Jason Garrett: Bryant seems unfazed by finger


The Saints ended the Cowboys’ three-game winning streak last weekend, but they couldn’t cool off wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Bryant scored twice, running his streak of games with at least one touchdown to seven, and reeled in nine catches for 224 yards overall to continue a second half that’s been vital to putting the Cowboys in position to win the division with a win in Week 17. The performance in the last couple of weeks is even more remarkable because of the left finger injury that’s left Bryant south of 100 percent, a state of affairs his coach Jason Garrett says hasn’t affected him at all.

“He’s playing pretty well. There’s no question about that. He’s done an amazing job with that finger. It doesn’t seem to faze him in any way shape or form. He made a couple of really big plays in the ballgame early for us, running the 9 route, making the play over his head and then catching a slant and breaking a couple of tackles to score. Not only did he make those plays, but he made a number of other plays in the game,” Garrett said, via ESPNDallas.com. “I think he’s grown. I think he’s playing with a great deal of confidence. He and (Tony Romo) have a really, really good relationship. They’re seeing the field the same way. He’s been good. There’s no question about that.”

No question at all. Bryant and Romo have been a tremendous part of the reason why the Cowboys have been able to move their way back into the race for a division title despite a 3-5 start and an injury-riddled defense. They will likely need to remain at that high level for the Cowboys to come up with the win they need in Washington on Sunday night.

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  1. I think I see a spark in the Cowboys’ play that has been missing for years and I almost root for them.

    When I was a kid, the Cowboys were the “local” team so I saw Eddie Lebaron alternating with Dandy Don and not too many wins.

    They look competitive again.

  2. Great work Dez! Hope you can continue to be successful at life and NFL. True fans always hope for the best. SKOL VIKES

  3. The question isn’t IF the Cowboys will choke … but HOW the Cowboys will choke. Who will be the goat … and what excuses will Dallas fans make for another ‘crash and burn’ December. This is an old movie … and we all know the ending.

  4. I’m a die hard cowboys fan. Always have and always will. Do I think we will win this game yes I do.

    The bad part is our history these last few years. Win and get in doesn’t work for us. Look at Philly a few years back. They routed us. Then lost to the giants.

    Skins are smoking now. They’re playing great ball. I can’t wait for the 30th

  5. 8 for 145 and 2 TD’s. That’s what Dez did on T-Giving.
    Bryant may be ready for another 200 yard game. I don’t see any reason why Romo can’t put up another 400+ yard, 3 or more TD game against them. Should be a bit easier with Demarco Murray instead of Felix Jones at RB.

  6. why would Dez fear Deangelo Hall? Does anyone? For every play he makes he gives up three.

    I’m a Dallas fan, I think they have a 50/50 shot this week and no shot the first week of the playoffs, they will get smashed by Seattle or San Fran and people will overuse the “choke” label, but is it really a choke if a better team beats you? Dallas has the worst OL in the NFL abd a defense with 7-8 starters missing, and D Ware all sorts of banged up and I don’t think they’d makea playoff run even if healthy.

    Dallas needs a new OL, new OC and some friggin health on defense, ROmo 29td-4 int’s last 3 Decembers….he isn’t the problem.

  7. Hey fuglyflorio, find out what crash and burn means before showing your stupidity…the Cowboys entered December with numerous injuries on defense and a 5-6 record. They now take their playoff hopes into week 17 after TURNING THINGS AROUND this December…a far cry from crashing and burning stupid…

  8. I just hope Dallas loses. An all-around inferior team can beat a better team if they out-play the better team on that particular day. I just hope that doesn’t happen on Sunday. Dallas is hyped up every year and for a long time, they haven’t lived up to expectations. There have been no expectations for the Redskins to be anything for quite some time. It has been wonderful to see them play so well this season with a QB that is a great on and off the field.

  9. Bryant is a good player. But the Cowboys need more than just him. Let’s put things in perspective. They lost to the Saints for crying out-loud! The Saints have NO coach, they have a losing record, and they have the WORST defense in the NFL. Ha Ha. That’s too funny. If the Cowboys were a good team they would have blown the Saints off their home field. The cowboys are just a middling team @ best. Even if they squeaked into the playoffs with a win against the Skins Sunday they would get bounced by the wildcard Seahawks just like the Seahawks bounced them in week 3 27 to 7. Ha ha! Geaux Saints!

  10. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 25, 2012 5:09 PM
    Dez fears DeAngelo. Can’t wait to see our secondary pop him around

    Now that is hilarious. Dez owns dhall. First game last year, Cowboys down by 1 late in the 4th, Dez beats Hall for 30 plus a facemask penalty on 3rd and 21 setting up a go ahead fg. Cowboys win. 2nd game last year, in overtime, Dez beats Hall for 26 yards on 3rd and 15, setting up game winning fg. Cowboys win. Look for more of the same Sunday.

    If the skins win, it will because of bob griffin, not big mouth dhall or that scrub secondary.

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