Vikings thwart Texans’ TD effort


As the Vikings scored field goal after field goal, it seemed inevitable that the Texans eventually would score touchdowns.

They still could, but they haven’t yet.

With a first down inside the Minnesota one, the Texans failed to hit paydirt, ultimately losing 14 yards on a third-down sack and setting up a field goal.

The Vikings lead, 16-6.  (That’s a score that will make most purple-clad people turn green.)  And the boos birds have been flying in Houston, where the Texans could still squander the top seed in the AFC.

4 responses to “Vikings thwart Texans’ TD effort

  1. Nice to see the Vikings put up a good effort, but I gotta tell ya – I’ve never had a chance to watch JJ Watt play this year until today. I am impressed; he really is the real deal. What a complete player.

  2. They WILL squander the top seed. I’m a realist Texan fan, these guys are good, but not great. The Vikings are a good team, but the Texans were flat. Kubiak should be ashamed of himself for NOT getting this team ready to play. Their 1 and done in the Playoffs.

  3. As a Texan fan, I have known Gary Kubiak was the problem and today is the nail in the coffin. Kubiak’s playcalling is too conservative to win in the playoffs. Bob McNair will not admit that it was a mistake to give Kubiak a 3 year extension so McNair needs to hire Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator and let Norv call the plays on gameday. The Texans cannot win with Kubiak calling the same 15 plays every week.

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