Ravens fear another attempt to suspend Ed Reed

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Sunday’s meaningless game for the Ravens at Cincinnati could have significant meaning for one of the team’s players, especially if it means he is prevented from playing.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Ravens currently fear that the NFL will try once again to suspend Reed for an illegal hit on a defenseless player.

Last month, the NFL suspended Ravens safety Ed Reed for his third illegal hit on a defenseless player in four seasons.  On appeal, the punishment was reduced to a $50,000 fine.

This time around, Reed hit Giants receiver Victor Cruz on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game at Baltimore, drawing a flag.

I don’t know what’s going to come of it,” Reed said after the game, via the Baltimore Sun.  “I had the referee whispering in my ear on the second play.  All I like to do is play the game.  I don’t really know what to do with it.  I don’t really know what to do with that.  I thought it was a decent hit.  He got up from it.”

If the league attempts to suspend Reed, the effort would likely come early enough in the week to allow Reed to embark on an expedited appeal process.  If the appeal lingers, Reed could miss a playoff game.

From a financial standpoint, that’s actually better for Reed.  A suspension for the final regular-season game would cost Reed 1/17th of his regular-season salary, which equates to more than $423,000.  If Reed misses a wild-card playoff game, he’d lose only $22,000.

46 responses to “Ravens fear another attempt to suspend Ed Reed

  1. I am not a Ravens or Reed fan, however that call was BS. You could see Reed turn to lead with his shoulder at his chest, you even heard the commentators talking about how he AIMED for the CHEST. Cruz dropped his head to try and lessen the impact. The helmet contact was incidental.

    While I am a big proponent of nailing repeat offenders, I would disagree with it here because you actually saw the player adjusting his style to stay within the rules.

    That is something that should garner commendation not punishment.

    Bravo to Reed for not complaining but trying to make sure to hit hard while following the rules.

  2. Sundays game is absolutely not meaningless for the Ravens.

    A Ravens win and a Pats loss moves the Ravens up to the 3rd seed in the AFC and takes away another possible trip to Foxboro for the AFC Championship game.

    Unless the Pats come out and blow the doors off the Fins early, no way so the Ravens treat this like an exhibition.

  3. Baltimore can’t afford to go w/o Reed for a playoff game. They better hope the appeal is completed fast enough to suspend him for the final game of the season. As a Bengal fan, I’d love to see him suspended for the game next week. lol

  4. Hey Ed, maybe the ref was battling the same flu you had the other week. If it caused you to get hurdled, imagine what it would do to an older non-athlete.

  5. Cruz turned and Reed hit him between the 8 and the 0 with his shoulder. Where exactly is he supposed to hit him?

  6. Yet another joke. Reed hit entirely with his shoulder and went to the chest of Cruz. Cruz ducked and Reed’s shoulder ended up making slight contact with the bottom of Cruz’s helmet. I have no idea what Reed is supposed to do there, just as I have no idea what he was supposed to do on his previous “illegal” hits. Meanwhile, on a fourth down, Ryan Clark does the exact same thing to AJ Green, except made significantly more contact with the receivers head, and he didn’t even get flagged. I guess at this point Reed is going to get suspended solely because he hits really hard.

  7. That flag was a joke just like the refs robbing jacoby of a clear TD. Even playing against the zebras, Ravens delivered a Giant beat down

    Keep on hating Steeler fans, great season played. Tell me, will anyone even show up for that last game?

  8. Maybe next time he should tap Cruz on the shoulder and ask him if he realizes he is about to be hit. If Cruz grants his permission, then he may be hit in the safe zone.

    They called some other horrible blindside block on the Ravens where the Giants player was in position to make the play.

  9. While this was a big blown call in the game (clean hits shouldn’t be flagged), the biggest bonehead call by these refs was hands down the reversal of Jacoby Jones’ TD. Caught the ball, 2 feet down, turns, crosses the goal line and the ground causes the fumble. Result after review? “No second act.” What BS… and from what the announcers were saying, this crew has been under fire all season (well, shortened season) for poor calls. I think it’s fair to say this crew will not be called upon when playoffs start in 2 weeks. Good riddance.

  10. These flags have to stop. The hit last night Chancellor gave Vernon Davis was flagged and it was legit. These dudes just cant play football anymore…

  11. Virtually every game I’ve watched this year has featured perfectly legal hits penalized. Hitting has been outlawed in today’s NFL. It has nothing to do with whether or not a hit is technically illegal, if the pads pop the flags will fly

  12. The Ravens/Bengals game is only meaningless for the Bengals as they are now locked into the No.6 seed.

    The Ravens, however, can still move up and take the No.3 seed if the Patriots falter against the Dolphins.

  13. Thanks the league’s attorneys and the 4000 former players suing the league for this type of thing.

    One of the Jags was flagged for a “helmet to helmet” hit against Brady yesterday, and even as a Pats fan I thought the call was a joke.

    The Jags player was leading with his shoulder and would have hit Brady in the chest except at the last second Brady lowered his head causing the helmet to helmet contact. There was clearly no intent by the Jags player to hit Brady in the head and the contact was clearly caused by Brady.

    I don’t think it was an attempt by Brady to draw the flag, just his natural motion responding to the hit that was coming. But an offensive player could clearly do so if he wanted to.

    If the league is going to be this zealous about enforcing helmet to helmet hits there has to be a penalty for the offensive player dropping his head like Brady did.

  14. If this hit or the hit on Davis in the night game result in a fine or suspension it needs to come with a detailed explaination of what was actually expected. Neither player launched upward nor did they lead with the helmet….the only reason Reed made contact with the head was Cruz shielding for contact and you’re asking alot to expect players to not only judge a spot on the body at full speed but then adjust to a player defending himself in even less time.

    Not all violent hits are against the rules and just because a player ends up with a rung bell it doesn’t mean the hit should have been executed differently.

  15. I would love the Colts to face the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs with no Reed, no RayRay, let Ray Rice sit out, suspend Haloti Ngata. bench Torrey Smith…

  16. Darkglobe, you’re obviously uninformed and uneducated on the facts. Ed Reed not being a dirty player is exemplified by his suspension being overturned due to zero history of dirty play or cheap shots. The Ravens being the only team that embraces criminals? Make that the entire league. See Leanard Little, Michael Vick, Adam Jones, Larry Johnson, etc. Stats, wins, and highlights drive fans/GM’s, not criminal histories.

  17. You fanatics can pretend there was nothing wrong with that hit but it doesnt change the facts. The tackle was bad technique period. I don’t know if he should be suspended or not, just saying that he keeps finding himself in the same situation over and over again.

    As for Godell, gotta appreciate what a tough job he has. In one hand he has current players that are setting bounties and are still going after the head and in the other you got all the old former players suing the NFL for concussions.

  18. ravenator says:Dec 24, 2012 11:27 AM

    It’s so funny. Today, the Bengals have officially past the steelers in the AFCN
    I’m pretty sure that became official yesterday.

  19. It’s just not the way football is played anymore and you have to be able to adjust because its not only costing you money but its hurting your team. Stop being so dumb and selfish.

  20. Let me see if I got this right, tee shirt Lombardi boys are complaining about an obvious bad call on reed after beating the giants, winning afcn again, and not having to worry about playing the steelers in the playoffs…seems to be cry babies whining for more candy…get a grip you won so quit crying! Act like you have been there before..even if you always lose…just saying

  21. Goodell has finally ruined football. Every game has them. The Oakland vs Panther game had 3 called for hit’s against a defenseless player that were totally bogus calls. Seattle SF had one. Every time a WR is hit you look for the flag. Goodell won’t be happy until ever game is played with as much hitting as the pro bowl….

  22. Let me see if I got this right, tee shirt Lombardi boys are complaining about an obvious bad call on reed after beating the giants, winning afcn again, and not having to worry about playing the steelers in the playoffs…seems to be cry babies whining for more candy…get a grip you won so quit crying! Act like you have been there before..even if you always lose…just saying
    Pretty sure the only one on here crying is you…after every Raven win….just saying

  23. This helmet to helmet thing is getting a little out of control. There are a lot of obvious times where players line up a guy’s head and take him out. Those deserve fines and suspensions.

    Most of the time, though, the DB’s and Safety’s are aiming for the chest and shoulders but the receiver pulls his head in to brace for contact to avoid a neck injury and the defensive player makes contact with the helmet.

  24. That was absolutely the right call. Reed hit Cruz high and whether he was aiming for the head or not doesnt matter,he clearly hit him helmet to helmet. If he wants to avoid penalties fines and suspensions, he has to lower his aim by more than 6 inches. Especially since he was warned earlier this year.

  25. He just needs to learn to go below the shoulders. I know all the DBs say is that they dont want to take knees out but there’s a lot of body between the knees and head. It’s funny that this hit, where he did let up a little before he hit him, will get him suspended and a DB in Seattle had a dirty piss test and will play all year. Just another example of Goodell picking his battles.

  26. Pretty sure the only one on here crying is you…after every Raven win….just saying

    Have me confused with raven fans crying about the call….duh! I agreed it was a bad call what do want…oh I know a real Lombardi …just saying

  27. Joe Mays was flagged and suspended for a vicious hit on Matt Schaub; Ed Reed has had worse hits this year on numerous players.

    Suspend him.

  28. If Reed is suspended or even fined for this hit the league will be sending a message that hard hits are no longer tolerated as well as head shots….absurd

  29. He shouldn’t be suspended. I’m all for getting the dirty hits out of the game, but that wasn’t a dirty hit. The helmet to helmet contact was incidental contact. It’s clear to anyone watching that there was no intent. He wasn’t launching or head hunting or anything like that. If they suspend him or even fine him then it’s a joke. At this point, the strike zone for defenders is going to be smaller than the strike zone in baseball.

  30. I’ve always hated head shots. I think they are the height of cowardice. I’d rather see defenders tackle full on and reverse the forward progress of the ball carrier than try to knock them out with a head shot. Players should be suspended if they keep on doing it.

    That said, if Ed Reed gets suspended for the hit on Cruz it will be an absolute traversty.

    Reed lead with his shoulder, hit with his shoulder and hit Cruz in the chest. Any helmet to helmet contact was incidental and was a result of Cruz’s own momentum.

    I can understand the officials missing it, but the video evidence proves that it was a legal hit. Any fine or suspension would be an injustice.

  31. Hasn’t dawned on you raven geniuses that Mr Reed is this years James Harrison in the commish’s eyes….right or wrong I don’t know, but he needs to slow his roll or he’ll miss a game when you need him…try the next one. Might want to whisper in Boldins ear to keep his head on a swivel cus his time is coming. Just saying….

  32. Tackling is when you wrap your arms around the opponent and bring them to the ground. What you see in todays NFL, for the most part, is not tackling. It is a defender simply running into the ball carrier, usually leading with the shoulders or helmet. That is not proper tackling. Ed Reed doesn’t know how to properly tackle. It doesn’t matter if he is aiming for the “safe zone”, if he knew how to properly tackle, he would almost never be put in the position where a penalty is called and he risks a fine and/or suspension.

  33. I’m a steeler season ticket holder. And no way am I going to that last game against the browns. To answer your question Ravenator. After that pathetic showing at home against the bungles… I’m way too embarrased. With that being said. Ratbirds and bungles are going,nowhere. Patriots, Broncos and Texans can all whoop your sorry team. You’ll be bounced from playoffs again. Just another no Lombardi year for you!!

  34. I hate the Ravens, but Reed got screwed.

    How can I donate to the Reed fund for blowing up that worm Victor Cruz?

  35. No horse in this race, saw the play and Reed should not be fined, should not be suspended and it should not have even been a penalty. It was clear that Ed Reed hit Cruz with his shoulder and tried to let up on the hit. I’m all for player safety but cmon man, this is still (in theory) football, which encompases big, grown, fast, strong men hitting each other.

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