Graham’s hustle play a good sign for Saints rebound

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The Saints are used to seeing tight end Jimmy Graham make plays.

But they’re used to seeing his athleticism at work catching passes and running with them.

Graham recovered a Marques Colston fumble Sunday, which set up the game-winning field goal against the Cowboys in overtime.

But that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

Just two plays before Graham’s hustle play, he left the field with a dislocated right ring finger, which was put back into place. Along with a wrist injury, and with no promise of playoffs on the line, it would have been easy for Graham to stay with the trainers.

That’s why we hustle! That’s what we do!” tight end David Thomas shouted at Graham as they left the field, via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “You did this! You got this win for us!”

The win moved them to 7-8, but showed a level of heart that was only occasionally evident this season.

“I didn’t think about the finger,” Graham said. “It felt like a loose ball on the basketball court, and I had to dive in and get it. I’ve been diving on hardwood since I was a little kid. . . .

“That’s just what this team does. We’ve got a lot of resolve. We’ve been through so much. We all give all we have.”

That’s a good sign for the future, assuming they get a deal done with coach Sean Payton and can build on the bits of evidence they’ve shown this year.

8 responses to “Graham’s hustle play a good sign for Saints rebound

  1. The win moved them to 7-8, but showed a level of heart that was only occasionally evident this season.

    I can’t stand Mr. Attention Hog Drew Brees and the ‘aints, but I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. Sure they got run over in the early part of the season but this team played with a chip on their shoulder from Week 1.

    With the deck stacked against them as it was, you have to be impressed they got this far. They could’ve easily folded at 0-4.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how people who comment on this site bad mouth a person like Drew Brees. You must have blinders on, take a good look around the NFL if you REALLY want to see “attention hogs”as you put it.

  3. erictheclown,
    You must still believe the Earth is flat because someone once told you that, right?
    Can you explain how the Saints can be ‘cheating’? Did the Saints decrypted hand signals on the opposite team? Did the Saints Xeroxed the other team’s playbook? Did the Saints videotaped the opposing team’s practice session? You are what the NFL’s smear campaign is aiming for: a naive’ fan’ that can not and will not think for him/herself.

  4. Brees wins games because he runs his team with confidence and commands his players to play their best…

    Something I wish dallas would allow tony to do…tony can be and is better than Brees, management Doesn’t allow for tony to have that kind of control or lead the team ( too many control freaks in management) dallas will be mediocre until this type of mentally changes…

    Brees will coach in the future…and be successful! Great q b!

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