Rex Ryan tiptoes around Tebow’s Wildcat tap out


The day after multiple reports emerged that Jets quarterback Tim Tebow tapped out of the Wildcat package because he wasn’t picked to be the starter in Week 16, the effort continues to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

On Sunday, Tebow was asked why he didn’t appear in the alternative offense, which instead saw receiver Jeremy Kerley taking snaps.  “It just kind of happens,” Tebow said.

On Monday, after multiple sources said that Tebow had specifically asked for it to happen after he was told he wouldn’t be starting, Tebow didn’t address the question of whether he had asked to be left out of the Wildcat package in an interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Now, coach Rex Ryan has tackled the topic while evading the one key piece of information in which everyone is interested.  According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Ryan chose not to share the details of his communications with Tebow.

And all that that implies.

“I’ve been transparent and all that stuff without question, but I’m not going to give you a private conversation that I would have with a player,“ Ryan said in a conference call with reporters.  “That’s between him and I.  If he wants to share whatever the conversation is — Tim or anybody else — that’s up to him.”

Ryan is treading on delicate ground, given that he and Tebow are both represented by the same agent, CAA’s Jimmy Sexton.  As a result, Ryan will say nothing publicly that damages Tebow’s carefully-cultivated team-first-team-only-thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another faςade.

“If I would have asked Tim to play in anything,“ Ryan said.  “Tim would have gone into the game and done that.”

Right.  If Ryan would have asked.  But that overlooks the question of whether Tebow had asked Ryan not to ask.

While some have suggested (including Peter King, in the video appearing below) that Tebow’s position was understandable given the manner in which he has been jerked around by the Jets, Tebow has tried for years to make us think that he’s the kind of guy who never would make such a request due to frustration regarding his role.  And for the Tebow skeptics out there who believe that much of who he is and what he is has been carefully orchestrated and manipulated, Sunday’s reports reflect the most significant and tangible proof that there’s a man behind the curtain who is far more flawed and far more human than the image that Tebow’s camp has been selling.

At this point, Tebow’s best move would be to admit it.

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71 responses to “Rex Ryan tiptoes around Tebow’s Wildcat tap out

  1. Like I said in another topic, IF this story is true then it’s really not the wisest move for a player without a position and soon to be without a job.

    This is the kind of selfish attitude that other teams will frown on. I have no doubt if he was in New England and he pulled this stunt on Belichick, he’d be out the door.

    Very few football players who were great in college get to play in the NFL. He should remember that.

  2. There’s a difference between being a nice team-oriented guy and a guy who lets people walk all over him. Tebow probably felt used and wanted to put an end to it.

  3. I think Timmy is genuinely confused by the fact that the world does NOT revolve around him right now. Just look at how he was raised, how his whole life is on film. How he didn’t want to GO to public school but sued the state to enjoy public school benefits. How the high school in his district wouldn’t hand him the starting qb job so his parents found a school that would and “rented” him an apartment in that district to skirt eligibility rules. The NFL may be the first organization that’s ever told him NO.

  4. Who cares as to this point it’s all speculative nonsensical gossip. This organization as a whole is lost. Rex Ryan has a game plan of a dominant defensive team that plays ball control offense. The Denver Broncos with Tim Tebow as a starting Quarterback in 2011 carried out such a strategy rather the the New York Jets of 2011 and 2012.

    It seems new leadership and strategies are needed so that this organization can be successful. Ryan and Tebow can be successful in this league, they both have been and most likely will be again. The question is – what now?

  5. While I don’t like Jets at all and would be first to laugh at their demise, this whole non-issue is dumb to begin with. Guess it’s a very lawyerly thing to do to make everyone seem as dirty and corrupt as themselves.

  6. If I was Tebow I wouldn’t want to play either if all the coaches can come up with in the wildcat is for Tebow to run right into the back of his offensive linemen.

  7. How is it that the same people who have ridiculed Tebow all year calling him Buddy the Elf because of his upbeat acceptance of the shoddy way he’s been treated by the Jets NOW jump on the possibility that he finally expressed dissatisfaction with that and say he’s a bad guy?!

  8. Timmy didn’t get to start? I’ve got news for you, most players on NFL teams aren’t starters. But name another player who decided not to help the team when he didn’t get to first team?

    This just proves what a lot of us thought – Tim Tebow is a total phoney who said countless times that his team and teammates came first. But he never meant it – Timmy comes first.

  9. The Jets have wasted a year of Tebow’s life. No one knows what was promised or said to him. Their decision to pass on him hurts his future employment opportunities. Tebow playing in the wildcat formation in a couple of meaningless games only puts forth the impression that he can’t be a traditional QB…..he shouldn’t do it and I will bet his agent told him as much. It is just pathetic that people attack him because he is a Christian. He has done everything asked of him since he got there and finally he does something that is in his best interest and there is a problem with that? This decision doesn’t take anything away from his character, integrity or all the amazing things he has done for kids. Last time I checked I don’t think Florio has started a hospital for anyone… his take and slant on this is meaningless to me. The truth is that Tebow is not an NFL QB but has to do what he can to get another shot, I don’t begrudge him trying to get the opportunity. Merry Christmas haters.

  10. Good for Tebow. He chose to come to NY because he was told he would play. He was lied to and completely taken advantage of, to simply sell tickets and merchandise… He doesn’t owe fat boy or any loser in that organization anything… He’s already made the franchise profitable, beyond expectations for what they paid him..

    What a joke…

  11. @ jerruhjones
    What do you mean? One has won the last 3 Superbowls and the other always has the best D in the NFL. Who wouldn’t want those guys?

  12. Whatever… At this point let’s just get the season over with and all move on… Can’t end soon enough for all involved.

  13. I’ll bet he picked up his check though. Try that in your job. “I really don’t like to do what you asked me to do boss but where’s my check”.

  14. I always see where people want Tebow to stick up for himself and stop being so nice. The moment he finally does and he is getting crushed left and right. It seems no matter the situation its a no win scenario for Tebow. It really is quite sad and I personally feel for the kid.

  15. People arent attacking him because hes christian, he quit on his team…QUIT!!! When is that ok for anyone regardless of his religion.

  16. The sooner he discovers that he has the potential to be a decent tight end, the sideshow that is his career as an NFL quarterback will end. Nobody hates him. But there are many who find that his using the NFL to sell his religious points of view to be obnoxious. It’s also a main reason he refuses to play any position that puts him out of the spotlight. For what it’s worth, any suggestion that Tebow’s presence on the roster actually helped Sanchez is plain ignorant.

  17. I don’t think Tebow ever claimed to be perfect. People who think this shows that he’s a “total phony” are saying more about themselves than they are saying about Tebow.

    Quit trying to tear the guy down. He’s not out there driving drunk, carrying guns, pushing refs or kicking people in the crotch. Certainly there are people more worthy of criticism than this young guy who may or may not have become defensive after learning that everything he had been told was a lie.

  18. This is all Tebows fault, he had the choice between NY and Jacksonville and he chose NY. He knew that Sanchez was the starting QB and had been for years while the Jags had Gabbert who could easily be replaced. I’m pretty sure everyone on this site thought Jacksonville would have been a better opportunity for him, but he chose NY. He chose his bed, now he has to lay in it.

  19. jerruhjones says: Dec 24, 2012 2:44 PM

    I’ve asked before…how do the Ryan’s remain employed by the NFL?

    What does that have to do with this story or Tebow not being what he’s portrayed to us and his cult following? By the way Rex could of easily said what the real deal was and outed Timmy but didn’t. To answer your question I would think being one of the top defensive coaches in the NFL is why he’s still employed. Rex’s defense have been ranked 1, 3, 5, and currently 7th without its best player (possibly NFL) for the season as head coach. I understand the rank keeps declining but his team is still a top 10 D every year. This is also his first season with a losing record. He’s not a good HC and has tons to learn but definitely not the worst as your trying to insinuate or just hating on. He just needs a real offensive coordinator and QB to help him. You may not like him but don’t act like he’s completely unproductive.

  20. Maybe I live in a bubble but everyone I know that is a fan of or even watches any form of football can’t stand Tim Tebow. I don’t think it’s because of his religious views or anything else about the guy personally, it’s because he is critiqued and talked about constantly for no reason. I don’t know if it’s a concscious effort by the media but they perpetuate this story, fodder of a polarizing sports figure that drives up ratings. I recently read that the Jaguar’s owner wants to bring him in, not to help the franchise win games but to sell tickets. This is what he is, an endless sideshow circus. He’ll use up his time in Jacksonville and when they get sick of him he’ll be out of the NFL. When the story isn’t there anymore he’ll be just another “Whatever happened to…” that they bring up on slow news days.

  21. See, how the jets are that low? Now they will creat a drama that redirect the blame and frustrations from the Coach, GM and owner to that poor 3rd string QB.
    They can’t get any lower. Can they?

  22. Someone remind Timmy and the Tebowmaniacs that there were FORTY SIX (46!) qb’s with a better passer rating than Tebow last year. Let’s see how many we can name, here’s a few:

    Dan Orlovsky
    Tarvaris Jackson
    JP Losman
    Matt Moore

    Who can name the other 42?

  23. First off, Im a Jet fan, and was completely against him coming here, Tebow doesnt owe the Jets a damn thing, he was sold a bill of goods by the Jets, he doesn’t need to come clean on anything, you guys just wanna make a story outta nothing…Why should the guy go out there and possibly get hurt for a team he isn’t gonna be with next year and who lied to his face in the first place…..screw that, I hope he does well next year, showing the Jets what a complete mess they really are

  24. so much for the delusion that Tebow is a team player…. ‘I’m not happy, take me out coach’? …. nice

  25. Having lived in Florida as long as I have, I can tell you that Tim Tebow is the same person now as he was in college in Gainesville; he’s the same guy he was in high school in Jacksonville. The only people that don’t appreciate this guy are people that look in the mirror and don’t like what they see. Just because Tim puts God before everything in his life, including football, he gets criticized/ridiculed for it. Instead of criticism, maybe people should follow his lead. Thanks Tim for never changing. You’re a genuine role model. We could use more of them.

  26. This season, there have been more Tebow articles written on this site than the number of plays that Tebow has participated in with the Jets.

  27. He’s not a good quarterback and doesn’t belong in the NFL… This isn’t college… He’s not owed anything… He’s being overpaid to be a personal punt protector.. There may be blind Tebow hate but there’s more blind Tebow support. Probably a nice and great guy. One of the greatest college players ever but doesn’t have the physical and mental talent for the NFL.

  28. These last two articles on Tebow are a total joke but totally foreseeable. Those who dislike Tebow have been chomping at the bit for something to jump down his throat about if ever he did something wrong, as if Tebow himself claimed to be perfect. Whether or not this even happened ( which I don’t think has been conclusively established), it certainly doesn’t amount to a character flaw or moral failing. More questionable character wise are the people using this to accomplish their years-in-the-waiting goal of tearing down this guy and the God he represents. Congratulations to everyone in that category: you all sound like complete and utter fools.

  29. Illogic and inconsistencies….

    1) If it were indeed a private conversation between Rex and Tim AND Rex needs to protect Tim’s image (as suggested above), how did it leak?

    2) If Tim did indeed tap out, why did he dress? Any coach would instantly deactivate player who did such a thing. Why is no one asking this question of the “experts”?

    None of this makes sense…then again, these are the Jets and this whole Tebow thing has been illogical from the start.

  30. Has nothing to do with his religion. Has everything to do with him not being a good or even capable quarterback. Who knows if he told Ryan to take him out of the wildcat. And really who cares. I’ll just be glad when this whole thing is over. Hopefully Tebow can end up in Jacksonville. He’ll be happy and I think most Jet fans will be happy. Then we can start the process of rebuilding the offense. Again.

  31. As a Jaguar’s fan, I sincerely hope that Timmy will be treated better on his next team. I also sincerely hope that the next team is in the CFL. He might be a star in Canada.

  32. how can people say the jets wasted a year of his life? they gave him a whole bunch of money. its not like he was standing on that side line for free. i would be more than happy to stand there and watch the game every week for a few million dollars. i would happily switch jobs with tebow.

    i can promise you that after doing my job for one season he would see that it could be a lot worse. he was being paid a lot of money to do whatever was asked of him. if i told my boss that i dont want to work i wouldnt be there much longer. quit your crying sally.

    i am glad to know it won’t be my team but some team will give him a chance. my guess is that it wont be long after they do that he will either be switching positions or he will be out of the nfl. they obviously didnt feel he was good enough to be their QB. that doesnt say much for them given the season they had. its not a concpiracy to keep tebow down. if they thought there was a chance they could win with tebow, he would have been in there. does anyone really think that coaches would risk their own jobs just to be mean to tebow?

  33. After the Sanchez mess and the Jets were out of the play-offs why didn’t he get a shot at all?

    Ryan wants him to move on and away from the Jets and not mess up the process with even a small dose of success.

  34. Why did the Jets acquire Tim if they weren’t gonna use him? I don’t blame Tebow for wanting a trade after being benched or otherwise barely used. Sanchez is terrible and McElroy isn’t much better. Tim deserved a chance to start. He brings excitement to the game and the crowd. Ryan needs to go along with the GM.

  35. florida727 says:
    Dec 24, 2012 4:36 PM

    … The only people that don’t appreciate this guy are people that look in the mirror and don’t like what they see. Just because Tim puts God before everything in his life, including football, he gets criticized/ridiculed for it. ….


    sorry, but that’s absurd…. the actual reason people criticize Tebow because his talent as a QB is radically overblown by people who appreciate his character… it’s not some anti christian conspiracy…

    I agree, the guy appears to have admirable character…. he was a great high school player, and a great college player…..

    but those 3 things don’t add up to a blind belief that he’s a franchise level NFL QB…

    and you know what the proof is? if anybody in this league desperately needed a franchise guy to save the day, it is Rexxy… and he felt Tebow was so bad, he didn’t even try him out…. that speaks volumes.

  36. I like the man BUT he was still being paid to play football and still cashed the checks I am sure. This in spite of the total dysfunction of the Jets organization—but the checks kept coming as per the contract. I have a problem with that portion of this story, unless he is willing to reimburse the Jets for their payments. Fat chance I know, but his responsibility to be there for them.

    Only the Jets could make this happen!!!!!

  37. People continue to rant how Tebow carried Denver to a playoff win vs the steelers. I believed that the broncos won despite tebow. The rest of that team was fairly solid as proven by their stoutness this year.

  38. People don’t hate on Tebow because he’s a Christian, but because he can’t seem to be able to shut up about it. Like he thinks everyone’s gonna somehow forget he has religious beliefs if he doesn’t keep talking about them in every single press conference or every time there’s a camera pointed in his direction.

    That’s why people hate on him. Oh, and the fact that he’s a lousy QB.

  39. All the worshipers of Tebow still believe and the media has hyped him up where he believes he is a NFL starting QB. The stats and the fact he could not beat out the third string Qb for the Jets is much more powerful sermon.

  40. I didn’t hear the media banging on Jamarcus fat-ass Russell or Vince big-mouth Young or Cam overrated Newton and several other black QB’s. But a white man in a black-dominated sport is fair game because he’s an easy target and the media sissies are afraid of criticism.

  41. Amadeus, I can’t believe you see a racial angle in this story. Besides, the players you named have all received a fair amount of criticism in the media. Maybe you could argue that they deserve more, but to say they have escaped criticism is just wrong.

  42. Probably not the smartest career move, but completely understandable since the Jets promised him one thing and then failed to deliver. Even after it was clear that Sanchez couldn’t engineer an HO train set, let alone a scoring drive.

  43. So the press asks all season “are you frustrated” and then bangs on him when he does something clearly borne out of frustration? Classy.

  44. I’d like to see him succeed. He’s a great role model, much better than some of the other dirty cheaters with bad attitudes in the NFL; and he has determination. Even if it does take him a few years, he’s not a quitter.

  45. To the folks stating that TT should have chosen Jax over the Yets he didn’t have a choice. He was traded, remember. The trade to the Yets was 100% up to the Broncos. The Yets offered more than Jax.

  46. Rex Ryan I think has tiptoed himself out of New York and a head coaching job in the NFL. I don’t think putting on dance slippers at this stage will save his job.

  47. blacktoothgrinn says: Dec 24, 2012 3:40 PM

    This is all Tebows fault, he had the choice between NY and Jacksonville and he chose NY. He knew that Sanchez was the starting QB and had been for years while the Jags had Gabbert who could easily be replaced. I’m pretty sure everyone on this site thought Jacksonville would have been a better opportunity for him, but he chose NY. He chose his bed, now he has to lay in it.
    I was going to open up w/ “your a moron.” But since it’s Christmas eve, I’m not going to do that. Everyone knew that Sanchez was out the door after this year if not mid year. Jacksonville traded multiple picks to get Gabbert 10th overall you jackass! Based on that Jax has a duty to play out Gabby. Little did they kno he’d be so damn bad.

  48. Damnitall Florio, isn’t anyone working on Christmas Eve to publish my comments! You could’ve hired me for the night for your autograph and Darren Gnatt’s job.

  49. First, a few words of free advice, Florio: go easy on the alliteration. Once in a while, fine. But you tend to take it to a whole. nother. level.

    Second, I want Tebow to succeed. Not because I’m a Tebow fan but because he’s had to put up with a year of Rex Ryan. Jacksonville, Canada, whatever. I just wish him success.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  50. The locker room Q@A with Tebow was great.

    “My high school coach taught me to treat others the way you want to be treated.”

    What else did he teach you? How to ride your bike?

  51. In all fairness, Tebow didnt ask for all of this crap… NY asked for him and then didnt use him at all.

    Are you telling me that they couldnt find any way to get him involved?

  52. Tebow is bitter and who can blame him? Well he can blame himself for going to the Jets.
    They are the definition of dysfunction and leaderless.
    How is Rex Ryan still coaching? What was the last time you could say “That Rex Ryan, what a brilliant move he made when he _____”?

  53. Let’s just say he did ask “out of wildcat” plays; so what? He isn’t getting a fair shot in NY, is most likely headed to another team, so why risk injury for a team going nowhere? Fact is the media has poked, prodded and fished for some sort of potential storyline that could paint Tebow in a negative light. Keep searching cause this isn’t it. He’s a respectful, hard working, positive player and an even better person…no matter how the media attempts to negatively portray him. He’s a better man than I am and I respect him for being the definition of a role model.

  54. It boggles my mind that people are defending Tebow on this. Mendenhall quits on his team and gets ripped to shreds here, but Tebow? He can do no wrong, apparently.

    Let’s be clear here: he quit on the Jets, asked not to play. Indefensible in my book, I don’t care how much little Timmy’s feeling were hurt.

  55. The Jets need some front office guidance from the worlds of accounting and finance rather than Ryan football.

    Rule 1 from accounting for Sanchez and Tebow: An asset worth zero value to you is worth just that, regardless of the acquisition or holding costs. Asset on the books should be at 0.

    Rule2 from finance for Sanchez and Tebow: When you make a bad investment your loss is usually the smallest if you act quickly. For every Kurt Warner story in the NFL there are 20 JaMarcus Russell stories.

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