Merry Christmas, now read the Week 16 power rankings

As the Whos in Whoville awake to find their stash of floofloovers, tartookas, whohoopers, gardookas, trumtookas, slooslunkas, blumbloopas, and whowankas (unless their stuff gets stolen and then returned all broken and bashed and bent by a green thief who’ll be heralded as a hero for returning to the scene of the crime), some of the the older members of the clan will be getting new electronic gadgets that can access the Internet or download apps, like NBC SportsTalk.

And then they’ll be using those new toys to visit various websites.  (Presumably, websites that are suited for the spirit of the holiday.)

And they’ll come here, to see what’s new in the world of the NFL, where there’s always something new, even on Christmas Day.

One thing that’s new is our Week 16 power rankings.  And they’ll all just click here, if for no reason other to make sure that the new device works properly.

And then they’ll keep using those devices to keep tabs on the NFL, which will continue to dominate the American sports landscape until the rise of zoozittacarzay, a roller-skate type of lacrosse and croquet.