made themselves look like complete fools. Inept clowns. Spiteful morons.

    Complete lack of class displayed all around. Its embarrassing and shameful

  9. It would be like getting married, being very excited and having all these plans, then never following through with the plans andfinding out she wishes to remain a virgin….or something like that…

  10. I applaud Tim for that decision! He’s always been a classy guy and to be treated like this is just not right! Why help a team that doesn’t want but it was fun being at ML Stadium to see them get beat by a bad Chargers team. The Jets are a joke!

  11. I can’t believe Tebow didn’t want to go in for 3 plays only to run up the middle for 2 yards and get taken out for a QB who has been awful all year long.

    What could he possibly be thinking…

  12. I am not a Tebow fan but this is getting ugly. It is starting to become a smear campaign by the Jets against Tebow. Why not release him now and just be done with this situation?
    Just let Tim go so he can work on his fundamentals, technique and accuracy so he can become the starting quarterback in Jacksonville next season. Remember Tim, you need to throw the football 100K times during the offseason.

  13. Wow…now Tebum is pouting and quitting on his teammates…lmao! Guess he will take his ball and go home to Jacksonville where he can prove that he sucks as a qb! Guess Skip Bayless will have great spin for this…

  14. Ouch!

    Well, the Jets can say goodbye to that automatic 2 yards.

    He has no hand to play here. It’s the equivalent of me withholding sex from my wife as punishment: she’s not gonna miss it and she might just find somebody in the locker room who can do it better.

  15. I’m tired of the Jets being painted as bad guys here. The Jets were the ONLY team who wanted him. And they did give him opportunities, he just didn’t do anything when he was given them. He proved he could not run a traditional offense on the Broncos and during the preseason this year. He gained like 1-2 yards every carry when he was given a chance this year.

    From day 1 Rex said they’d use him 1-20 snaps based on how successful he was. He wasn’t successful so they didn’t use him. There were no lies told so we can all stop feeling so sorry for Tim Tebow who wouldn’t even be in the NFL if he wasn’t so popular.

    He would have been a third stringer on any other team and probably wouldn’t have seen a single snap. This is why the lowly Jaguars are the only team left who wants him.

  16. I forget where I heard it but I agree with the sentiment- the NY JETS have managed to unite both Tebow fans and foes into mutual agreement that he has been treated horrendously by this team.
    I would hardly call his action this week as ‘taking his ball and going home.’ I hope he is treated more honestly where ever he ends up next year. This was a complete debacle.

  17. So let’s recap the NFL career of Tim Tebow:

    Rookie year – can’t earn playing time, whines to the owner, gets his coach fired and gets handed a starting job. Loses three starts, Broncos finish under .500

    Second year – uses the lockout to promote his book while Kyle Orton leads team workouts, whines to the owner, gets the starting qb fired and gets handed a starting job. Ends the season 1-4 getting blown out of the playoffs, Broncos finish .500. Tebow demands a trade.

    Third year – can’t earn playing time, whines to the owner, demands a trade, quits on team, Jets finish under .500.

    Sounds more like TO or Iverson than a “winner” or “leader” to me. I hope he knows the words to Oh Canada if he plans to continue his playing career!

  18. He wouldn’t be effective in that set, further hurting his value… All because the coaches only let him plow into the back of his o-lineman and not letting him even having the option of passing

  19. If you’re going to collect a game check, you should do what is asked of you to help the team win. Especially when you’re a vastly overpaid gimmick player.

  20. The Jets are a farce of a franchise with a farce of a head coach. Calling it a circus doesn’t cover it.

    Don’t blame Tebow if he’s had enough.

  21. They never ran the “WildCat” with Tebow they would bring him in to take a direct snap and run forward for two yards. And, they would bring him in at weird times during the game. Never for short yardage on a 3rd and goal, 3rd and 1, or 3rd and 2. It was always 2nd and 10 type situation.

  22. I know Tebow was disappointed with the way he was treated by the Jets. After all, he picked them because they made him feel more wanted than the Jaguars. However, he arrived with fanfare, and took full advantage of the glory…he was excited, he was going to work to get better each and every day….It didn’t work out…now his behavior can only be described as passive-aggressive. He needs to understand that the football world doesn’t revolve around him. Now, it is reported that he will go to the Jags….as I Jags fan, I’m not excited….

  23. This would be completely out of character. The Jets aren’t even good enough to smear someone effectively in the press.

    Tebow has a lot of flaws as a QB, but a lack of heart and character are not two of them. No way he tells his coaches that he doesn’t want to play, period.

    This is a dysfunctional organization trying to save face by smearing a guy how had basically nothing to do with the miserable excuse of a season turned in by the Jets.

    Why in the world is there such a media circus around this team and this person? He is a back up QB on an awful team with a dysfunctional management team and ownership.

  24. Hey Jets Clap:

    I dont doubt you when you say the Jets were the only team that wanted him….but if that is the case why then did they give up ANYTHING to get him? They gave up 2 picks. It sounds like that is one stupid organization

  25. So they guy who doesnt play asks to not play to prove that he should play?? Well done Tebow, your move to NY for all the publicity has backfired. You had a chance to go to your HOMETOWN with a qb who is “more” garbage than sanchez and you passed it up. Now is your time to go to Canada and be back page news. Everyone here is done with you.

  26. Not good in practice. Not good with a normal NFL offense. Has to have the offense changed for him. Terrible all game but can maybe bring the team back if the defense only allows up 7 – 14 points. Yeah, I can’t imagine why NFL teams aren’t lining up to trade for him.

  27. The good guy image now needs to be scaled down now!!! That sounds like diva behavior. All players who could change the game have diva in them.

  28. I don’t know how many times I have to say it Tebow is a non story. The guy is not a NFL QB. I don’t care if he is a leader, quits on his team or goes to Jacksonville the guy doesn’t have the arm, decision making ability and talent to be a NFL QB. That is not me saying it that is most NFL GMs and former players who know a hell of a lot more football than any of us posting on here.

  29. Everyone replying saying good for Tebow and the Jets did him wrong are full of crap. Regardless of what the GM or Coach may have told him before the trade, the fact still remains he chose to be traded to the Jets instead of going to Jacksonville. Now he wants to pout and be mad because he is passed over to start. Here’s a thought clown, prove you can run a real offense and you might just unseat someone for a starting job. What will be his excuse next year when he goes back home to Jacksonville and still cant throw or run a traditional offense.

  30. I do not blame him at all if in fact he did do it. Why risk getting hurt at this point when they do not plan on having him back? I am sure he feels bad for letting down hus teammates. You know the same unnamed sources who trashed him to the media. It really hurt the jets not to get his 2 yards on second &20 today didn’t it? The jags need to hire the guy who drafted him and who will use in a offense that suits his skills instead of trying to make him fit in a regular one or a gimmick one.

  31. Some of you act like the Jets are 0-15. Even with all their problems they were alive for a playoff spot just a week ago. Nice timing Tebow.

  32. God should let his only begotten grandson know that the only reason any team would want him is to sell empty seats and tee shirts to the Jesus crowd and not because of his ability as a QB

  33. Hate the jets but this is on Tebow. You are a professional earning a paycheck every week.You do what the team asks you to do.

  34. cuda1234,

    You forgot two important points about his second year.

    1) Did you forget about a 20 yard run with a minute left in the game on 11/18/11 drop the Jets?

    2) Did you forget about the OT victory against the Steelers on the 80 TD pass?

    The excitement in those two plays surpassed anything that the Jets have collectively done this season by a large margin.

    Mock Tebow all that you want, but the Jets are idiots on multiple levels. They gave up too much to get him. Then they didn’t use him. Now they are spinning up the media smear machine to bash him?

    Who comes out looking bad in this whole thing?

  35. If this is true…and I am not 100% convinced that it is true…then Tebow is nothing more than a lousy quitter. If you’re going to accept the paycheck then you have do whatever your coaches ask of you. There were a lot of other guys risking injury today in meaningless games. They did their job. They’re professionals.

  36. cuda1234

    First of all Tebow did not ask to be traded from theBroncos. That decision was made by John Fox and John Elway because they wanted Peyton Manning who said he did not want Tebow as his backup. Kyle Oron was 1 and 4 and when Tebow took over, he won 7 out of the next 8 games and got the Broncos to the playoffs where under Orton they had no chance.
    He came to the Jets because they promised to use him in the wildcat and so far Rex Ryan was so into Sanchez that he hardly used Tebow. Tebow was taken advantage of. I hope he gets more time with the Jaguars or in Canada where I hope he gets more respect

  37. Tebow took a going-nowhere team to the playoffs last season and even won a playoff game. He was one of the most entertaining stories of 2011. And the pathetic Jests, with one of the worst QB situations on the league, didn’t even give him a chance. Imagine how it feels, knowing you HAVE succeeded and HAVE won games but your team refuses to give you a shot, even after trading for you specifically. Imagine if they HAD given him a shot in mid-season and he rallied the troops like he did in Denver. Imagine if he did lead them to six or seven ridiculous wins and a playoff spot. That’s all the Jests can do, because they never even tried to let the guy play, not even for laughs. Meanwhile a guy who was huge news a year ago languishes on the pine, a year of his career wasted on the NFL’s dumbest team. I just can’t believe any fans that watched this guy play last year can be happy to see him suffer this fate.

  38. Sanchez sucks, Rex is clueless, i hope Tebow gets his chance in Jacksonville. He absolutely deserves it.

  39. Can you imagine how messed up this organization has to be for Tim Tebow to lose his cool. I don’t blame the guy, they made promises to him that they failed to keep. The professional thing to do was to release him a long time ago so he could move on. You can’t even judge Tebow from this season, because he did not play.

  40. It’s amazing that some of you believe this.

    If Tebow had come up and said, “I don’t want to be used at all,” then the Jets would’ve deactivated him for the game, which of course they did not.

  41. He took a paycheck he gets on the field when he’s told to if this story is true he’s a QUITTER of epic proportions his morals and convictions are a complete load of crap,goodbye NFL and the paycheck that comes with it and good riddance you phony POS!!!!

  42. If he would just take one for the team, and become a Running Back he could actually help the Jets. But instead he’s selfish and wants to be the Star QB.

  43. Tebow was a financial acquisition. Harvard sports analysis showed strong evidence that front offices do not make decisions based upon expectation of future performance but many things plays a roll including of course jersey sales, ticket sales, and the financial reward that having Tebow brings. The jets front office wanted in on Tebowmania, and the coaching staff wanted nothing to do with it. It’s a win/win for front office because now they move on, blame Rex Ryan, get a new coach, and optimism for the season returns along with ticket demand that has been diving as a result of their decisions to put W/L record second.
    They bank on the fans not being smart enough or aware enough, or knowledgable enough to know its the man behind the curtain, not his pawns that are causing the Jets to fail… But it’s okay, the fans are smart enough to spell their teams name with pride and boo draft choices.

  44. For all those saying on here, poor Tebow-the Jets promised him something and didn’t deliver or, why should he risk hurting himself I have one thing to say, so what. This is football. The only thing the Jets promised him was a paycheck so if this story is true, I hope he handed them his weekly paycheck for not performing. It’s his j-o-b to do what the Jets ask of him even if that means sit on the bench. You don’t hear Alex Smith telling his coach he won’t come into the game if something takes out Kapernick(sic).
    If this story is true than Tebow is NOT about team, NOT about being humble and NOT about anything other than himself.
    Even Sanchez, in his worst of moments, would come into the game if asked to, even while all this talk about how he is the worst ever is all around him. You don’t think his feelings are hurt? Suck it up Tebow.

  45. I love how the Tebow fans always point to the winning run against the Jets and the Steelers playoff win last year. Convenient how they forget how the Jets D held a Tebow led offense to 0 for 15 3rd down conversions or how it took a Tebow led team at home to beat a clearly hurt and under manned Steelers team in OT.

    But let’s face it Tebow left such an impression with his heroics and playoff win that Denver decided to trade him and take a risk on a QB over the age of 35 coming off a severe neck injury. Keep in mind at this time a year ago a lot of people were wondering if Manning could still play. So I don’t want to hear the whole “if Manning wasn’t available argument”. Elway was so sure Tebow was not a QB he would have brought in someone to take that job

  46. Wrecks sends a message to every free agent or trade bait player out there – what he says and does are two very different things.

    The whole Tebow situation is a red flag for any player who doesn’t want the same treatment

  47. Something to remember. This team, coaches, had a number of players reportedly quit on the team near the end of last season. This coaching staff blows. Ryan is NOT a head coach. He needs to go back to Defensive Coordinator and it wouldnt hurt him to do it under someone like Bellichick. For as much as a d__k Bill is, he sure can coach and he gets the best out of his players week in and week out.

    I dont blame Tebow for this. I dont think he will ever be a QB in this league barring some major changes on his part, but he has always appeared to be a stand up guy. This franchise and coaching staff screwed him over, as well as the entire team.

    Heads need to roll this off season. Maybe give Rex another year, but many others have to go.

  48. all right, everyone. let’s take a step back and a deep breath. as I write this there are 62 comments on a thread about a back up QB.

    let me say that one, more time….

    there are 62 comments about a BACKUP QB.

    everyday, less and less cease to amaze me.

  49. He’s come to NY and done everything that has been asked of him, and yet he has been treated horribly by his coaching staff and some of his teammates both on and off the field.

    If anything he deserved a shot to play just a little bit, and yet Rex Ryan has no doubt decided against it because if he performs at just a decent level it will no doubt have the entire world saying what if, but of course the coaching staff doesn’t want to lose their jobs and have angry fans so they will play it up as though he just too awful to even attempt a real QB pass – but that is far from the truth and that is the picture they have painted of him for their own sake.

    Can’t blame Tebow for asking to not be part of the circus anymore.

  50. I’m sure Tebow is now pondering the question that all the rest of the country has started thinking about … where will the big guy be working next year? I’m talking about Rex Ryan, of course.

  51. So Cam Newton puts a towel on his head but played in the game and he is a whiner a baby and a diva. Tebow refuses to play for the team he chose and he is given excuses?? So when it doesn’t work next year when he still can’t throw and he can’t read a defense will be a whiner a baby and diva?? He is the biggest hype job I have ever seen.

  52. I love all you Tebowmaniacs. One of you wants to take two plays from a three year career and call it a success. Others want to talk about a very small set of data from his second year and call his career a success. Truth is that last year’s Broncos started 1-4 with Orton and finished 1-4 with Tebow. They backed into the playoffs. They did not have a winning record. They got blown out of the playoffs 45-10. They are much better this year without Timmy. And, statistically, Tebow had one of the worst qb seasons in NFL history.

    You can look it all up if you want to know the truth. Or you can just remain a clueless Tebowmaniac and keep spreading the TRT Urban Legend.

  53. The big thing about Tebow was his enthusiasm and his willingness to do anything for his team, but now hearing this makes me think different about how genuine he really is. Tebow should just keep his feelings inside and do what is asked of him.

  54. so the BS aw shucks routine is showing holes? poor Tebow-maniacs – you deified an egomaniac with a publicity team superior to Jerry Falwell. big freaking deal. enjoy Jacksonville in 2013, the CFL in 2014, and obscurity in 2015 Tim.

  55. Come on people, if it wasn’t for all the religious followers Tebow wouldn’t even be in the league anymore. He is another Linert, Quinn or Henne with a bunch Tebow fans not football fans, and last I knew your employer tells you what to do, not the other way around. And why should he play? Because that’s what he is being paid to do!

  56. jckid21,

    The Broncos didn’t just bring in some injured veteran, they brought in a future hall of famer, that five or six other teams wanted pretty badly. Tebow wasn’t replaced with just some veteran guy because they didn’t think Tebow was good, it was Peyton Manning, who would’ve been an upgrade for probably 30 of the 32 teams if he signed with them.

    And I like how you say Tebow beat a “clearly hurt and under manned” Steelers team. Hurt and under manned how? Because Brett Keisel was out that day?

    By the way, Tebow supporters don’t just point to one play against the Jets or one game against the Steelers last year. He took over a 1-4 team, led them to a 7-4 record after that, then a playoff win. It wasn’t just one nice play or game. Or would you rather just ignore the rest?

  57. cuda1234,

    I love it. You say, “You can look it all up if you want to know the truth” after you claim Tebow ended last year with a 1-4 record. Seriously, go look it up, he didn’t end 2011 with a 1-4 record.

    Yeah, the Broncos didn’t finish 2011 with a winning record – because, like you said, Orton had already led them to a 1-4 start.

  58. Last year McElroy was correct calling the locker room the most dysfunctional he has ever been in. Now it rubbed off on Tebow. I will say this one more time. Tebow ought to quit the NFL all together and go coach college football at UF or OSU if possible. Many people devote their time trying to be the best they can be at stuff and fail at attaining a lofty goal. It happens all the time in life. The sooner the individual comes to grips with it the better it is for him and his family. Tebow is not a NFL QB. End of story.

  59. The Jets just are not a good team no matter who is the QB. It is a team game. Tebow actually took a Bronco team out of the cellar and took them to the playoffs. NY fans are the hardest of hard and this kid has not even got a chance, but he has been nailed to the cross and never got a chance. I don’t blame him.

  60. Funny! Kerley threw the touchdown, tebagger couldn’t do all year. Maybe now that tebagger should go to convert the heathens North Korea & china and sacrifice himself for world democracy….I mean Christianity…I mean the NRA…I mean capitalism (tebow —- Rambo)? It’s better he use his millions for good then ruining another lovely Sunday in the nfl.

  61. So much for the ‘Team First’ attitude that Tim Tebow possess. He’s just like any other athlete in sports. If you don’t play me then I am going pout.

  62. So let me get this straight…tebow took a 1-4 team to an 8-8 playoff birth and a win…ok that’s fair. Lets not forget however, that denver needed one, yes I said ONE win in their last 3 games to control their destiny and clinch a playoff birth. How many did they, or wait, I mean tebow, manage to win? Wait for it tebow fanatics………..A BIG FAT GOOSE EGG. And meanwhile, the “terrible” guy he replaced (Kyle orton) beat him in a 7-3 shoot out. As a bronco fan, all I can say to the idiots who think tebow is really going to bounce from town to town and “save” teams….how’s that “team that was going nowhere” doing now in denver? With a real damn quarterback.

  63. You can say what you want about Tebow and I agree he is no good as an NFL starting QB. But there is a big problem here in NY. The players know hes a good kid and does whats asked even when he takes heat for it. Look at how they treated this guy this year. Would anyone want to sign there as a free agent right now? Heres the sign of a poorly run organization. The owner makes a decision to trade for a high profile player, and the offense makes no attempt to use him. That says all you need to know about the Jets right now. Woody Johnson is most definitely cleaning house

  64. I’m so excited for next year, to hear all the blame thrown on Jacksonville players for Tim tebows struggles as an nfl qb with a 9 year old arm. Is MJD is smart he’ll get out now.

  65. I’m just so tired of watching Tebow and his supporters complain that he was “promised” more playing time. What a joke. This is the NFL, there are no “promises”. It’s about competition. And the Jets, justifiably so, felt that Tebow’s ability to play quarterback was so comically lacking that he didn’t warrant many snaps. That’s life in the league–if you suck, you’ll sit, regardless of any “special promises” someone made you in March. If Tebow can’t handle that, he should go do something else

  66. oh my god, please stop. they had tebow on the practice field 10,000 times before the games began. he didn’t look good. he did show some improvement, so they played him a little (weirdly putting him in right after sanchez would develop a little momentum). he didn’t show much there either, so they didn’t expand his role. also, the wildly underestimated his effect on the starter, so they didn’t expand his role.
    as time went on, the consensus grew that he’s not an nfl qb. where do you think that came from?
    “they didn’t play him”? puh leeze

  67. If every player in the league that wasn’t satisfied with his role on the team took their balls and went home the NFL would look like one of those 5 on 5 beer leagues that are played on wispy Saturday afternoons down the street from my house. Nice one Timmy. Have fun in Canada….

  68. edithpiaf51 says: “He came to the Jets because they promised to use him in the wildcat and so far Rex Ryan was so into Sanchez that he hardly used Tebow.”

    cliffclavicle says:”…because they never even tried to let the guy play…”

    Please remember, in the NFL, you have to prove yourself on the practice field before you’re going to be allowed to prove yourself in a game. I believe that had Teboohoohoo had proved himself on the practice field, The Jets would have Loved to get him into the action.

  69. I wish that were true that the Jets truly wanted to use him but as a marketing professor I believe the Jets just wanted the marketing and fame brought by Tebow. As for the issues in the practice, I had read in a bio about Tebow that Tebow has a learning disability that makes it difficult to apply in practice but yet on the field he performs well when given a chance, as he proved with the Broncos.

  70. Tebow’s duty is to do what his coach asks of him, to the best of his ability. An examination of conscience might be in order here, it sounds like he might have committed the sin of pride. Pray on it, Tim.

  71. Tiny Tim Teblow is total scum. He’s proving he’s not a team player and that he’s the worst excuse for an NFL quarterback. The Jets would be smart not to play him before trading him away since if he plays he’ll just look pathetic and lose value for the Jets. He obviously lacks a good protestant work ethic.

    Tiny Tim Teblow should go to the Lingerie League where his throwing like a girl won’t be noticed. He should do football a big favor and just retire.

  72. Jets knew what they were in for hiring Tebow but at the time they were hurting more then Tebow was.I hope him the best,he was used and being him take the millions and run.

  73. If Tebow said he was OK with riding the bench all year his many detractors would lose respect for him not wanting to earn his pay.

    Too many people have lost their objectivity on every possible subject.

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