Mariucci denies interest in Chargers job, sort of


During Sunday’s edition of Football Night in America, Peter King reported that former 49ers and Lions coach Steve Mariucci is interested in coaching the Chargers, if the Chargers are interested in Mariucci coaching the Chargers.

So King supplied it, and Mariucci has denied it.  Sort of.

“I would never comment on a coaching job where there’s a coach in place, and the coach down there in San Diego happened to be a very good friend of mine, Norv Turner,” Mariucci said during an appearance on NFL Network.  “There’s no way I would ever discuss this right now, I don’t know where it comes from.  Let’s just stop the nonsense, OK?  Please.”

Note that Mariucci never says that he’s not interested in the job.

So, frankly, it’s nonsense to suggest that King is anything other than right on the money.  He wouldn’t pull such an outside-the-box possibility out of thin air if there wasn’t something to it.

From Mariucci’s perspective, he’s saying what he has to say.  It’s bad form for coaches to sniff around jobs that already are filled.

Still, I’ve been around King long enough on Sundays to know how he works and how he gets what he gets.  He’s got no reason to embellish or exaggerate or fabricate.

None of it means that Mariucci will be hired by the Chargers.  After all, he’s been out of the business longer than even Bill Cowher.  And Mooch, while a very good coach, a great guy, and a fine analyst, hasn’t been on the “A” list since former Lions CEO Matt Millen fired Marty Mornhinweg and made a Rooney Rule-breaking beeline for Mooch.

Still, there’s no way King would say Mariucci is interested in the job if King didn’t have clear and credible reasons for believing that Mariucci is interested, regardless of whether Mariucci is willing to talk about the job while someone else still has it.

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  1. Why are you people in the nfl media in a hurry to have a guy out of a job ? Speculation of firings is so gleefully reported or suggested all season long . Why cant you guys/king wait one more game and report this ? Its almost like feeling giddy over someone losing a job so we can report this.

  2. From 1978 to 2008, no former Detroit Lions head coach has ever coached another NFL team after leaving Detroit:
    – Monte Clark
    – Darryl Rogers
    – Wayne Fontes
    – Bobby Ross
    – Gary Moeller
    – Marty Mornhinweg
    – Steve Mariucci
    – Dick Jauron
    – Rod Marinelli

    Don’t hold your breath, Mooch.

  3. They would just love the Wet Toast Offense in San Diego.

    On 3rd and 8, throw the ball 3 yards and hope the receiver gets the last 5, only to have him come up a yard or two short.

    Good times.

  4. Mooch is about as attractive a prospect as Eric Mangini. He might be interested in the job, but I would imagine he’s on no one’s short list. Chip Kelly and Andy Reid will likely be the two most sought after coaches.

    Of course, there are probably going to be a LOT of openings….

  5. Did you hear what Deion said?
    well, first Mooch started with “Peter King is a friend of mine, haven’t spoken at all to him..”
    then Deion at the end sort of mocked him, “ooh Peter King is a friend of mine, then he lied on this? what kind of friend is that?” (laughing)

  6. I’m glad Mooch came out and said this. I hope he’s telling the truth. I was disappointed that a guy like him would allow this type of speculation to take place. He seems like a good dude.

    Also I won’t dispute PK’s sources but his MMQB is unreadable except to laugh at his awful writing. Does the man have an editor?? There are so many mistakes and laughable sentences. It ruins his credibility as a writer.

  7. The function of sports media, as opposed to the news media, is to report but also speculate and editorialize. It’s part of what makes non-game days so entertaining and criticism of speculative sports reporting concerning possible changes in management, coaching or player personnel cones across as being a bit silly. Having said that, one must wonder why any team with a commitment to winning would jump from Turner to Mariucci. Turner clearly isn’t the answer but neither is Mooch. Both of their records as head coach are overall underwhelming and neither has had any real post season success. This would be a lateral move for the Chargers at best and not one that should generate a lot of enthusiasm from the team’s fan base. Let the speculation continue.

  8. Since Mooch doesn’t know where it comes from, perhaps King can enlighten us. Peter, where did you get this rumor?

  9. I feel like the people commenting don’t watch the chargers. I think norv would be a decent OC but he is not the best head coach and in this league when you do what they have done the past few years its time to go. He is a smart guy but can’t bring it all together as a head coach. No shame in it, it’s a hard thing to do but he had plenty of time to try and couldn’t do it.

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