Man killed in shooting at bar where Seahawks celebrated win


As the Seahawks celebrated their stirring Sunday night win over the 49ers at a Bellevue bar with more than 600 people present, a shooting claimed the life of a 30-year-old man and wounded another.

”From what we know our guys were in a separate area and nobody was involved at all,” coach Pete Carroll said Monday, via the Associated Press.  ”It was an awful thing that happened.”

Witnesses described chaos at the facility known as Munchbar, explaining that they dove for cover and/or went to the floor when shots were fired.

An arrest warrant was issued Monday night for a 19-year-old suspect.

41 responses to “Man killed in shooting at bar where Seahawks celebrated win

  1. NRA: everyone in that bar needs a gun. Also, we need to have armed volunteers to provided security. This is not a gun problem, this all happened because of the NFL and television.

  2. We have 320 million registered guns, and I’m sure we have double that unregistered in the USA. It’s time to change our gun laws!!! They make it too easy, even a kindergarten student can pose as a tremendous threat with one. Imagine you losing a sibling to a gun, or a friend. You probably won’t be waving around your 2nd Amendment right so hard, and wanting them out of this country as well! Guns suck, they always will!

  3. Can we go a day in this country without people being shot? It’s coast to coast shottings 7 days a week, elementary schools, firemen trying to put out fires, bars; WTF? and the NRA’s answer? put more guns in schools! Like an armed guard, retired guy or paid if gonna stop someone with intent from walking in the back door; it’s all F’ing crazy;

  4. Says guns are the problem with crime in America is the exact same thing as saying forks and spoons are the cause of obesity in this country.

    Both are ridiculous statements that ignore the bigger issues.

  5. The NRA is a trade association – whose only interest is helping its members sell as much of their products as they can — only in this case, that product is not milk or cheese or doors or rugs — it’s instruments of death and we are all targets.

  6. Here is your answer: Personal Responsabilty, when the cops catch this guy, and build a case it needs to be heard by a jury of his peers and if found guilty he needs to be put to death. There is zero accountability in our nation. Drugs, sure Gay Marriage, why not Violence and Sex on TV all hours of the day, it’s ok. Wake up it’s not the gun it’s our culture. Every man in Switzerland is required by law to own an automatic rifle and be part of a “minute-man army”. Us we just have enough 18 year olds to feed to the machine and forget about. Bring back the draft. You want welfare, pick up trash along a highway, something. Personal Responsabilty try some it’s the ADULT thing to do.

  7. It has been said many times about parties and staying out late night for team members; “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Good rule to follow for general curfew guideline. At least until end of playoff run.

  8. In anticipation of the geniuses who say more people are killed by cars…that may be true, but you’re not going to run me over in the middle of a crowded bar 10 seconds after a perceived insult. If you can’t tell the difference in intent between a car and a gun, you shouldn’t be allowed to operate either.

  9. I have been to this bar many times especially when the Seahawks were present as I lived right down the street. The sad thing is this is the only place where I seen stationed police officers inside due to Bellevue having a lot of money and not wanting to turn into Belltown. Glad I moved to San Diego.

  10. The Second Amendment and its judicial interpretations has trumped all our other rights, like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    We amended our Constitution to include the Second Amendment, we can amend it again to remove or modify the Second Amendment to better reflect modern society and modern weapon technologies.
    Unless we make significant changes we will be attending more vigils for the slaughter of innocents.

  11. As a registered gun owner and life long hunter it’s not the guns that continue to kill people it’s the idiots that pull the trigger.

  12. @Cowboy Eric
    Your last line has an interesting corollary: as if yet another law against murder, or another statute against guns is going to stop someone intent on mayhem from barging in and killing someone.

  13. Yes you guys are right. Its all the guns fault. How about we address the poverty problem, the unemployment problem, the gang problem, the drug problem, the mental health problem. i think then you might find the real reasons why theses things are happening.

  14. Are you serious Otis? You are blaming Carroll? He wasnt even there. I guess if someone gets shot in the state of Washington then Carroll should be the first person interviewed by police. Oh and you are a huge idiot.

  15. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Dec 25, 2012 12:37 AM
    NRA: everyone in that bar needs a gun. Also, we need to have armed volunteers to provided security. This is not a gun problem, this all happened because of the NFL and television.


    Says the guy from New York, why don’t you stick to worrying about how big your soft drinks are or how much salt you put on your food and let the rest of the mostly free people decide what to do with guns.

  16. To the people thinking gun control laws will prevent these crimes, you are mistaken. Do you really believe that by banning firearms, criminals won’t find a way to get them? Guess what. They will. Do you know why? Because they are criminals! Drugs are illegal. Has that stopped anyone from using? No…in fact its become a billion dollar black market industry! The same would happen with a firearms ban. We’ve become a zero accountability society. It’s always something or someone else’s fault. The morality of this country has become so low that it’s sickening. And that’s the real problem that needs to be addressed.

  17. Freedom to live in fear of being shot to death by paranoid fanatical lunatics who have equal ease of access to both their weapons of choice and their victims too. The more I listen to people talk about their right to “bear arms” the more I dislike them. It’s a smoke screen to hide their personal paranoia and passive aggressiveness that eventually erupts and ends in one rage filled tragedy or another!

  18. otis52gsh says:
    Dec 25, 2012 7:49 AM
    Funny how constant issues follow Carroll. Maybe he is the common denominator.


    This may be the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on PFT.

  19. The write up of this story here is a little misleading. It wasn’t an organized team celebration party like this write up would lead to belive. There were a few players there, not the whole team, but they were in a different part of the club and weren’t involved in the shooting whatsoever.

    The most egregious part of this story that was omitted in this write up is that this isn’t the first time the suspected shooter has killed someone. He was 1 of 3 minors who beat to death the tuba man a few years back. Tuba man was a homeless man who was well known in Seattle for playing his tuba outside of sporting events. But because the kid was a minor at the time, he served less than a year in juvy and has been causing trouble ever since. Now he’s killed again. forget gun control, we need to hold teenagers accountable for grisly crimes and make sure they learn their lesson.

    this kid has gotten away lightly with murder before. He doesn’t deserve a 3rd chance.

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