PFT hosts DP Show on Wednesday, Thursday

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Christmas is winding down throughout the U.S.  And now it’s time to get cranked up for two days of radio-only guest-hosting duties for Dan Patrick.

Dan and the guys — Paulie, Seton, Fritzy, McLovin — are off this week.  So for Wednesday and Thursday it’ll be a football-heavy pair of shows.

Yes,there will be some mention of those other sports, especially with never ending stream of Christmas basketball and the second-tier college football bowls that are filling up the TV screens, even if they can’t fill up the stands.  And we’ll have the phone lines open so that you can give us a call and ask your questions and help fill up the 180 minutes of programming with voices other than mine.

Speaking of voices other than mine, we’ll be joined by Rodney Harrison of NBC’s Football Night in America, Bob Glauber of Newsday, FOX Sports national NBA columnist Bill Reiter, and former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell.

That’s right, Scott Mitchell.  As in the guy who got injured when Lomas Brown decided not to block so that a de facto quarterback change would occur.  The story emerged on Saturday, but it has been lost in a slate of 16 games, which were chased by the Christmas holiday.  The situation deserves more attention, and we’ll provide it by getting Mitchell’s reaction to Brown’s admission.

So tune in at 9:00 a.m. ET.  The show streams live at, and it’s available on more than 270 radio stations from sea to shining sea.