Reggie Wayne: We’re too young to rest

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Whether they win or lose against Houston on Sunday, the Colts will be the fifth seed in the AFC when the playoffs get underway.

Given that, there’s a question about whether or not the Colts should rest some of their key players in the final game of the regular season. With coach Chuck Pagano handling different questions upon his return to work on Monday, it was up to wide receiver Reggie Wayne to handle queries about the Colts’ approach to the game. Although Wayne spent many years on a team run by Bill Polian, who never met a starter he didn’t want to rest in the final weeks, Wayne isn’t in favor of treating Week 17 any differently than the previous 16.

“We’re too young to rest,” Wayne said, via the Indianapolis Star. “We probably need to put everybody out there and have them continue to play. I don’t think we can afford (to rest). I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m built to play.”

The Colts have never lost to the Texans at home, a streak they can keep alive with a win on Sunday. How much that really impacts things is unclear, but psychological points couldn’t hurt as the Colts and Texans look like the class for the AFC South for at least one more season as the Jaguars and Titans try to put themselves back together. They could score more points at their divisional rival’s expense by knocking them down to the third seed, taking away the bye that seemed like a done deal for Houston just a few weeks ago.

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  1. The Colts have been outscored this season, 371-329. That last-place schedule has really come in handy…
    Parity is parody in the NFL.

  2. The Colts have lost to the Texans at home…..they did last year. Fact check your articles, this is the second time this has happened.

    Josh Alper: Unless you’re from the future and confused about what year we’re in right now, you’re wrong. The Colts won the game 19-16. In the event that you are from the future, any betting tips on the playoffs would be greatly appreciated.

  3. realnflmaster says:
    Dec 25, 2012 10:08 AM
    The Colts have lost to the Texans at home…..they did last year. Fact check your articles, this is the second time this has happened.

    Colts beat the Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium 19-16


    Orlovsky went for 244 yards with a TD to Wayne with 19 seconds to go to win the game.

  4. Alper, I appreciate seeing new stories, but seriously, why do they have you guys working Christmas???

    Josh Alper: For you guys, we go 365 days a year (366 this year, actually). Hope you and the rest of PFT Planet have a great day.

  5. Colts will be destroyed by the Ravens….Lucks Luck will runout. It will be another slaughter just like we slaughtered the JINTS.

    Pagano or no Pagano.

  6. bobzilla1001 says: Dec 25, 2012 10:08 AM

    The Colts have been outscored this season, 371-329. That last-place schedule has really come in handy…
    Parity is parody in the NFL.

    Glad someone else can call it like it is. Yes they are a great story with Luck and the coaching staff, but they are an average team at best. They can’t hang with the good teams and squeak out wins vs horrible teams.

    Their “Luck” is due to run out in the playoffs. The AFC is full of pretenders though other than Denver so maybe anything can happen.

  7. Bobzilla: Hundreds of NFL teams have played those “last place schedules” in the past and how many have made it to the playoffs the following year? Just answer the question. You’re an idiot. What they have done literally defies the odds.

  8. The Colts have NO run defense…The Ravens will rush for 200 yards AGAIN and Luck will be watching from the bench most of the time.

  9. I LOVE that Luck and these other young QBs are headed to the playoffs.. I’m not a ‘Skins fan, but I hope they make it. It’ll be a good test and makes for a long, bright future for those of us who can appreciate good games (even if our teams.. like Buffalo for me) don’t make it to the playoffs… or even put up much of a fight during the regular season.

    We could, potentially, see 2 high quality rookie QBs squaring off in the Super Bowl… how can ya NOT love that???

  10. Josh Alper: Unless you’re from the future and confused about what year we’re in right now, you’re wrong. The Colts won the game 19-16. In the event that you are from the future, any betting tips on the playoffs would be greatly appreciated.

    My family is now staring at me because I started laughing loudly for no apparent reason 😉

  11. As a skins fan I’m gettin tired of everyone hating on luck rg Wilson why can’t people just appreciate what each has done with teams that were basically pathetic w out them last year. We are witnessing something amazing

  12. @tdrundmc

    Sort of like the 72 Dolphins were the worst 17 – 0 team in NFL history. There have been so many 10-win teams in NFL history that your comment reeks of disdain, if not hatred, instead of objectivity. Try again with some reason and facts.

  13. the colts fine Reggie for saying this yet?

    The Colts management dont comprehend thigns liek this… I mean imagine if they were going for an undefeated season or something they would 100% bench all starters to throw the game

  14. Everyone knocks the schedule but why havent more teams done the same in the past?
    Colts beat Packers and Vikings. They won every game that they were “supposed” to win with the exception of JAX. Who deserves to be in over them? the Dolphins? Colts beat them. or the Steelers? they had every opportunity to make it.
    Stop hating. the future is bright for a team that won 2 games last year

  15. heeeelzfan:
    EVERY season, because of scheduling, a team arises from the depth of despair from the season before to qualify for the next season’s postseason. Check out this season’s Vikings. They won three games last sesason.
    Cinderella Stories are a dime a dozen in the medocre NFL.

  16. It doesnt matter how you get into the playoffs, or who you beat to get there…. if you have ever played any sport you know that. If our in, you have a shot. Every player on every team knows anything can happen once your in, there are no gimmes. Even more so in the NFL, where good teams lose to bad teams on a regular basis, Colts beat who they had to, period.

  17. RGIII will be in the NFL for a SHORT time…just like Haloti Ngata showed….RGIII is lucky his leg wasn’t snapped in half….keep runnung RGIII….the golf cart awaits you.

  18. Colts fan here, and I admit that we aren’t that good of a team but who cares? They didn’t make the schedule and they’ve earned every single one of those wins, and honestly how can you not root for this team? Not just the Chuckstrong storyline but seeing guys like Wayne and Mathis taking hometown discounts to keep the Colts tradition going from the Manning era to Luck.

    Merry Christmas to everybody on here btw

  19. ravenmuscle | Dec 25, 2012, 10:47 AM EST
    The Colts have NO run defense…The Ravens will rush for 200 yards AGAIN and Luck will be watching from the bench most of the time.

    Muscle you need to put the egg nog down now. Ravens will be overconfident against the colts and get lucked like we got tebowed….laugh now my man and cry later.

  20. The only difference between the Colts last place schedule and the Texans first place schedule is 2 games. The Colts played KC and Cleveland, Houston played Baltimore and Denver. The other 14 games were the same.

    Even if they would have played the 1st place schedule, at most they would have 2 more losses. In that case they would still be leading Pittsburg for the last playoff spot.

  21. Congrats to the Colts I am very impressed with their team led by their rookie. I am impressed by the Seahawks rookie as well. Colts and Seahawks have tasted sucess recently but my Skins have been in the dumpster far too long. If you throw the numbers out of the window and see what kind of impact each QB has had on their team. You will know hands down that Robert Griffin the 3rd is this years rookie of the year. Now if you want to bring numbers into the equation then he still blows Luck and Wilson out of the water. These 3 will be compared from here on out but this year belongs to my QB. Colts had the easiest schedule and Wilson has been gifted stout defense with the number 2 rusher in the league. My vote would be RG3, Luck and then Wilson. I would take Luck over Wilson because he did it without any help from his defense. 2012 was huge year for these 3 and hopefully RG3 takes his team to the playoffs to join the only rookie class ever to take their teams to the playoffs. Congrats to the Colts, Seahawks and my beloved Skins.

  22. Stop doubtin my colts y’all teams probably barely made it to the play offs. The colts earned it. It was a big different from last year so it is what it is let’s go colts

  23. I don’t understand all the hate these rookie qbs incur from the fans. What these rookies have done for their teams is impressive to say the least. Rg3 is as electric and exciting as any qb to ever play. Wilsons story is awesome. Draft stock dropped because everybody thought he was too small for the nfl. He falls to the 3rd round, earns the start, and shuts everyone up. And Luck…jeez. Lucks numbers might not be as impressive as the other 2…but Luck has done what he’s done with no running game, therefore no play action, and a defense that’s ranked under 25 in every category, a horrible offensive line, a team comprised of mostly patchwork players and rookies, during a defensive scheme change, a coach with cancer…forcing his OC to take over…all while missing the 1st 3 months of rookie camp cause he had 2 graduate. Just saying…nobody can say the kid didn’t earn his playoff spot…schedule be damned.

  24. Always remember …the drunk Robert Irsay stole the Baltimore Colts from Baltimore…Indy shouldn’t even have a team…Also pagano was let go by the Ravens because he was a lousy defensive coordinator.

    Ex Raven castoffs get nowhere.

  25. Im sorry do t start the ravens colts discussion when the ravens barely have the AFC north. Yeah the Colts need a big NT and maybe a star DE in a 3-4 but they dont ans have won in spite of that horrible D. This offense puts up points, thats their identity as a team. Its come up in the clutch on offense and they are the best clutch team in the NFL this year. And btw the Ravens barely run the ball and Flacco is playing horrible due to all that pressure on his shoulders. That D is nothing without Ray. Ed Reed lost a stepa and tbey have major holes in that secondary. So that game would be strength vs weakness and both sides of the ball.

  26. Wooow ravens fans are bitter …u guys have the Browns old team, and dont count the young Colts as a automatic win for yal, and u got rid of Pag cause he was a bad coordinator? Yal new D coordinator is worse now…smh! !! And hows robot Caldwell

  27. For those of you talking about the “easiest schedule”, Colts have played the Bears, Packers, Lions, Vikings, and Patriots this season, to name a few. The PATRIOTS had the easiest (weakest) schedule this season. But go ahead, keep hating on a team that fought tooth and nail to EARN a playoff spot. Better luck next time Steeler and Jets fans.

  28. Lousy defensive coordinator?! This clip is from Paganos wiki page…

    Pagano was named to John Harbaugh’s initial coaching staff with the Baltimore Ravens on February 12, 2008.[1] He served as defensive secondary coach for three seasons. He was promoted to Defensive Coordinator on January 18, 2011, succeeding Greg Mattison who accepted a similar position at the University of Michigan.[2] Pagano’s defense finished 3rd in both points allowed and in yards allowed. They finished 13 in takeaways and 2nd Rush yards allowed, but Baltimore’s defense has always been known for its ability to stop the run. Pagano drastically improved the pass defense going from 21 in passing yards allowed to 4th. They improved from 9th in passing touchdowns allowed to 1st in the league. The defense also came away with 17 interceptions. Pagano is known for his ability in secondary and ability to stop opposing teams pass attack.

    Robert Irsay didn’t “steal” the Colts. The Irsay family “own” the Colts. How can u steal something that you own? If I move to a new house am I stealing my bed?

    Your almighty Raven team of today is actually the Browns. How conveniently Ravens fans forget that fact all the time…all the while bashing the Colts and the Irsay family for doing the same thing they did. Think first…then post. Always in that order friend…never backwards.

  29. Here’s the deal. “Ihate your team, I love my team”. Thats been said. We have one more week to sort the playoffs. NOW it’s on. Show me what your team has. I’ll show you mine. Cool. Playoffs baby! Let’s do this thing!.

  30. Yep, the Maryland Senate left Irsay no choice by voting to give Baltimore the right to use eminent domain to take Irsay’s property. If the Maryland politicians had built a stadium for Irsay like they did for Modell, instead of trying to steal Irsay’s property, the Colts would still be in Baltimore.

  31. ravenmuscle says:
    Dec 25, 2012 10:47 AM
    The Colts have NO run defense…The Ravens will rush for 200 yards AGAIN and Luck will be watching from the bench most of the time.


    In case you forgot, they were last in the league in run defense the year they won the superbowl too. The jags gashed them for like 375 yds rushing towards the end of the season that year IIRC. Oh and I do believe they knocked out your superbowl favorite Ravens at home on the way to that trophy as well. Go Colts!

  32. Now that everyone’s trolled enough about their love or hatred for the Colts…

    They would be crazy to play their starters in this game – it means absolutely nothing in the long run. They’ll still be the 5th seed, they’re 99% sure to play the Ravens IN Baltimore, and I don’t really think the players care about whether or not they’re undefeated at home against the Texans. The Texans need this game desperately – they’re tired, banged up, not playing well, and they need that first round bye more than playing at home. If they lose, they’re almost guaranteed to play the first round against the Bengals – who are far better than last year’s version.

    In any case, Wayne wants to play them because he had such a poor outing the last time they played, so it’s understandable why he’s motivated. But as the oldest guy on the team he knows what’s more important in the long run – being healthy and doing well in the playoffs.

  33. Look nobody gave the Colts a chance this year, how many teams have dismantled the complete offense and defense and made the playoffs? Only one COLTS.
    Just making it to the playoffs is more than any colts fan would have dreamed , maybe winning 5 games this year.
    We can play with the rest of them and lose to the rest of them. But you can not say anything bad about making it to the playoffs with only what 4 guys on the team that was on the team last year, give me a break.
    Can we beat the Ravens who knows, they didn’t think we would beat the packers, but with out Ed and Ray that teams nothing, this I know, the Colts are in the playoffs and a lot of teams aren’t. And I will cheer them on and hope that the first round, the broncos play the ravens, just to shut them up

  34. I’m a lifelong colt fn and live in houston. The texans are paper tigers. I am a fan but they will not see play time in february and neither will the colts. I see the colts losing at home by a point or two. Who will play all four quarters on both teams will be known on game day.

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