The Seahawks really enjoyed beating Jim Harbaugh


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman saw a chance for the team to ring up 50 points for the third straight week late in Sunday night’s win over the 49ers and explained after the game that he asked coach Pete Carroll to go for it.

“I’m not gonna lie to you,” Sherman said, via Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. “I told Pete, ‘Let’s score and go for two.’ He said, ‘We have more class than that.'”

The Seahawks settled for a 42-13 win that landed them in the playoffs and cemented their place as perhaps the league’s hottest team. It also scored Carroll a big victory in a rivalry with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh that dates back to their days as college coaches. One of the most recounted tales of that rivalry includes Harbaugh going for two as Stanford’s coach late in a 55-27 win over Carroll’s USC squad.

Carroll wasn’t thrilled about that and members of the Seahawks said that Harbaugh didn’t do much to endear himself to the team after the 49ers beat the Seahawks earlier this season. Sherman and safety Earl Thomas said that Harbaugh honked his horn and “mockingly saluted” the Seahawks bus as he drove away from Candlestick Park. That left the Seahawks feeling extra good after knocking off the Niners.

“Happy Birthday [Harbaugh turned 49 on Sunday] — that’s what you get. Yeah, he [honked at us]. It seems like he tries to be a professional in front of the camera, but he does his antics, like that, when the cameras aren’t around,” Thomas said. “He’s just a big kid. We don’t worry about that stuff. We just play the game. The best team won [Sunday], and it was convincing.”

Indeed it was. Carroll downplayed any animosity with Harbaugh after the game, but it’s shaping up to be fun times for years to come any time the Seahawks and 49ers renew hostilities. If things break right, we might not have to wait more than a month for another matchup.

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  1. Hairbaugh always wants to yell foul, but his actions at the bus should have been delt with by the NFL office but instead the Seahawks did last night.

  2. “I’m not gonna lie to you,” Sherman said, via Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. “I told Pete, ‘Let’s score and go for two.’ He said, ‘We have more class than that.’”

    Since when?

  3. The Seahawks are a very unlikable team led by a rah rah cornball coach. I’m glad they get lost in the Pacific Northwest so them and their butt ugly uniforms don’t get much exposure.

    Winning with class is a concept Carroll should learn to teach his team.

  4. Coaches are such hypocrites when it comes to “running up the score”. For instance, Carroll didn’t like it when Harbaugh ran it up on him in NCAA, but had no problem with a fake punt last week when the Seahawks were clubbing the Bills by 30. It all depends on which end of the blowout you happen to be on. Harbaugh is a jerk, no doubt, but he has plenty of company in the coaching ranks.

  5. After the last 3 weeks I wouldn’t do anything to get the Seahawks angry they are a scary scary football team right now.

  6. “We have more class than that”

    How did Carroll fit finishing school into his busy schedule these last few weeks, because he certainly didn’t act classy against Green Bay.

  7. we 49ers are on a crash course for another match-up in the playoffs. It’s good to have an important rivalry like this to show who’s the toughest & most improved competitive division in football.

  8. Carroll and Harbaugh might not be classy, but at least the 49ers team isn’t acting like it. Recently the 49ers won 4 times before this horrensous loss and they didn’t gloat.

  9. So easy to hate on Sherman but people shouldn’t hate just because he actually backs up his confidence with his play week in and week out. He isn’t Deangelo Hall out there talking smack and then getting burned by every wideout he’s supposed to cover.

    This Seahawks/Niners rivalry should be great to witness for a long time. Last night may have been one sided, but we all know that will be the exception rather than the norm.

  10. eatitfanboy says: Dec 24, 2012 10:16 AM

    Kinda starting to not like this Richard Sherman fella very much.

    He is quite arrogant.. hope his suspension comes by the playoffs.. HTTR!

  11. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you Carroll & Co. for giving me a very Merry Christmas.

    P.S. Thank you to The Saints as well for beating the cowboys.

  12. I have no dog in this hunt (sorry Vick), but Pete Carroll should not be mentioned with the word “class” in the same sentence.

  13. cwillz13 says:

    He is quite arrogant.. hope his suspension comes by the playoffs.. HTTR!

    Confidence =/= arrogance. Especially when the right to have it is being earned.

  14. This rivalry is on!!! I hate the Niners as much as I hate the Steelers….This sacking of the 49ers reminds me of Decon Jones famous coment about sacks “when you sack a quarterback its like you devistate a city! where you put all the players in one bag and smash the bag!” Niners got sacked!!!!!

  15. The hawks slapped around the niners in every category: defense, special teams, and offense, and I enjoyed every second of it. I love the swagger and attitude Sherman brings to the table. Hate on sherm all you want, but the fact is he talks trash but backs it up.What better way is there to punch your ticket to the post season then to beat up your division rival? Pete has built something special. Go hawks.

  16. I respect the Niners, but I despise Harbaugh

    Ergo, I really enjoyed seeing him seethe on the sidelines last night. Its just too bad that it came at the hands of Carroll, who is just as arrogant. Still, a nice win for the Seahawks. They are gonna be trouble for whoever faces them.

  17. For the last time, there is no such thing as “running up the score” in professional sports. The name of the game is to score as many points as possible, every game, no matter the situation. Teams that cry foul when another team simply tries to do its job are the ones that lack class.

  18. Good for the Seahawks– It’s nice to watch them slap the 9ers and the Pats around. The gift against the Packers, well, that stuff happens- just ask the Raiders.

    It’s not like the hawks got hosed in the playoffs like the travesty in pittsburgh and the robbery in the snow.

  19. I would have loved to have seen Carroll run up to Harbaugh for the post game shake, and slap him in the back. Nothing funnier than seeing to ol white men go at it.

  20. Richard Sherman haters just remember he played for Harbaugh at Stanford. Either he is having fun like always or he is like the rest of the country and just thinks personally Harbaugh is a tool. Either way as a fan it was great to see Pete and the Seahawks give him the best Bday present ever.

  21. Enough about “running up the score” this is big boy football not college… no style points here. If you let me score points against you that’s your problem.
    Great to have a rivalry in the NFC West. Seahawks and Niners hate each other, oh and by the way Niners fans you probably will win the division THIS YEAR. You should feel lucky that the Seahawks lost some close games while they were figuring things out. A half game way from being the top dog. Watch your back cause there’s a storm brewing in the great northwest and it has sharp claws.
    As for next Sunday…Go Arizona!

  22. It’s too bad for Sherman he probably played his last game this season last night. Also, two players the Pats tried to sign, one last year and one this year, were Dashon Goldson, and Red Bryant. Wish they had been successful.

    I love the hatred between these two coaches, it’s funny.

    Also Sherman is a good player but it’s a bit much watching him trash talk after about every play considering his butt should be at home on suspension if it wasn’t for the way everything has to be dragged out so long on everything.

    And no I’m not bitter, my team deserved to lose to both of these teams. It’s the Balt loss that sticks in my craw the most.

  24. Hopefully Russell Wilson’s story doesn’t get lost in all this garbage. That kid is looking amazing out there. RG and Andrew Luck who?

  25. I puke a little in my mouth when the word “classy” and Pete Carrol are in the same sentence. Kinda funny how they got their “juice monkey” to talk about how classy they are. Enjoy watching the playoffs Sherman

  26. I have to admit that as a Seahawks season ticket holder since their beginning in 1976, I was very skeptical when they hired PC. Like almost everyone in the nation, much of what I had heard over the years in the media was not exactly a glowing endorsement. After watching and listening to Pete very closely for 3 years now, including every press conference and interview he’s done, the man I thought I knew via the media is 180 degrees opposite from the man I thought I knew based upon who the national media portrayed him to be. I and thousands of other fans are drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallon now. Of course he’s far from perfect…just like the rest of us. But I and the entire Seahawks nation are having the most fun of our lives watching this team and the way Pete is coaching. His philosophy is sound and his method of teaching and coaching are designed to naturally bring out the very best of not just the players, but everyone within the Seahawks organization. He knows how to maximize human performance unlike any teacher or coach I’ve ever witnessed. So for you small minded pundits and fans out there still taking shots at Pete and his ways, it’s time to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror.

  27. No such thing as running up the score and no argument you can make will change that fact. These are professionals! If SF would’ve kept the foot on the gas pedal against NE then there would not have been that mini-comeback. Every team fields an offense AND a defense. Grow up.

    Good win ‘Hawk fans… Enjoy it.

  28. brettfavresmidget says: Dec 24, 2012 11:27 AM

    Hopefully Russell Wilson’s story doesn’t get lost in all this garbage. That kid is looking amazing out there. RG and Andrew Luck who?


    Luck set a rookie passing yards record yesterday. Just sayin.

  29. I’m really starting to enjoy the Pete/Seahawk haters. Pete cheated? Don’t think for a second that Les Miles and Nick Saban have not done the same as Pete. Leaving the team before sanctions come down? Sorta faulty but what could he do?

    Keep making up excuses everyone, the Seahawks just use it as fuel to average 50pts a game over the past few games. As much as I’d love to play SF in the playoffs, I WANT GREEN BAY! So we can finally shut them up!

    In Pete We Trust

  30. Both teams are interesting from an attitude stand point, both coaches seem flaky to me, but both teams play on the field with toughness and dignity, its weird.
    Both coaches seem to be good teachers, leaders and managers, but not great spokesmen.
    Bellicheck is the same, with a different flavor of not a good spokesman.(long way to go to get near BBs success level of course)
    Temperamentally Harbaugh and Caroll seem the same and the opposite of Bellicheck, but they seem to have the similar strengths.
    It is kind of funny to watch Caroll doing hand stands on the side lines, and his QB calmly leading the team on the field.

    I think that is why P Manning didnt seriosly look at SF to play. Could you imagine him trying to do his job on the field with that haywire head coach flipping out on the side lines? He needs calm on the side lines.

  31. I don’t relly care what any Hawk hater says. The Seahawks are the most dangerous team in the NFC right now and I love it!
    They just took the darling of the NFL out behind the woodshed for an oldfasioned beat down!

  32. Let’s see if Seattle can win on the road against a playoff team before going overboard. The 3 games they won on the road this season? Carolina, Buffalo, Chicago.

    Road Losses: Arizona, St Louis, San Francisco, Detroit, Miami.

    Based on Arizona’s QB situation, SF will win the West this Sunday and Seattle will have to hit the road.

  33. Seahawks will be doing this for a long time because Pete Carroll and Schneider have built this young talented team to play fast, aggressive and explode on teams. Since they opened up the offense, they have been one of the top scoring teams in football. Defense has always been top 5 but I think after you watched what they did to 49ers with 2nd, 3rd and 4th CB’s out. Harbaugh got what he deserved and these NFC West teams are built to battle each other. Sherman has been ballin’, you all can hate him but he’s going to be top of the NFL the next decade. Go Hawks.

  34. Not to take any thunder from a very good Seahawk win but I got the feeling the 49ers weren’t into this game. There really was not much at stake for them and that’s why Smith didn’t play. Win next week against the Cards, and the 49ers still win the division and are in good shape.

  35. Ever since the Hawks moved to NFC (they got slapped around too much in the AFC West and had to move) I’ve never really cared about them one way or another but they are exciting to watch. Got a lot of good young talent but I’m not quite ready to crown them yet. Plus PC is clown

  36. You can be sure that the Seahawk players would look forward to a rubber match with the Niners. Their earlier win over the Hawks was only by a touchdown and San Fran could only put together 13 points in their own house. Seattle was still forming their identity. I agree that the Niners will more than likely beat the Cards and take the NFC West, but only by a half game. Not a resounding statement of dominance.

  37. That was a game that I can’t wait to forget. I have never seen a team jump all over the niners that early. That place was rockin. Glad we dont have to go back there this year. Hope we dont even see them in the playoffs. I will say that it was ridiculous to watch a DB who should’ve been suspended out there making play after play. Nfl suspended Saints players based on other people testimony but cant suspend a player that has PED’s in his urine. Top of the NFL for a decade? Really? Who was the last CB on top for a decade? Cant think of one. He will be a star for a few years on a dangerous team. Dont put him in the HOF yet.

  38. There will be a rematch in the playoffs and it will be in San Francisco.

    If my 49ers follow their current trend of winning two and losing one (which they’ve done all season long), the Hawks will beat the 49ers on their own home turf.

    Congratulations Seattle. You’ve got yourself a real football team there. This isn’t just a good team. It’s scary good.

  39. drstrangehawk says: Dec 24, 2012 12:17 PM

    “You can be sure that the Seahawk players would look forward to a rubber match with the Niners. Their earlier win over the Hawks was only by a touchdown and San Fran could only put together 13 points in their own house. Seattle was still forming their identity.”

    Forming their identity????

    That might be the most ambiguous lame excuse for losing I’ve ever heard.

  40. One of the big side-effects of Adderall is the tendency to talk too much. By that measure, it seems the whole Seattle team is on the stuff – including the coach.

  41. New rookie QB? Developing an offense that fits him? That’s not forming an identity? Keep these quality comebacks coming sir.

  42. That comment was no excuse for the loss filthymcnasty1. The Seahawks should have won that game. The point of my statement is the Seahawk team that lost that game is now something completely different.

  43. slugga540 says:Dec 24, 2012 10:22 AM

    Seattle is the hottest team right now followed by the Redskins. Playoffs are gonna be fun
    Umm…Green Bay has won 9 of their last 10 and dropped 55 on the Tiatans yesterday. You might want to put them in that mix.

  44. This Niner team is the most overrated team in the history of the NFL. Rookie qb that turns the ball over, overrated defense that gives up a grip of points each week, and a team that has been blownout 3 times and couldnt beet the lowly rams… twice.

    They dont even deserve a playoff spot , let alone the three seed.

    One and done.

  45. As a Seahawk fan from day one I’m always amazed when people can”t come up with legitimate reasons why their team loses to Seattle. The low blows and cheap shots are all they have. Eric Davis, who calls the game for San Fran said “They (Seattle) handled the Forty Niners on every aspect of the game”. Not my words.

  46. Never would have guessed this final score! Believed we would win in the shadow of the 12th man but would have predicted 27-21 or there about! Way to go Hawks…so proud!!!

  47. slugga540 says:
    Dec 24, 2012 10:22 AM
    Seattle is the hottest team right now followed by the Redskins. Playoffs are gonna be fun


    Hottest team as long as they’re playing at home. On the road not so hot.

  48. All of you disguised Niner fans in cyberspace can knock Pete Carroll all you want. Fact is Pete has built a team to be reckoned with. Much better then being the league door mat. Give em hell Hawks.

  49. Richard Sherman is 24…Champ Bailey who I loved watching is 34 and still shutting dudes down. If you listen to the way he works at things and know he is still improving as a converted WR-CB from college you would understand this kid is special. He tried baiting their young QB early in the first quarter and dropped the pick in the end zone and got him in the 2nd half by playing possum behind Moss. 49er fans nowhere to be found after last nights game. Funny stuff

  50. What’s being forgotten in this whole thing is that Sherman went to Stanford, where Harbaugh was his coach

  51. I don’t think of Harbaugh as anything special but he might be just one peg above Pete Carroll in terms of class, both having so little that its hard to tell who is worse but I would give it to Carroll because he acts like a 7th grader at times.

    The playoffs are just around the corner so if I were a Seahawks fan, I would wait till they win away from home before I would pronounce my team the best of all time. Cheating Pete has yet to prove it to anyone so be careful about jumping the gun.

  52. All the sports commentators are saying that no one wants to play against the Seahawks?

    I waiting with joy to see all the relics of past nfl success go down in flames. Listen to their tears!

  53. Pretty laughable you Hawk fans that say your team “spanked” the Patriots when you only beat them by 1 point in the beginning of the season. Would love to see Sherman lose is appeal and miss the final season game and their one game in the playoffs LOL

  54. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Dec 24, 2012 12:06 PM said:

    Not to take any thunder from a very good Seahawk win but I got the feeling the 49ers weren’t into this game. There really was not much at stake for them and that’s why Smith didn’t play. Win next week against the Cards, and the 49ers still win the division and are in good shape.

    home field advantage and a bye is “not much at stake for them”? Wow… so they are content to play 3 play off games with the potential for road games?
    There was a lot at stake last night for them – they just got outplayed

  55. tatum064 says: Dec 24, 2012 10:38 AM

    Got just what they deserved, as did the Patriots and Packers.

    12th man lives.


    You better be a Cardinals fan next week because if the 49ers win the 12th man won’t matter because you won’t see your team in Seattle in the playoffs.

  56. Let’s get this straight:

    How is Pete Carroll a cheater?? How was he suppose to know a sports agent was paying the mortgage of Reggie Bush’s parents????? You have over 100 kids, how can anyone know something like that????

    And the NCAA never proved Carroll knew anything either. Now if you want NCAA violations, why don’t you ask what happened to those Miami Hurricane players who were taking money and sleeping with Strippers on the boasters boat in Miami! What happened to that??? Hmmm.

    The Harbaugh boys are the most classless guys in the NFL today. And when both get eliminated again from the post season, the world will be a better place.

  57. Sherman won’t play another game until the SB so who is he to talk about class? You got busted for PED bro! Have fun watching the playoffs from your couch!!

    As a 49er fan that was a travesty, worst game in the Harbaugh era. Credit Seattle for attacking us aggressively and using our soft man to man defense to Wilson’s strengths. Harbaugh was out coached and the game was over after the FG block for a TD. Good game Seahawks fans we’ll see you in a month (maybe).

  58. Sherman has been given a suspension. He appealed, and plays while the appeal is heard/decided. Same as any other player given a suspension.

    Sherman says that he got it from drinking from someone else’s water bottle. If it was Browner’s water bottle, it could definitely be accidental.

    Probably not though…

  59. Technically they haven’t won jack…only counts in the playoffs…just ask NE when they went 16-0, but I guess when you FINALLY have a winning team you celebrate every chance you get. BTW, comparing Sherman to Champ is absurd. Guys like Champ and Woodson are exceptions, to even suggest that Sherman is even close to that category is extremely laughable

  60. We beat the Patriots when our quarterback was brand new in the league. When our quarterback had about 3 plays in his playbook. We lost to SF when our quarterback had the same 3 plays in his playbook. Then they gave the QB the rest of the pages in the playbook and we have been going on a tear.

    Seattle is the one that is much better than they were at the beginning of the season, not SF, not GB, not NE.

    And if Sherman loses his appear, fine. We will have Browner back, and our 4-5 string corners have shown that they are better than most in the league anyway.

  61. lflib69 says:
    Dec 24, 2012 2:02 PM
    Pretty laughable you Hawk fans that say your team “spanked” the Patriots when you only beat them by 1 point in the beginning of the season. Would love to see Sherman lose is appeal and miss the final season game and their one game in the playoffs LOL


    After your team got worked like they did last night, including Sherman embarrassing your QB and coach with his dominant play….of course you want him to lose the appeal. I would hope that’s the case. Especially with the possibility of having to face them again in the playoffs. But I think you’ll need more than one player gone to have a chance in that one

  62. Reggie Bush let agents buy him cars and houses while at SC and Pete Carroll is the shady one? Did those cars make Reggie Bush a better player? Is that why people claim that Carroll cheats? You people need to stop hating for inaccurate reasons.

  63. People are acting like they didn’t want to see the Seahawks drop 50 on the 49ers. I surely did and it’s scary when a team knows they can willingly score on you.

    I had the Giants & 49ers as the teams to be reckoned with earlier in the season. Respected the Seahawks but they didn’t have a QB, going from what happened last season.

    Now they surely do have a QB and they’re taking the NFC by storm.

  64. Hate my Seahawks all you want. They’re thriving on it. This is the best and most complete Seahawks team I’ve ever seen, and thats with a rookie at QB. This team is gonna be scary good for a long time. Powerful fast opportunistic defense and an offense that has scored at will on two of the best defenses in the NFL in Chicago and San Francisco. All this hate from other fans is just awesome and speaks volumes about what Pete has accomplished. Carroll is beloved in Seattle and all the jealousy from other fans just confirms that we have one of the best coaches in the game. And for the record, we LOVE his sideline cheering and energy, just like all you haters would if he was coaching your team. Guess you’ll just have to keep hating as we keep winning in the playoffs

  65. You obviously haven’t watched Seattle play. Look at Woodson’s best season as Defensive MVP season, they are almost identical statistically. I watched the greats play and understand football. 7 int, 2 TD’s, 23 passes defensed, 3 FF…Hate the guy all you want, as a rookie he was at Pro Bowl level, year two All-Pro. Browner back in time for the playoffs. Hopefully Sherman will be good to go. Please let us play the Packers at some point. Go Hawks!

  66. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is a team in this league that has won 10 straight. Anyway, just keep on ignoring said team as they make their Super Bowl run.

  67. Listen,

    I love the 9ers. I’ve loved em since ’88 at the age of 9. I’ve always rolled with em. My dudes know I was bangin fools on Madden with Tim Rattay, Kevin Barlow n tha truck stick…I aint no bandwagoner n I always rep S.F… Im jus sayin, I feel like im qualified to say….

    We got banged on. Pure and simple. Wilson looks great. They’re D was pumped. 11/12 in 3rd dwn conv. Fa real? He was like a lil Mighty Mouse out there. My boys comin off playin 90+ snaps last week was not gonna catch em. Good stuff Seattle hope ta see you again… Except at the ‘Stick!!

  68. Jrebar88 said team also didn’t win against New England and many other winning record teams. Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers in your division kind of makes that 10 in a row a bit inflated.

  69. @Seacab1972, yes because the afc east is such a powerhouse. Didnt the pats lose to Arizona? Its not like Denver was destroyed by Atlanta, Houston, & New England. You cant have it both ways bud. You cant say well this team lost to 3 teams with winning records in the first 5 weeks, with manning and the defense still getting it together. But i guess its ok to lose at home to teams with losing records. So yea, nice argument.

  70. As a forever ‘Hawks fan. Lets not forget those pesky Rams! They have a great coach, and a ton of talent. They scare me more than the ‘9ners did.

  71. jakec4 says: Dec 24, 2012 11:41 AM

    brettfavresmidget says: Dec 24, 2012 11:27 AM

    Hopefully Russell Wilson’s story doesn’t get lost in all this garbage. That kid is looking amazing out there. RG and Andrew Luck who?


    Luck set a rookie passing yards record yesterday. Just sayin.


    Russel Wilson now has 25 td pass. one off Mannings record of 26. Doesn’t mean nothing if you cant get it in the end zone.

  72. As a Ravens fan currently living in an area where Seattle games are televised every week, I can say that this team is as good as any team in the NFL right now. What’s scary is how young and how much better this team will get. Wilson has yet to reach his prime, Lynch is just entering his, Sherman is still new to the CB position after playing WR in college, and they keep drafting very good players.

    This team will be special for years to come.

  73. tjbra9 says:
    Dec 24, 2012 1:52 PM
    Too bad the classless Sherman will be sitting 4 games. As he accidently ingested a banned substance from a team mates water bottle.


    Might want to get the facts straight before you post.

  74. Last year 49ers were just a little short of the SB under Harbaugh and great team chemistry with Alex Smith at QB. Harbaugh’s loyalty to Smith was exposed as a fraud with the move to Kaepernik, and I think it has undermined his credibility with the team, and disrupted their chemistry. A loss to Arizona next week is no longer unreasonable. With a Seahawk victory and a Packers loss, the Hawks could seize the division, bye, and home field. Everybody’s worst scenario would come to fruition, and the Packers would likely find themselves back at the scene of the crime, in Seattle. If you didn’t like Pete Carrol’s dancing the first time—!

  75. I wouldn’t do anything to upset or provoke the Seahawks. That’s a mean and scary team.

    Don’t make eye contact with them, don’t direct any language towards them. Just carry on about your business and hope for a merciful 2 score loss.

  76. Sherman actually seems like a good guy – I hope he has learned from players like TO, and keep teams’ respect for on-field play….not a persons “mouth”.

  77. Road or at home. Doesn’t matter. The Seahawks are going to the SuperBowl. And they’ll be beating up on a whole lot of lesser teams along the way to their first Lombardi.

    can we seriously just fast-forward to the playoffs? the wait is killing me!!

  78. If Pete Carroll is trying to have more class than his opponent than it says alot about Harbaugh. I know a few other posters made the same statement but its true.

    The fact is the Seahawks are extremely tough this year at home. That defense is fun to watch. So is Marshawn Lynch. they play just as aggressively as San Fran

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