Snyder should arrange Shanahan-to-Shanahan succession plan


There’s plenty of talk, and rightfully so, that Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan should receive consideration to become a head coach in the looming hiring cycle.

But we’re reminded of a rumor that was making the rounds when Shanahan and Son arrived three years ago in Washington.  As the chatter went, Mike would hold the job for an undetermined number of years, try to win another Super Bowl, and eventually hand the reins to Kyle.

Through the first two years of the Shanahan regime, it looked like Mike wouldn’t have the luxury of leaving on his own terms.  Now, with the quarterback position solved for years into the future, a baton-passing becomes the ideal outcome for the franchise.

The smart move for Daniel Snyder, then, would be to ink the younger Shanahan to a long-term extension that pays him like an entry-level head coach and promises him the job when Mike decides to call it quits.  (Right or wrong, such an arrangement permissibly circumvents the requirements of the Rooney Rule, which requires at least one minority candidate to be interviewed for every head-coaching vacancy.)

It could be that, in the end, Kyle prefers to stay with the Redskins.  But entertaining other opportunities may be the best way to get Snyder to step up and ensure that Mike and Kyle will remain together for now, and that Kyle will continue with the franchise thereafter.

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  1. Seems to me that not so long ago many, including myself, were howling to get rid of Kyle and bring in an OC that was qualified for the job by more than bloodline. Granted, the team was playing without RG and the line was awful, but is this years success due to the coaching or the players now in place? I hope a little of both is the answer and they win out. Go Skins !!

  2. When all the talk started about Kyle getting offers this offseason one question came to mind…Why in the world would Kyle leave RG3? He’d have to be an idiot. As far as head coach? We’ll cross that bridge when it comes, signing him to a long term contract is a no brainer though.

    33 yrs old? Lock him up now.

  3. Snyder does NOT need to arrange a Shanahan to Shanahan succession plan.

    The Skins are having a decent season and Kyle Shanahan has done a lot better this season than the previous two, but I don’t think he’s demonstrated that he’s ready to be the next head coach. He has a dynamic qb in RG3, that has made him look brilliant. We’ve seen this before. He was the coordinator of the league’s top offense when he was in Houston. That was more a function of his personnel than his proficiency as a coordinator and coach. I’m not sure things are any different this time.

    The Shanahan brain trust all but threw in the towel on this season six weeks ago. The Redskins are winning in spite of the Shanahans, not because of them. If this pattern of success continues into next year and beyond, maybe Kyle gets a look, but it would be asinine for the Skins to make him the coach in waiting based on one season.

  4. Shanahan, either one of them, got a lot smarter when they scored Griff.

    Wiesenhunt was drawing raves with Warner, but with the Skelton/Kolb/Lindley fiasco — is lined up to get canned.

    Belichick got a lot smarter when Brady was forced into the line-up, than he was with Holcomb in Cleveland.

    Cowher had superior teams with Kordell, but could never get over the hump — but as soon as Ben rolled into town, the Steelers resumed their collecting of Lombardis.

    The list goes on and on and on. If an organization is dialed in at QB, their coach is going to look a hell of a lot smarter — no matter what he brings to the table as a coach.

  5. Of course that is going to happen and makes me laugh when i hear the talking heads talking about a package deal trade with kyle and cousins. We are set at qb and are no longer doirmat of the east.

  6. When the Skins were 3-6 there was no talk about this, Kyle has a lot to prove as an OC befor he can be a head coach

  7. Kyle would be out of his mind to leave DC at this point. I would imagine that the discussion Florio outlined above has already taken place, at least in preliminary form.

    If Mike Shanahan wins another Lombardi over the next couple years, you could easily imagine he’d be ready to retire and give Kyle a shot at being HC.

  8. Let Kyle go. The Redskins are winning this year in spite of Shanatan and son. The coaches gave up on this team. Don’t tell me about the great job Kyle did when Cousins started. They were playing the Browns. How many plays has RGIII had to improvise? Let both of these over rated coaches go.

  9. RG3 is amazing … right now. However, he will continue to get nicked and occasionally, seriously hurt, because of his style of play (as exciting as it is, it is not sustainable). He’s Vick reincarnate (minus the obvious character/moral flaws of Vick). Enjoy the ride while you can Shanahan(s), ask Jim Mora Jr how its gonna end

  10. kinggw, fuglyflorio, baywatchboy, basshawg:
    you’re all morons!!!

    When you have even a decent QB, you get to see what Shanahan can do with the offense. He’s had success in Houston and if it continues this season, you can add DC to that list. Incase you didn’t notice, Shanahan and the Skins ran a traditional offense the last two weeks without a problem. Lets not forget Morris at RB which plays a much bigger role in RG3’s success than people give him credit. In 3 years the Shanny’s have turned around 20 years of garbage in, garbage out! Looks like Shanny’s is preparing to add a 3 ring before handing it over to his son. If you don’t know, now you KNOW!!’

  11. rg3svictory

    A moron? Nice. For all the people giving Shanatan and the Boy Wonder all the credit now, is it because of RGIII and Morris or is because they’re such great coaches? If they were such great coaches, why did they have the worst first 2 years as coaches of the Redskins in 60 years? Shanatan has done nothing to improve this franchise.

    If Mike and Kyle knew Morris was so amazing, why was he drafted in the 6th round? Why was he the 4th RB in camp? He’s playing not because Shanatan and the BW are so smart, but because they had no one left.

    RGIII is such a talent that he would be winning wherever he was. Switch him and Luck and I’m sure you’d see similar results in Washington and Indy. The fact that you call RGIII a “decent” QB is concerning to me.

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