Tom Brady let his teammates know Sunday’s effort wasn’t good enough

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Sunday’s 23-16 Patriots win looked like a classic case of a team doing just enough to win against an overmatched opponent in a game they would be happy to leave without any serious injuries that would hamper them come the postseason.

Doing just enough to win doesn’t sit well with Tom Brady, however. Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe reports that Brady tore into the Patriots in the locker room following the game because of their performance. Per sources who were in the locker room, Brady peppered his remarks with expletives that he didn’t use while sharing his thoughts about the game with the media.

“We played pretty terrible out there,” Brady said. “It came down to the wire, and the defense made some plays. But that was a bad 60 minutes of football. We got outcompeted out there, outfought. We were lucky to win.”

The Patriots have followed up an impressive rout of the Texans with an inconsistent effort in a loss to the 49ers and Sunday’s sluggish effort against Jacksonville. Brady knows that kind of play isn’t going to take them where they want to go in February, so he’s trying to shore things up before December comes to a close.

With a first-round playoff bye still on the table, the Patriots have something to play for in Week 17. Their performance will give us some idea of how Brady’s words were received in New England.

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  1. Brady looked and sounded like the Patriots lost 34-0 in his postgame press conference. Brady is a great leader and looked very vocal on the sideline during the game.

    Hoping the Colts win this game inspired for Pagano. If Houston wins,maybe 1/2 for Brady and rest players for playoffs.

    Gronk will be back at full tilt for playoffs.

  2. I’ve always respected Brady and I like that Brady still has that chip on his shoulder despite all of his success. A lot of his teammates could use that.

    This man is a true leader.

  3. “We got outcompeted out there, outfought.”

    Easy for a quarterback to say since they don’t have to hit anybody.

  4. @herlies

    Its a lot easier to hit someone than to get hit. Let guys like Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis smash you while standing there trying to throw a pass and tell me how easy it is.

  5. I’m glad Brady ripped the team a new one. They deserved it. As a Pats fan I was pissed watching that game. Aside from Welker being his usual ultra-productive self, the rest of them seemed to be going through the motions. The offensive line was a revolving door and the defensive secondary reverted back to disgracefulness once again. That was the worst effort I’ve seen from the Pats in a very long time. My guess is that not only did Brady rip them but I have a very strong suspicion that BB is going to be making it a very difficult week for them.

  6. 24 of 40 for 238 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT

    Ah, NOW I know what the stat line of a guy who should be screaming expletives in the face of his teammates looks like.

  7. After watching Ben Roethlisberger the past nine seasons, I’ve come to have a real appreciation for a quarterback with a “killer instinct.”
    Beating bad teams simply isn’t enough.
    It’s all about stepping on their necks and making them tap out.
    That’s leadership at its best.
    Patriots fans ought to consider themselves blessed to have Tom Brady as their team’s quarterback.

  8. If that’s supposed to be Brady’s numbers, he actually went 24/41 267 yds, 2 Tds, 2 Ints. Not much difference, and not sure how you only had him having 1 Int being he had 2 Ints by the 2nd quarter.

  9. So what did Tommie Tantrum do, stomp around the locker room with his arms folded while holding his breath? His childish behavior -that somehow people characterize as leadership – has got to be wearing thin on his teammates. I mean, seriously, when was the last time this dude won anything?

  10. Brittany says:

    24 of 40 for 238 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT

    Ah, NOW I know what the stat line of a guy who should be screaming expletives in the face of his teammates looks like.


    NOW I know why football is a man’s game.

  11. Brady is just a competitor who wants to win while playing mistake free. Yet when he flips out or gives passionate pep talks, he’s labeled a whiner.

    Brady has more rings and postseason wins than any QB playing right now and it’s because of his passion.

    Maybe if your QB and your franchise shared the same sentiments, you’d be in the postseason or wearing rings.

    Hate on

  12. and the defensive secondary reverted back to disgracefulness

    Chalk that up to both starting corners out and McCourty having to move from safety to corner.

    It was essentially last year’s secondary, and we know how that worked out stat-wise.

  13. “That’s two weeks in a row I haven’t been able to fatten my stats by playing with a huge lead. It’s ALL YOUR FAULT, and if you don’t get this straightened out, I’m going to throw more hissy-fits.”

    And here I thought temper tantrums were for so-called supermodels, not their escorts.

  14. They should have taken a handful of “adderall” and gone the ‘hawk’s way. It would be 2014 by the time the testing got done and the results disputed and appealed.

    While this was said in jest, I do think there’s “just a few” players, coaches and trainers sitting and thinking up ways to beat the system.

  15. That Sunday night Niner/Pats game GUTTED the two teams. It was evident by the way they both played yesterday. Too bad the Niners couldn’t have gotten a cup cake like the Jags

  16. .


    If you want to compare Bradys performance vis a visa Roethlisbergers’, be my guest.

    Interception from deep in his own territory with 19 seconds left in the season vs the Bengal?

    Perhaps, you could spend the time between now and the moment you pick 17th in the draft to focus on your own QB.



  17. Brady has more rings and postseason wins than any QB playing right now and it’s because of his passion.

    (along with films of the other teams practices, a great defense, and a HOF kicker)

  18. I’m a lifelong diehard Packers fan, but if I had to pick a different qb to lead my team, it would hands down be Brady. Dude has all the stats, the postseason accolades and 3 rings and still plays with a passion few have.

    Don’t think for one minute he was whining….. He was doing what he does best: LEADING his team into the playoffs.

  19. So many haters around here. LOL @ Brady wearing thin on his teammates. Any offensive player not playing for the Packers or Broncos right now would give an arm and a leg to be on the same team as Tom Brady and winning organization like the Patriots.

    When has Brady ever not held himself accountable for poor play?

    The bottom line is they played abysmally against the Jags. The JAGS. And this is a team that is #1 is scoring, in the playoffs and is a SB favorite and they aren’t playing like it.

  20. OMG! Watch out Dolphins! Brady is gonna score 60 points on you guys! Wake must be shaking in his boots, and Philbin, as we speak, is pleading for mercy from his Maker! Reggie Bush will fake an injury so he doesn’t have to subject himself to the terror of Jerrod Mayo, while Tannehill is already running for his life!

    Wait til BB gets into his act! Stephen Ross will force himself to sell the team!

  21. Brady needs to look at his own mistakes as well. He’s just pissed because its playoff time in fantasy football and he obviously has himself. He’s mad that they havent been able to run up the score and throw from inside the 5 yard line while up 35 points with 2 mins left in the game.

  22. To the one of many ignorant posters above me, TB did say after the game that HE has to do a better job and not turn the ball over. Leaders should always start with themselves with accountability and he does.
    69finfan says:
    Dec 24, 2012 10:48 PM
    Great, just what the Dolphins need, a pissed off Tom Brady and a pissed off Patriots team. This could be interesting.
    I wouldn’t be too scared. Fins traditionally play very well defensively against the Pats. I used to think it was mostly due to JT, but they played them tough this year as well. If the Pats win, it will be another tight game I think.
    The move of this game to 4:30 could play in as well since the Pats will know when their game starts if they have a shot at the #2 seed or not. (There’s 0 chance Den loses to KC at 4:30 anyway). BB might not put iffy injury guys out there much, which will only make the game tighter (like we saw in Jax).

  23. By the way, it wasn’t all bad news for 49er fans this week because it looks like the Giants won’t make the playoffs. The sigh of relief you heard coming from San Francisco was just that, a sigh of relief. Not the other kind of sigh you though you might hear emanating from San Francisco.

  24. My biggest disappointment is in the play of Aaron Hernandez. I think he is afraid of taking hits. So many drops, and in some cases not giving a full effort to get to the ball. There was one play, it looked like all he had to do was bend and extend a little bit and he didn’t even try. You could see how upset Brady was.

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