Bills won’t take a look at Tarvaris Jackson in finale


The Bills traded for quarterback Tarvaris Jackson before the season, but he’s spent the first 15 games of the season on the inactive list.

It sounds like he’ll spend the 16th game of the season there as well. Bills coach Chan Gailey said Monday that he isn’t going to be using the game against the Jets to take a look at younger players or backups, which includes giving Ryan Fitzpatrick the start at quarterback even as it seems likelier and likelier that Fitz is done in Buffalo. Gailey said that he believes Fitzpatrick gives the team the best chance to win and that’s his only consideration when it comes to making out the lineup for Week 17.

“The best players are going to play,” Gailey said, via the team’s website.  “They’ve earned the right to play.  They want to play in the games, that’s what they want to do — they want to play in the games. They’ve earned the right to play, and if they’re ready to go, the best players are going to play.”

The thing that gives the Bills the best chance of winning this week is the fact that the Jets are the team on the other side of the field, although it’s fair to say that Jackson doesn’t do much of anything to move the needle on that front. The same is likely true of other Bills players who couldn’t work their way into the lineup of a team that’s already lost 10 games, but, then, neither do the guys in the starting lineup. That’s why Gailey’s future is very uncertain in Buffalo and why the team’s lost at least 10 games in each of his seasons as the team’s coach.

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  1. This is why the bills never win, bad coaching, bad GM, bad owner, bad player decisons, they give up a home game every year to toronto which is a total joke. They need to clean house and start at the very top which isnt going to happen so the bills will remain a total joke for years to come. Thanks ralph!!

  2. Chans stubbornness, leaving his best player on the bench (spiller), questionable play calling (punting from the opponents 38 yard line, passing when he’s at the opponents 1 yard line), self admitted scared coaching, and latching himself to Fitz no matter what, will be his demise after Sunday. Otherwise, good luck selling that garbage to fans next season..

  3. Gailey keeps saying that Fitz gives them the best chance to win, but at 5-10, it’s obvious he gives them the best chance to lose.

    Chan’s unwavering commitment to crap will cost him his job and none of us can really wait. Play Fitz… please. When the Jets pick him 3-4 times and Gailey/Fitz gets pushed out the door, it’ll be worth it.

  4. Word on the street in WNY is that with the new 10 year stadium lease the Bills are going in a new direction. Chan Gailey’s self righteous and CYA coaching style has run him out of town. It’s a done deal, Gailey will be fired at the end of the season. Looking forward to getting a coach in here who has a little backbone and the motivation to tap every ounce of talent out of an NFL roster.

    Hey Ralph, please shell out some serious money for Jon Gruden. It’s not like you can take the money with you!

    Thanks for trying out, Chan!

  5. Here we go again.. Chan is not the answer. Can we please get a decent coach and a better scouting department?We passed on Dalton.. We drafted a speed receiver who can’t run routes over Russell Wilson . The fact is QB is the most important position and Fitz is obviously a career backup!! How many times are we going to rebuild ?! Just get a quality coach stop getting subpar coordinators! Mularkey..Gailey.. Jauron..Williams!! Dish out the cash Ralph!! Bills fans are fed up with this subpar garbage. And also.. We don’t want Andy Reid or Norv Turner!!

  6. TJACK is way better than people realize. He started slow last year for Seattle, but ended the season strong.

    I watched TJACK/SEA every game last season, and I can tell you TJACK is way better than those other QB’s.

    I’m sure Seattle is sad they let him go now that Flynn will be moving on. I’d take TJACK on my team any day.

  7. Gailey is done, Fitzpatrick is going with him. Enter Jon Gruden. He’s no Marv Levy, but he is a winner. Back to being relevant… Complete domination, like the 90’s. Go Bills!! #BillsMafia

  8. i cant stand this coach and his stubborn decisions. i hope he is never in charge of making decisions for a team again. and i thought it was bad before when jurin was in. how could you possibly say fitz gives them the best chance of winning when he never wins. gailey is 15-32 as a coach. like he knows anything about best chance of winning

  9. shawon0meter…you obviously have never seen TJack play. He will frustrate you to no end with bad decisions, no decisions, and just plain ineptness. Tough as nails, great team mate, bad QB.

  10. One of the many reason why Chan and Buddy should be fired. With the season gone at least give the guy a chance to play to see if he’s worth keeping around as a future backup. With the way they’ve gone about it, what was the point of releasing Vince Young??? Not like you would have used him.

  11. Goodbye Chanta Clause, take you head elf Ryan Fitzputrid with you. You have been totally inept this entire season. I thought you had a chance of being decent after your first year. But….you proved me right starting with your play calling in the Eagles game in 2011. Chan Gailey is a terrible head coach. I struggle to fathom that he could even be a good offensive coordinator with some of the boneheaded play calls that happen during a game.

  12. The consensus from “people who know” is that the Bills have upgraded their talent over the last 3 years. That would indicate that Nix is on the right track. So therefore, it must be the coaching that needs to be upgraded next. This current talent base may attract an “upgrade” at the coaching position. Keep your chicken wings crossed!

  13. t-jack was 7-7 last year with the hawks. in his 34 starts (min & sea) he was 500. very tough,high character,even td’s to ints,threw for over 3000(3090 yds,14td’s ,13 int’s in 7 games,) yards last year. he’s a bottom tier starter in the NFL but a top back up. after we trade flynn i hope we get him back to back up RW. he knows the system and was getting it down the last half of the season. Bills would have been same with him this year cause he and fitz are about the same stats wise. bills should trade for flynn , that would be smart for you and us cause that gets flynn out of the nfc and gets you guys a franchise QB. Flynn is a top 15 QB in this league.

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