Urlacher tried to sneak a run in, chance he returns this week

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The Bears are still holding out hope that linebacker Brian Urlacher can get back in time for this weekend’s finale against the Lions, and tried to get a secret workout in yesterday to gauge his progress.

According to Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune, Urlacher was spotted running outside University of Phoenix Stadium prior to Sunday’s win over the Cardinals.

After suffering a hamstring strain late in the Seahawks game, he’s missed the last three starts.

Chance,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said of Urlacher playing this week. “I would just say he is making a lot of improvement

“We didn’t want to let anyone see him running out there, but I know he is feeling pretty good about where he is. If he’s ready to go, good. If not, Nick Roach is doing a great job.”

The Bears need a win over the Lions coupled with a Vikings loss or tie, or a tie and a Vikings loss to advance to the playoffs.

10 responses to “Urlacher tried to sneak a run in, chance he returns this week

  1. As a long-time Bears fan, this is quite the dilemma. While Urlacher’s knowledge of the defensive schemes and experience on the field are extremely valuable, Roach clearly is in better physical shape at this point and has more speed to get to the ball. Neither option is going to be a game-changer, but it’s a tough choice as to which would be better to put on the field.

  2. I’d rather have Urlacher covering the deep middle than Roach. I understand he’s lost a step, but his instincts and size (hard to complete passes over) still more than compensate for that lost step. Roach isn’t bad, but in a game of this magnitude, I’d rather have Urlacher out there.

  3. toooverbearing:

    I completely agree, if Urlacher is close to healthy. But if it’s 40% Brian Urlacher out there, I kinda think I’d rather have 100% Nick Roach. WAY too big of a game to have a gimpy middle linebacker out there, even if his experience, instincts, and size are still excellent.

    I’m hoping Urlacher’s healthy enough to be a factor and start on Sunday.

  4. What’s the big deal? Their playing a 4-11 team, that’s the kind of team that Lovie excels at beating. Let em lose and get rid of Lovie and his whole staff.

  5. punkyqb—they are playing Detroit, it will be difficult to lose. Detroit is playing for draft position, and they are very good at it. Remember 2 weeks ago that an Arizona team also competing for draft position was completely overwhelmed by the Lions incompetence and ended up winning 38-10. So don’t count on Lovie getting fired as a result of this game. He will look like a hero, the Vikings will lose to the Pack, and the Bears will be eliminated in the first round. And Lovie will be back.

  6. Talk about being torn,so tired of this coaching staff and don’t have any faith in new GM. Could care less about 54 couldn’t shed a block if his life depended on it. Would like to c them win but but don’t want this coaching staff back

  7. Urlacher is NOT in a good place with me right now.. but I have to admit that the defense is better with him playing than it is without him. Lovie needs to get in the playoffs and start Winning games OR I WILL BE WAITING TO SEE HIM GET FIRED

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